Top 85 Bedroom Design Ideas For Every Taste

A bedroom is a vital sanctuary in any home, designed for comfort, relaxation, and rejuvenation. No matter the size or layout, the perfect bedroom maximizes every inch of space to create a personal haven. From minimalist neutrals to vibrant maximalist designs, explore expert interior designer tips that will inspire your own bespoke bedroom oasis.

Jessica started out as an interior photographer, but her love of pretty settings took her to the field of interior design, where she can combine two of her greatest passions, creating and then capturing the beauty of homes.

Loft-style bedroom with exposed brick and industrial elements
Define Your Sleeping Area with a Dropped Ceiling

Ghislaine Viñas uses a dropped ceiling to define the sleeping area in a SoHo loft. To create a cozy home retreat, incorporate adjacent sitting areas and en suite bathrooms.

Modern bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows and minimalist design
Glamorous Built-In Closets with Efficient Organization

Fantastic Frank's Barcelona bedroom features glamorous gold-toned detailing on a wrap-around wall of built-in closets. Ensure the closet organization is efficient and functional, using drawer dividers, shelves, and storage boxes to maximize space and maintain the room's glamorous appeal.

Luxurious bedroom with velvet headboard and metallic accents
Incorporate Plants & Calming Colors for Well-being

Jessica Davis of Atelier Davis created a tranquil atmosphere in this bedroom with olive green walls, sheer curtains, a floral upholstered headboard, and a lovely indoor tree in the corner. To bring a sense of well-being into your space, incorporate plants and choose soft, calming colors.

Rustic farmhouse bedroom with exposed wooden beams
Complementary Textures for Depth and Interest

Kara Mann adds a modern touch to a Connecticut farmhouse bedroom with a streamlined white canopy bed frame, an antique wood spindle side table, and layered rugs. Use complementary textures and fabrics to add interest and depth to the design.

Charming cottage bedroom with floral wallpaper and vintage furniture
Add a Romantic Touch with a Clawfoot Tub

For a romantic touch, Kate Marker Interiors places a clawfoot tub in the bedroom. You can do the same, reserving the shower and sink for the en suite.

Cozy bedroom with rustic elements and soft textiles
Contrasting Textures for Visual Interest

Alvin Wayne's NYC bedroom features a vibrant floral print against matte black walls, sleek mirrored chests of drawers, crisp white linens, and modern bedside lamps. Experiment with contrasting textures and colors to create visual interest in your space.

Elegant bedroom with gray and blue color scheme
Blend Modern and Traditional Elements

Emily Henderson Design's roomy bedroom blends modern and traditional elements. Mix styles in your own space with a dark marble fireplace, tall windows, a four-poster bed, French country style desk, and chic black-and-white prints.

Dreamy bedroom with soft colors and flowing curtains
Vibrant Earthy Bedrooms with Natural Elements

Fantastic Frank's Ibiza bedroom embraces natural materials like decorative baskets, a repurposed door headboard, a wood ladder, and rattan pendant light, with salmon and indigo blue bedding for a pop of color. Incorporate natural elements and bold colors to create a vibrant, earthy bedroom atmosphere.

Serene bedroom with light color palette and natural elements
Contrast Dark Wood Furniture with Light Backdrop

Jenn Pablo Studio's Palm Springs modern Spanish Revival bedroom showcases a stunning dark carved wood bed and dark beams, contrasting beautifully with the gentle shades of white. For a striking contrast, incorporate dark wood furniture against a light-colored backdrop.

Farmhouse-inspired bedroom with rustic wooden beams
Achieve Minimalism with Floating Beds & Drapes

Leanne Ford Interiors designs a minimalist bedroom with a slanted shiplap ceiling. To achieve a similar look, choose flowing drapes and floating beds with built-in reading lights and side tables.

Vibrant bedroom with bold wallpaper and colorful accents
Mix Bold Colors & Patterns for a Moody Oasis

Erin Williamson Design combines dark paint and patterned wallpaper in a Texas lake house bedroom. To create a moody oasis, mix bold colors and patterns and use a decorative room divider for privacy.

