Wooden Rocking Horse

Just like Peter Pan and your kids' favorite cartoon characters, some things never get old… and that's exactly the case with wooden rocking horses!

These timeless toys have been around since the early 17th century and they're still the perfect gift for your baby, toddler, or young child: they can help them develop their motor skills, visual perception, balance, and sense of rhythm. Plus, they're incredibly fun!

When you choose a rocking horse made of wood, you also introduce a beautiful element of tradition and coziness, as well as staying on the safe side with a natural material.

Wooden rocking horses are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes. However, be sure to consider these points rather than picking the first one you fell in love with… but that might not be right for your child.

First of all, safety! To avoid accidents and falls, choose a rocking horse that's the right height for your child's age: a very maximum of 27" is recommended for toddlers and kids up to five years old, whereas up to 43" will work better for children between three and eight.

You should also look for sturdy handgrips, pedals, and, for toddlers, back support or safety belts for extra peace of mind. If kids of different ages are going to use play with it or you want it to grow with them, you can choose a model with a removable bassinet or fence. Avoid rocking horses with choking hazards such as small removable pieces or featuring toxic materials like lead-based paints.

Then, you can concentrate on the looks and fun side of things. You can find rocking horses in dark wooden finishes (better for a more traditional look), lighter ones (for a more contemporary vibe), or with more colorful elements that might help you complement the palette of your kids' room.

Finally, plot-twist: your rocking horse doesn't necessarily need to be… a horse! That's certainly the most versatile and popular choice. However, if your kids happen to prefer a different animal (maybe from the farm or the jungle?) or even a type of vehicle like a motorbike, you can try and scout for a wooden rocker toy in that style.


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Birch Plywood Rocking Horse
Birch Plywood Rocking Horse Showcasing a versatile light finish but including some fun colorful accents, this wooden rocking horse is a delightful choice for the youngest toddlers, and its backrest will give the parents some extra peace of mind. Designed in Europe and relying on a birch plywood finish with unique grain, each piece is literally one of a kind.
Pink Rocking Horse
Pink Rocking Horse Playtime has never felt so magical! Combining a pink hue to a versatile white, this adorable wooden rocking horse can work in both pink-overload-style rooms and those with more delicate pastel palettes. It can either grow with a small toddler or be used by kids of different ages thanks to the removable bassinet.
Black Traditional Rocking Horse
Black Traditional Rocking Horse Created by one of the leading Scandinavian companies for wooden toys, this rocking horse combines timeless Swedish design and one of the most classic horse shapes, resulting in a slightly cartoonish but versatile toy. We especially recommend it for kids of two years or older.
White Wood Rocking Horse
White Wood Rocking Horse This more minimalist wooden rocking horse is a versatile choice for toddlers. Combining a white design and the lightest wood finish, it'll look particularly beautiful in rooms with simple or pastel palettes. This model also includes easy-grip handles and two pedals to ensure a safe ride.
Classic Wooden Rocking Horse
Classic Wooden Rocking Horse This cute, fun wooden rocking horse is sure to win your kids over. Thanks to its extremely comfy seat, the small back support, soft handles and footrests, the design of this rocking horse provides stability without compromising on aesthetics. Ideal for toddlers that are at least one year old.
Minimalist Rocking Horse
Minimalist Rocking Horse This minimalist wooden rocking horse includes a detachable fence that allows you to keep the littlest ones safe while also growing with them or being used by their older siblings or friends, too. Both the wooden structure and the two rails are rounded and examined manually, resulting in the smoothest and safest surface.
Gray Rocking Lamb
Gray Rocking Lamb How about a rocking… lamb? Incredibly fluffy and inviting, this wooden model includes a fluffy, cotton-filled top. Combining a light wood finish and a neutral gray hue, this wooden toy showcases an attractive Nordic design that will work in any room. Perfect for toddlers above one year.
Natural Wood Rocking Horse
Natural Wood Rocking Horse Featuring a detachable protective fence, this wooden rocking horse is fun but safe, ideal for toddlers that are around twelve months old. This model boasts a simple light finish which makes it extremely versatile, but adds some fun cartoonish elements (made with non-toxic water-based paint) to make it look more attractive to kids.
Solid Oak Rocking Motorcycle
Solid Oak Rocking Motorcycle If you can tell that your little one is going to be a future traveler or loves the rumbling sound of motorbikes, this is definitely the best wooden rocking horse for them. It consists of 100% solid oak that's walnut stained and equipped with a soft leather seat. We only recommend it for children of three years or older.
Red Rocking Rabbit
Red Rocking Rabbit Horses aren't the only fast animal in the farm! Much closer to their size, this rabbit-shaped wooden rocking horse could be the perfect one for your kids. This model is fun but safe and showcases an attractive Swedish design full of colorful elements.