Vintage Baby Crib for Sale

It has been said that a good night’s sleep is one of the best ways to improve intelligence and general quality of life. A vintage crib can offer your new baby a good night’s sleep, and in some cases, even a good place to sleep throughout their childhood. Classic cribs that can be converted into toddler beds, daybeds, and even a full-sized bed can be an asset for your child’s growth and your peace of mind.

Guidelines for Buying Baby Cribs

Cribs are an excellent investment for new parents. They are one piece of baby equipment that should be purchased new, primarily because new regulations for cribs were passed in 2011. It is now illegal to sell any crib that does not meet those regulations. This isn't to prevent you from using your grandmother's antique crib; it is an effort to prevent crib deaths, otherwise known as SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome. Poorly designed cribs have been connected with SIDS and with other infant injuries. Here are things to watch for when purchasing a crib:

  • The bars should be no more than 2 3/8 inches apart. This is to prevent the baby's head from sliding between the bars and becoming wedged.

  • Do not use any crib with the old-fashioned drop-side access. Hinged, fold-down sides are fine, but the styles that had the drop sides have been associated with injury.

  • The mattress should be no more than six inches thick and should fit tightly on all sides. This prevents the baby from becoming wedged.

  • Lead-free, non-toxic finish

  • No peeling paint, bent corners or protrusions that could catch on clothing or cause a puncture.

Why Cribs Instead of Bassinets, Baskets, or Co-Sleepers

Cribs are time-tested, and they are regulated. That doesn't automatically make other choices wrong, it is just that cribs are much more right. Their manufacture and sale have been regulated since 2011 and they must meet stringent standards to be sold in today's market. Cribs will provide a viable sleeping location for your baby longer than bassinets or similar selections simply because they are bigger. They might seem too big at first, but your infant will quickly shoot up and it will be a much better fit before you know it. Cribs allow plenty of surface room for sprawling out and stretching and can even provide a reasonably safe play space until your little one is big enough to start pulling up and climbing over.

At that point, a toddler bed with a safety rail to prevent rolling out of the bed is a better choice. The three-in-one or other convertible cribs allow your baby to sleep in a familiar bed, even though one side of it has been removed and replaced with toddler rails.

Simple is Good

While a fancy crib might make you look like parent of the year, an infant or even a toddler, does not require a lot of decoration or embellishment on their bed to be able to get a good night's sleep. Simple and works very well.