Coastal master bedroom with neutral tones and ocean view
Create a Coastal Oasis with Natural Elements

This delightful Montauk, New York bedroom by Studio Robert McKinley showcases crisp white shiplap walls, a charming navy geometric rug, and an eye-catching live edge headboard that brings an organic touch to the cool coastal atmosphere. To recreate this look, choose natural materials that reflect your surroundings.

Glamorous Victorian bedroom with luxurious fabrics and chandelier
Combine Gentle Shades & Metallic Accents for Drama

In this delightful Boston Victorian bedroom by Michelle Gerson Interiors, gentle shades of black and cream are combined with gold accents like the tall vintage-style lamps. To recreate this playful and dramatic atmosphere, try incorporating similar colors and metallic accents in your own bedroom. Marie Flanigan Interiors' light and airy farmhouse-inspired bedroom features floor-to-ceiling curtains that soften tall ceilings and diffuse light. For a similar effect, consider using gauzy curtains in your own bedroom to create a soft and inviting ambiance.

Elegant bedroom with statement chandelier and fireplace
Serene Murals for Relaxing Vibes

Maite Granda's Florida bedroom showcases a captivating wallpaper mural with a tropical scene in soft cream and white tones. Consider adding a serene mural to your bedroom for an inviting, relaxing vibe.

Urban bedroom with brick wall and industrial-style decor
Midcentury Modern Aesthetic with Bold Wallpaper

A midcentury modern bedroom from Michelle Boudreau Design showcases palm print wallpaper, a retro-style pendant light, and classic bedside tables for a vintage vibe. Choose bedding and accessories with simple, clean lines to balance the bold wallpaper and maintain a midcentury modern aesthetic.

Stylish bedroom with green accents and plants
Embrace Open Layouts for Airy Charm

Fantastic Frank's comfy and stylish primary suite on the Spanish island of Mallorca features an open layout and Edison bulb pendant lights. Incorporate these elements in your own bedroom to promote airiness and a minimalist charm.

Stylish bedroom with bold wallpaper and modern furniture
Combine Workspace and Style in Bedroom Design

Tina Ramchandani Creative's cozy bedroom in white, blue, and gray tones features a writing desk beside the bed for added function and a convenient workspace. Choose an ergonomic chair for the writing desk that also complements the overall design of the room, ensuring both comfort and style.

Elegant Pound Ridge bedroom with sophisticated decor
Mix Vintage and Contemporary Pieces

Kara Mann's stylish Pound Ridge farmhouse features a delightful blend of antique and modern furniture, with black and gray textiles striking a charming balance between old and new. To achieve a similar look, mix and match vintage and contemporary pieces in your bedroom.

Charming bedroom with canopy bed and vintage accents
Personalize with DIY Vintage Glamour

A Beautiful Mess' colorful bedroom features DIY raspberry pink board and batten walls, a retro-style headboard, and sconce lights. Try a DIY project to personalize your bedroom with a touch of vintage glamour.

Chic bedroom with canopy bed and soft lighting
Create Calming Retreat with Deep Colors

Candace Mary Interiors' soothing bedroom has deep forest green walls, rich wooden floors and furniture, and cool gray and white fabrics. Use a similar color palette in your bedroom to create a calming retreat with warm gold accents for brightness.

Airy coastal bedroom with white linens and rattan accents
Maximize Space with Built-in Storage

In a small bedroom, Studio Peake maximizes space with built-in storage. To make your space feel larger, extend storage from floor to ceiling and use matching wall treatments.

Tranquil bedroom with soft color palette and natural elements
Cozy Up with Neutral Tones & a Fireplace

Mindy Gayer Design Co.'s bedroom has a neutral palette and a wood-burning fireplace. To create a cozy space, select warm, neutral tones and consider adding a fireplace for extra warmth.

Modern bedroom with geometric patterns and bold colors
Balance Bold Accents and Soft Colors

L.A. Weddings & Interiors' spacious bedroom mixes warm browns and subtle grays with a striking blue velvet headboard and cozy textiles. Combine bold accents and soft colors to create a calming and visually balanced bedroom.

