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10 Original, Welcoming Ideas To Decorate Your Entryway Wall

Tired of your entryway wall looking like a plain and boring limbo that precedes your stunning front room? It doesn't have to stay like that! After all, first impressions are everything.

There are many different ways to decorate your entryway wall, smoothing the transition between your house exteriors and your front room (perhaps by introducing the interior style that you've gone for in there).

Looking for some inspiration?

Here are 10 attention-grabbing ideas to decorate your entryway wall no matter how small it is.

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Modern Foyer Design
Traditional Full Length Mirror
Mirror Set

Mirrors are proof that the simplest ideas can be the most effective. Depending on your needs and the size of your entryway, there are different ideas to choose from:

  • If you just want to get a quick glimpse of your face or introduce an element of familiarity for when you have guests round, a smaller mirror at head level will do. This is also a good space-optimizing choice for the smallest entryways;
  • Do you think you could do with a last-minute outfit check before heading to work? Then opt for a full-length model. This works particularly well in narrow entryways with a high ceiling;
  • Is there a window? Then adding a mirror on the wall next to it will make your entire entryway look airier by reflecting the sunlight;
  • If space is not a problem, you should make the most of it with a larger mirror;
  • For an artsy effect you can add many smaller mirrors, creating a one-of-a-kind display that's unique to your house;
  • Another popular place for a mirror in your entryway is above a bench, as it will result in a slenderer vertical effect.

Family photos & children's drawings

Eclectic Foyer Design
Eclectic Foyer Design

There are many benefits to adding family photos, children's drawings or a combination of the two to your entryway wall:

  • You'll leave the house with a big smile when heading to work;
  • It'll be a welcoming sight to come back to;
  • It'll showcase your heartwarming focus on family to your guests.

This is also your chance to combine creativity and your eye for interior design, opting for a well-thought-out combination of frames that creates an aesthetically pleasing display.

Battery operated wall sconces

Dimmable Armed Sconce
Dimmable Armed Sconce

If you want your guests to feel immediately welcome and cozy when they step inside your home, there's nothing better than a wall sconce:

  • These decorative and functional items create a warm environment by introducing some light into what could be a dimmer corner but aren't as intrusive as huge overhead lights;
  • Because there is such a wide variety of battery wall operated wall sconces to choose from, this is also your chance to reinforce the décor style that's about to wow your guests in the front room.

Coat hooks

Farmhouse Foyer Design
Metal Wall Hook Set
Wall Mounted Coat Rack Set

Don't let their practical approach fool you: hooks can be both useful and decorative!

  • If you have a fairly wide entryway and still plenty of room, you could choose a shelf with hooks. This will allow you to add more decorative elements on top of it (such as frames or plants) and even have a handy space for those last-minute things that you always seem to forget (yes, we're talking about your keys);
  • Another idea is to combine it with our first tip and choose a small or medium-sized mirror with hooks at the bottom;
  • Not too much room to play with? That's not a problem. You can introduce your main interior style with a small coat rack or even by placing individual hooks in a different pattern;
  • Just keep in mind that, to make them practical and accessible, they should be within 48" and 15" above the floor, with 44" being the most common choice.

Unique wallpaper

Textured Wallpaper Roll
Textured Wallpaper Roll

If you already have a few decorative elements but your entryway wall still somehow looks plain, maybe the problem is… the wall itself!

  • Instead of a classic white wall, consider a different wallpaper with a bold design;
  • This can help you introduce your main interior style or give the room a different theme;
  • For example, you could opt for floral patterns, geometric shapes, exotic fauna, or a more saturated combination of colors.

Plants in hanging pots

Plants In Hanging Pots
Plants In Hanging Pots

Welcome to the (urban) jungle! If you already have a few house plants in the other rooms, your entryway can introduce your love for all things green:

  • Worried about space? Tiered designs will spare you a headache;
  • If, on the contrary, you can rely on a fairly large wall, you could spread them out a bit more and even combine them with other decorative elements such as small mirrors and frames.

A bright collection of sun hats

Modern Hallway
Modern Hallway

Is it always summer in your home? Maybe your guests are about to be welcomed by a coastal theme as soon as they open the door to your front room?

  • Then a display of sun hats can be the best idea for your entryway wall;
  • Depending on what vibe you want to inspire, you can either arrange them in a symmetrical way or in a more spontaneous-looking (but still secretly planned, of course) display;
  • Consider adding further decorative elements to the hats themselves such as dried flowers or colorful ribbons.


Cotton Macrame Woven Wall Hanging
Cotton Macrame Woven Wall Hanging

Hoping for something truly unique? Then the art of macramé is the one for you:

  • These knotted knitted textiles (pardon the tongue-twister) can help you achieve a global-inspired, bohemian feel;
  • If you stick to white designs, they could even reinforce a vintage shabby chic interior;
  • Macramé is also perfect as part of a display involving hanging pots, small mirrors or frames… or you can always combine two ideas by having macramé pot hangers for your plants. How beautiful would that be?!

A basket display

Basket Wall Décor
Basket Wall Décor

If you have a monochrome and, especially, white wall, wicker baskets offer lots of decorative possibilities to revamp your entryway:

  • First of all, they introduce a noticeable wicker texture, inspiring a handmade rather than mass-produced feel;
  • You can also get creative by combining wicker baskets with different patterns;
  • This idea is especially effective in bohemian or ethnic-inspired interiors.

A chalkboard frame

Rustic Foyer Design
Rustic Foyer Design

Finally, a truly original idea to decorate your entryway wall is to add an adorable chalkboard frame:

  • You can add a motto that summarizes your household's lifestyle and sets the right tone, like a welcoming "home sweet home" or a funny "dogs welcome, humans tolerated";
  • Or you can change it every time, leaving meaningful messages to your partner or kids before heading out to work;
  • If you have guests, why not write them a personalized message so that it's the first thing they see when they step through the door?

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