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Vintage baby crib
Vintage baby crib Babies grow quickly. A bed that is just right during the first few months of life is soon the wrong size or the wrong height. The four-in-one convertible crib begins with the mattress adjusted toward the top of the bars to make it easy to attend an infant. As the baby grows, the crib floor can be lowered to keep an active toddler from tumbling out of the crib. As he or she becomes more independent, one side of the crib can be lowered again, creating a toddler bed.
Finally, the bed frame can be converted one last time to have a headboard and footboard, and no rails on the sides. The classic iron frame is styled similarly to historical beds of the same type. Toddler bed rails and full bed rails must be ordered separately.
Vintage Gold Tone Crib
Vintage Gold Tone Crib This beautiful metal crib has a gold-tone finish, just perfect to welcome your new family member. Each crib is handcrafted so no two are precisely alike. It has three mattress heights to allow adjustments as your little one grows. Daybed or toddler bed conversion kits are available but sold separately. The gold tone finish is more like antique brass than rose gold, making the color gender neutral, and therefore capable of being used for several generations of babies. With its beautiful hand applied finish and sturdy construction, this one could easily become the new family heirloom. All you need to add is a comfortable mattress for your baby to have the perfect place to sleep.
Vintage Padded Headboard Crib
Vintage Padded Headboard Crib The youngest member of your household can lie in state with this beautiful crib with padded sideboard. The sideboard is usually situated near a wall. The layered molding and padding perhaps mirror the headboard found on mom and dad’s bed. As your child grows, the mattress height can be adjusted. When your darling reaches the age of greater independence, the bed can be converted to a toddler bed and finally into a full-sized bed that will look great in a room for a boy or a girl.
This is another bed that could easily become a family heirloom, one that the original occupant will have a hard time giving up. Conversion rails for toddler bed and for full-sized bed are sold separately but are well worth the price as they extend the use of the bed well into adulthood.
Vintage Three-in-One Convertible Crib
Vintage Three-in-One Convertible Crib When purchasing sleep furniture for your baby, it is so hard to decide on which bed to buy. With today’s array of sleep options, including bedside cribs and co-sleeping boxes, it is no wonder parents find purchasing this basic need challenging. The three-in-one convertible crib is an easy choice. First, it is an infant bed, which is to say the mattress is positioned high to allow caregivers easy access to the baby, and where it can double as a changing table, at need. Then, as the baby grows, the mattress can be lowered to prevent an ambitious baby that is growing into toddlerhood from clambering over the sides of the crib and taking a tumble.
Finally, it can turn into a daybed, allowing a youngster to sleep on a familiar mattress but enabling getting up in the night to use the potty. This allows young parents to get the most out of their crib purchase and to minimize baby furniture purchases.
Vintage Ironwood 4-in-1 Bed with Mattress
Vintage Ironwood 4-in-1 Bed with Mattress The ironwood crib is lovingly detailed to resemble a Victorian crib. It comes with a 96-coil infant mattress, perfect for firm but comfortable sleep for your little one. The crib bumpers match the dust skirt. It can be converted into four different beds over the course of its lifetime: the infant crib, toddler crib, daybed and finally a teen bed. This is done by using the original rails as head and footboards by the time the bed is ready for conversion to a teen bed.
The added rails for the toddler bed and the teen bed are sold separately, but well worth the purchase to enable extending the life of this bed. The crib is made from ironwood, an extremely hard, beautiful wood, and has a completely non-toxic finish. If your goal is a lifetime of good sleep for your child, this bed is an excellent choice.
Economical Vintage 4-in-1 Convertible Crib
Economical Vintage 4-in-1 Convertible Crib Made from poplar and composite wood, this crib is lead and phthalate safe, and the finish is completely non-toxic. A mattress that is at least four inches thick, but no more than six is recommended but must be purchased separately. The rails for the toddler bed, daybed and youth bed are sold separately, as are the appropriate mattresses for those changes. The added purchases are well worth the money, however, as they extend the life of the crib and make buying a bed for your child a one-time purchase.
It is JPMA certified and meets or exceeds CPSC and ASTM standards. A one-year manufacturer warranty is available for all parts. The finish is a smoky gray which can go with almost any décor and can easily span interior design taste changes as your child grows.
Vintage Gold Baby Brass Crib
Vintage Gold Baby Brass Crib Enjoy the rich look of a baby crib that has a rich, vintage gold color. It incorporates the general appearance of a 1940s brass bedstead, including detailing at the stanchion joins. Each bed is hand finished for a unique look, no two are precisely the same. The crib has three heights for the mattress, so it can be adjusted as your toddler becomes taller and more agile. In addition, added side rails are available to be purchased separately. These side rails can extend the life of the crib by allowing it to be converted into a toddler bed, a daybed and finally into a youth bed.
Of course, the daybed and youth bed will require different mattresses. Even at that, the bed represents a lifetime of savings on sleep furniture, while your child will have the comfort of a familiar place to sleep each night.
Vintage Portable Folding Crib
Vintage Portable Folding Crib If you need a portable bed for your baby, this portable folding crib is ideal. The mattress can be adjusted to three different heights to safeguard your child as he or she grows tall enough to climb out. The mattress can be removed, the bottom folded up, and the bed collapsed for travel or to save space during the day. Some assembly is required, and toddler safety rails are available for separate purchase. Made of wood, it meets all standards and requirements for baby safety.
So, whether your little one will be sleeping at home or traveling to Grandma’s house or a daycare for the day, you can be assured that your child is sleeping in a safe, comfortable crib. The world is a variable place with many things that you, as a parent, cannot control. It is good to know that you can handle this one aspect of your baby’s day.
Vintage Baby Crib Distinctive Style
Vintage Baby Crib Distinctive Style Jenny Lind is a distinctive style in children’s sleep furniture. The lathe turned spindles, the solid corner posts and the exquisite attention to detail are found in few other children’s cribs or beds. Your baby will be the envy of all visiting mothers, especially if you doll it up in ruffles and other embellishments. The crib is a 3-in-1 bed. First, the mattress height can be adjusted from newborn to active toddler heights. Then, when your baby is too tall and too active to safely remain in a crib, a changed side rail can convert it into a toddler bed. The side rail still protects against accidental roll-overs, but there is an open area for potty time or raids on the refrigerator. Finally, it can become a daybed for a preschooler.
Colonial Style Beauty Baby Crib
Colonial Style Beauty Baby Crib Your baby can repose in an impressive bed worthy of an heir or heiress of the greatest magnitude. This incredibly beautiful bed comes with a decorated sideboard that can later on become the headboard for your preschooler or even your teen. The bed begins, of course, with the crib mattress adjusted to newborn height to protect the new mother’s back as she tends her baby. It can then be adjusted to have greater depth as the infant becomes more active and grows into becoming a toddler. When the toddler is tall enough to thwart even the lowest setting – which can happen sooner than you think – the bed can have a toddler side rail inserted.
This provides a safety rail that can help prevent tumbles but allows the little one an easy way out of bed. The safety rail can eventually be removed, allowing the crib to become a daybed. With a final rail change, the deluxe sideboard can become a headboard, converting the unit into a full-sized bed, with or without a footboard. The added rails and footboard must be purchased separately.