Sophisticated bedroom with textured walls and patterned rug
Elevate Your Style with Statement Pieces

This spacious and lavish main bedroom by Michelle Gerson Interiors features a stunning wallpapered ceiling, bold lighting, and a fabulous antique French gilded floor mirror, perfect for checking out your outfits. To add glamour to your space, consider statement pieces that elevate the room's style.

Luxurious bedroom with opulent furnishings and decor
Embrace Scandi Minimalism with Simple Design

Fantastic Frank's simple Swedish country house bedroom epitomizes Scandi minimalism with its subdued color palette, minimal embellishments, and intentionally mismatched chair nightstands. Embrace minimalism by choosing a simple color scheme and functional, unadorned furniture.

Eclectic bedroom with statement lighting and patterned headboard
Balance Your Space with Proportion

In this bedroom by Michelle Gerson Interiors, a grand headboard upholstered in soft gray commands attention and balances the extra-tall vaulted ceilings. To make your space feel more balanced, consider proportion when selecting furniture and decor.

Modern Atlanta bedroom with minimalist design
Define Spaces with Consistent Tones

Forbes + Masters designed a spacious primary suite with distinct sleeping and sitting areas. Create a similar effect in your bedroom by using consistent color tones and thoughtfully arranged furniture to define each space.

Scandinavian-style bedroom with neutral color palette
Custom Murals and Sufficient Storage

A converted schoolhouse condo in South Portland features a stunning 14-foot custom mural of an 18th-century map of the Maine coast, designed by Tyler Karu, in a compact bedroom. Ensure the room has sufficient storage space to avoid clutter and maintain the room's visual appeal.

Eclectic bedroom with colorful artwork and patterned textiles
Balance Dark Wood Elements with Light Accents

A bedroom from Fantastic Frank celebrates the charm of dark wood in a compact room with high ceilings, using rich tones on the flooring, ceiling beams, window frames, and double doors. Balance the dark wood elements with lighter bedding and accessories to prevent the room from feeling too heavy or cramped.

Modern bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows
Adjustable Lighting for Versatile Ambiance

Tina Ramchandani Creative's bedroom design includes fall mirrors above bedside tables, reflecting light and adding depth to the space. Opt for adjustable lighting options, like dimmer switches, to create a versatile ambiance.

Newport home bedroom with ocean-inspired colors
Mix Textures for Warm Inviting Atmosphere

Desiree Burns Interiors' cozy bedroom highlights a soft gray-and-white diamond-patterned wallpaper, rattan headboard, wooden bench, and retro black bedside tables. Combine various textures and patterns to achieve a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Coastal bedroom with blue accents and wooden side table
Mix Vintage and Modern Accessories for Unique Aesthetic

A timeless Maine bedroom by Tyler Karu mixes a carved wood French Louis XV headboard, gilded mirror, and modern accents for a stylish look. Use a mix of both vintage and modern accessories to create a unique, curated aesthetic.

Modern farmhouse guest home with cozy living area
Soften Tall Ceilings with Billowy Curtains

In Marie Flanigan Interiors' cozy farmhouse-inspired bedroom, billowy floor-to-ceiling curtains behind the bed create a welcoming atmosphere. Try adding similar curtains to your bedroom to soften tall ceilings and diffuse light.

Luxurious bedroom with chandelier and tufted headboard
Energize with Vibrant Color Splashes

Will Brown Interiors' bright and airy bedroom features a neutral base with vibrant splashes of color. Incorporate lively orange, red, and turquoise accents in your own bedroom for an energizing touch.

Manayunk bedroom with stylish interior design
Soothing Earthy Tones and Patterns

Gray Space Interiors' calming bedroom displays olive green wallpaper and warm brown and gold tones, with a bold patterned wallpaper adding movement and interest. Mix earthy tones and patterns for a soothing and visually appealing space.

Sophisticated bedroom with neutral color palette
Dynamic Patterned Accent Walls

Maite Granda's stylish Florida bedroom showcases a royal blue accent wall with a white Arabesque pattern, crisp white and blue bed linens, and cheerful yellow and gold touches. Add a patterned accent wall in your bedroom for a dynamic and eye-catching focal point.

Elegant Mediterranean-style bedroom with canopy bed
Create Relaxing Atmosphere with Scandi Simplicity

A cozy Swedish bedroom from Fantastic Frank features Scandi-style simplicity, white-painted shiplap floors and ceilings, burgundy accents, and a Danish armchair with a sheepskin throw. Use scented candles or essential oils to create a relaxing atmosphere that encourages rest and rejuvenation.

Family photo in a beautifully designed bedroom
Enhance Coziness with Warm Lighting

Leanne Ford Interiors presents a cozy minimalist bedroom with high ceilings, warm wood beams, a small high-up window, and a tall modern canopy bed with graphic black lines. Use soft, warm lighting to enhance the cozy atmosphere and make the room feel more inviting.

Contemporary bedroom with modern artwork and clean lines
Combine Natural Elements for Tranquil Space

Becca Interiors' tranquil bedroom combines high ceilings, rustic beams, and soothing sepia tones. Incorporate natural elements and calming colors in your space to create both a relaxing haven and a functional home office.

Bright and airy bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows
Invite Comfort with Statement Headboards

Heather Hilliard Design's stunning floor-to-ceiling headboard features wood paneling and textured wall panels. Consider adding a statement headboard, fluffy poufs, and comfy armchairs to make your bedroom more inviting.

Mountain house guest room with rustic decor and wooden ceiling
Fresh, Natural Atmosphere with Greenery

Emily Henderson's bedroom design uses soft white walls, wood accents, and a green and gray palette for a cool, fresh, and relaxed atmosphere. Add a variety of plants to enhance the fresh, natural feel of the room and improve air quality.

Bohemian style bedroom with canopy bed and patterned rug
Open Plan En Suites for Connected Layouts

Fantastic Frank's primary en suite design removes most of the wall between the bedroom and bathroom, increasing light and airflow, and offering a view of the bathtub from the large wood platform bed—ideal for those who value openness and circulation. For a more open and connected layout, consider incorporating an open plan en suite in your bedroom design.

Cozy bedroom with built-in bookshelves and reading nook
Cozy Reading Corners with Convenient Storage

A cozy corner in Emily Henderson's bedroom design features an overstuffed armchair, rattan pouf, and a simple floor lamp, perfect for reading or relaxation. Incorporate a small side table to hold a beverage, book, or other essentials for added convenience.

Moody green bedroom with eclectic decor
Embrace Bold Colors and Theatrical Elements

Forbes + Masters' dramatic bedroom dazzles with emerald green walls, plush upholstery, eye-catching lighting, colorful art, and warm mustard and gold accents. Don't be afraid to embrace bold colors and theatrical elements for a truly unique escape.

Minimalist bedroom with geometric wall art
Balance Minimalism with Tactile Elements

Brexton Cole Interiors showcases a minimalist black-and-white bedroom with eye-catching details, like a pendant light and a graphic art piece above the bed. Incorporate soft, tactile elements, such as a cozy throw or textured pillows, to balance the minimalist design.

Moody guestroom with dark walls and rich textures
Bold Headboards for Dramatic Impact

Forbes + Masters' luxurious bedroom boasts a velvet wrap-around headboard and dramatic bedding. Consider adding a statement headboard, hanging globe pendant lights, and striking black walls to your bedroom for a bold, dramatic effect.

Elegant primary bedroom with nightstand detail and stylish lamps
Maintain Tidiness with Integrated Nightstands

Chango & Co.'s bedroom has pale wood nightstands seamlessly integrated into the headboard and window seat. To maintain a tidy space, choose nightstands with drawers to hide clutter.

Cozy master bedroom with warm colors and textures
Playful Elements for Fun and Inviting Atmosphere

A Beautiful Mess presents a soft and playful bedroom, complete with blushing pink walls, a tasseled hand-woven wall hanging, pom-pom adorned curtains, and a cozy Moroccan blanket. Add playful elements to your space for a fun and inviting atmosphere.

Eclectic boho bedroom with patterned textiles and plants
Play with Texture in a Minimalist Bedroom

Leanne Ford Interiors designs a minimalist bedroom full of texture and interest. To achieve this look, combine white brick walls, vaulted wood ceilings, and statement lighting with interesting patterns and textures.

Elegant primary bedroom with fireplace and sitting area
Choose a Calming Color Palette for Relaxation

The NYC bedroom by Chango & Co. boasts a custom headboard and window seat with rounded edges, creating a luxurious and minimalist sanctuary. The soothing creamy beige color scheme embraces you in a warm hug. To achieve this atmosphere, select a calming color palette that promotes relaxation.

Minimalist bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows and modern furniture
Bring Warmth & Contrast with Dark Floral Wallpaper

Studio Henree's design stars Ellie Cashman's dark floral wallpaper. Pair it with slender canopy beds and gold-toned lamps to bring warmth and contrast to your space.

Modern bedroom with bold artwork and pops of color
Retain Openness with Glass Partitions

In Caroline Andréoni's Paris apartment design, a glass and metal-framed door separates the en suite bathroom from the bedroom. Consider using similar partitions to separate spaces while retaining an open feel.

Stylish bedroom with statement wall and modern accents
Elevate Neutral Bedrooms with Statement Furniture

Jenn Pablo Studio adds a captivating touch to a calm neutral bedroom with a dramatic spindled bedstead as the focal point. Choose a statement piece of furniture to elevate a neutral bedroom design.

Lush bedroom with greenery and organic textures
Coordinate Window Treatments and Bed Linens

Jenn Pablo Studio's serene and roomy bedroom features matching curtains on the windows and canopy bed. Choose coordinating window treatments and bed linens to create a harmonious, elegant look in your space.

Eclectic bedroom with bold patterns and textures
Add Glamour with Classic Vanity

Will Brown Interiors' peaceful bedroom has a soft beige and gray palette with charming sherbet-colored pastels. Add a classic vanity to your own space for a touch of glamour and serenity.

Cozy farmhouse bedroom with fireplace and exposed brick
Create a Modern Farmhouse Feel with Wooden Elements

Chango & Co.'s bedroom features dark wood finishes and a corner fireplace for a modern farmhouse feel. To recreate this, consider incorporating rustic ceiling beams and wooden elements.

Rustic bedroom with exposed beams and warm tones
Illuminate with Crystal Chandeliers

Brexton Cole Interiors' sunlit bedroom showcases shades of white and cream. Add a dazzling crystal chandelier and cozy seating area with a stylish loveseat to achieve a similar luminous look in your bedroom.

Elegant bedroom with blue velvet headboard and gold accents
Unify Mismatched Nightstands with Cohesive Lighting

Andrea May Interiors' bedroom design features mismatched nightstands, adding variety and personality to each side of the bed within a symmetrical layout. Unify the mismatched nightstands by using matching or complementary table lamps to create a cohesive look.

Luxurious bedroom with blue accents and traditional design elements
Enhance Ambiance with Dimmable Chandelier

A light and airy bedroom from JK Interior Living highlights a dark wallpaper ceiling detail with decorative molding, serving as a chandelier anchor and focal point in a neutral room. Install a dimmable chandelier to create a variety of lighting options and further enhance the room's ambiance.

Bright bedroom with colorful accents and large windows
Highlight Architectural Features with Rustic Touches

Fantastic Frank's Mallorca residence boasts a restored golden stone wall, ceiling beams, and slanted ceilings. Add rustic finishes or decorative beams to your bedroom for a simple, timeless look that highlights architectural features.

Modern master bedroom with colorful accents and white linens
Embrace Pink Velvet & Mustard Accents

In this cozy Los Feliz, Los Angeles bedroom designed by Ghislaine Viñas, a lovely low-profile pink velvet headboard perfectly fits the wall without covering the windows. At bedtime, thick pink curtains keep out the light and enhance the room's color. Matching side tables, lamps, and linens create harmony, while mustard yellow throw pillows offer a pop of contrast. A captivating portrait between the windows adds a touch of personality. To personalize your space, consider adding artwork that speaks to you.

Spacious master bedroom with sitting area and modern lighting
Exude Luxury with Statement Headboards & Drapes

Chango & Co.'s Flatiron, NYC bedroom exudes luxury. To achieve a similar vibe, invest in a statement headboard, plush drapes, and eye-catching pendant lights.

Minimalist bedroom with clean lines and neutral tones
Calming Environment with Soft Color Palette

Louis Duncan-He Designs creates a serene atmosphere in this bedroom featuring a wall-to-wall headboard, abstract mountain wallpaper in soft gray shades, and refreshing green accents. Create a calming environment by choosing a soft color palette and incorporating nature-inspired elements.

Scandinavian bedroom with neutral color palette and cozy textures
Monochromatic Palette with Textured Depth

A compact Stockholm bedroom from Fantastic Frank employs a tonal palette of grays, creating a minimal and serene monochromatic effect. Incorporate different textures within the gray palette to add depth and interest without overwhelming the space.

Contemporary bedroom with stone wall and unique lighting
Incorporate Greenery in Bathroom-Adjacent Bedrooms

A Mallorca bedroom suite from Fantastic Frank has a bathroom just steps up behind the headboard, partially hidden by a paned glass wall. Incorporate plants or greenery to improve air quality and bring a touch of nature into the space.

Industrial loft bedroom with brick wall and modern furniture
Calming Artwork as Minimalist Focal Points

A large-scale, unframed art piece in a Tribeca loft bedroom from Chango & Co. serves as a focal point on a large blank wall, maintaining a soft, minimalist feel. Choose a calming color palette to promote relaxation and ensure the artwork complements the overall design.

Cozy bedroom with white bedding and wooden beams
Layered Wall Finishes for Effortless Chic

Leanne Ford Interiors' cottage bedroom has a timeless, charming patina with mixed wall finishes, including two-toned wallpaper, white-washed brick, plaster, and wood, perfect for a lived-in, effortlessly chic look. Experiment with different wall finishes for a unique, layered appearance.

Modern bedroom with black accent wall and wooden floor
Utilize Picture Ledges for Easy Art Display

Malcolm Simmons' design for Emily Henderson showcases a convenient picture ledge on the headboard for displaying art without the hassle of a gallery wall—just be sure to secure leaning pieces for safety. Utilize a picture ledge to easily display and swap out artwork while maintaining a clean, organized look.

Serene master bedroom with soft color palette and modern art
Energize with Unique Paint Techniques

Raili CA Design gave this California bedroom a refreshing green touch, from the bed linens to the wall paint. The playful semi-ombre effect adds a stylish and chill vibe. To add visual interest, experiment with different paint techniques and choose colors that energize you.

Girona bedroom with unique artwork and contemporary design
Clean, Modern Aesthetic with Bold Choices

This Barcelona bedroom by Fantastic Frank boasts a chunky platform bed, retro lighting, a mustard velvet floor pouf, and minimalist light taupe walls, creating a clean, modern aesthetic. Achieve a modern look by selecting bold furniture, simple walls, and retro-inspired lighting.

Rustic chic bedroom with exposed beams and white linens
Integrate Hobbies for a Personalized Space

Leanne Ford Interiors transformed this bedroom's wall behind the bed into a home library with an integrated headboard, making it a dream space for book and art lovers. A large round pendant light adds depth, while art on other walls gives the room a relaxed, lived-in feel. To make your bedroom multifunctional, think about incorporating your hobbies and interests into the design.

Vintage-style bedroom with antique furniture and floral wallpaper
Neutral Bedding for Visually Calming Spaces

A Beautiful Mess's bright bedroom design features yellow and white print wallpaper, a rattan bed, plants, and a colorful geometric kilim rug. Opt for solid, neutral-colored bedding to prevent clashing patterns and create a visually calming space.

Elegant bedroom with blue walls and gold accents
Open Walls for Spacious, Airy Bedrooms

Fantastic Frank's Frankfurt bedroom suite features an open archway between the sleeping area and dressing room, promoting light and air circulation throughout the space. Consider removing or partially opening walls to create a more spacious, airy feel in your bedroom.

Classic bedroom with four-poster bed and elegant decor
Emphasize Views with Cool Tones & Minimalism

Sissy + Marley Interior Design highlights stunning views with cool tones and minimalist lines. Emphasize your own beautiful view with a window seat and a pared-down design.

Modern farmhouse bedroom with sliding barn door and rustic touches
Infuse Midcentury Vibes with Bold Contrasts

AHG Design's 1960s Catskills bedroom features rich rust and copper tones. To infuse retro midcentury vibes, experiment with bold, contrasting colors.

Stylish bedroom with patterned wallpaper and modern lighting
Experiment with Dark Colors for Coziness

This bedroom by Leanne Ford Interiors feels like a safe haven with its white shiplap ceilings and soothing black walls, perfect for rest and relaxation. To create a cozy atmosphere, don't be afraid to experiment with dark colors, which can make a room feel more intimate.

Spacious bedroom with sitting area and contemporary design
Maintain Clean Lines with Stylish Storage Solutions

Michelle Boudreau's midcentury modern bedroom also includes a built-in wall desk/vanity and vintage sideboard that tie the bedroom and en suite bathroom spaces together. Use stylish organizers and storage solutions to keep the desk/vanity clutter-free and maintain the clean lines of the design.

Contemporary bedroom with patterned wallpaper and unique lighting
Adaptable Ground Floor Bedrooms with Blackout Curtains

A versatile ground floor bedroom from Kate Marker Interiors has high ceilings, a king-sized bouclé headboard, vintage wicker nightstands, a wool rug, and a soft earthy palette for easy adaptation. Consider incorporating blackout curtains or blinds to ensure a restful sleep environment, especially if the room has large windows or faces a street.

Serene blue bedroom with coastal-inspired decor
Achieve Timeless Symmetry in Layout

Brexton Cole Interiors' symmetrical bedroom layout is versatile and timeless. Achieve this look in your bedroom with a tufted headboard, identical closet doors, and matching nightstands with sculptural black lamps.

Elegant Parisian bedroom with ornate molding and stylish decor
Channel Boutique Hotel Vibes with Elegant Details

Caroline Andréoni's Parisian bedroom showcases moody gray walls and a plush rose velvet headboard. To add a boutique hotel vibe to your bedroom, choose elegant wall sconces and complementary pillows.

Light-filled bedroom with canopy bed and cozy seating area
Add Vintage Charm with Reclaimed Pieces

In this airy bedroom by Marie Flanigan Interiors, a seating area by the windows invites relaxation. Rustic elements like wood cladding and antique furnishings add character, creating a timeless appeal. To incorporate rustic charm, search for vintage and reclaimed pieces that have a story to tell.

Contemporary bedroom with large window and unique chandelier
Cleverly Conceal Electronics with Wallpaper

In a unique twist, this Paris bedroom from Caroline Andréoni Interior Design features striking black-and-white palm tree wallpaper on the wall opposite the bed, cleverly concealing a wall-mounted TV. To minimize visual clutter, think about clever ways to disguise your electronics.

Cozy bedroom with neutral tones and wooden furniture
Elevate with a Bold Accent Wall

Kara Mann's luxurious bedroom design features a chocolate brown accent wall. You can replicate this by selecting a bold color for your own accent wall to elevate your room's atmosphere.

Mid-century modern bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows
Complement Your Scheme with Drapery Walls

Cathie Hong Interiors creates a serene bedroom with a corner-to-corner drapery wall. To achieve this calm atmosphere, consider drapes that complement your color scheme and hang pendant lights for an airy feel.

Beachfront bedroom with bright accents and panoramic windows
Layer Textures for a Soothing Coastal Vibe

Chango & Co. designed this coastal bedroom with a comforting, breezy vacation house vibe. The calming blue-and-white color palette, a bed piled with extra pillows, layered rugs, and a large pendant light hanging from vaulted ceilings make you feel right at home. To achieve a similar feel, layer textures and choose a soothing color scheme inspired by nature.