Think Big! Embracing Maximalist Style

The maximalist interior is a meticulously and thoughtfully designed style that put an emphasis on opulent patterns, vibrant palette of colours and luxuriant accessories.

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If you are used to sterile decor, maximalist is meant to drop your jaw. It is a rebellious reaction to rigid, austere minimalism, evoking excess, abundance, and extravagance. Now, if rigorous design framework is not appealing to you, you must be a maximalist at heart, with a bubbling personality and a taste for the eye-catching outlook of your home. Here is how to add some maximalist design to your interior and embrace its carefully adherent input in the style of your decor. Start thinking big!

Fusion of styles and designs

There is a thin line between clutter and eclectic aesthetics. With the first term, people are quite familiar, whereas the latter should be carefully achieved. The borderline is a visually appealing interior with captivating items that mix the old, new and everything successfully in between. Yanic Simard, the principal designer of Toronto Interior Design, says "A fusion of several styles, designs and periods will create a playful individualism, blending seamlessly." Simard also claims that you can achieve a pleasant outlook by mixing off-the-top-shelf pieces with vintage items and contemporary style with modern. Make a room for lots of brick-a-bra, knickknacks, and personal keepsakes, topping them up with a holiday or travel mementos and family heirlooms. Flea markets and car boot sales are perfect places for finding interesting accessories. Do not forget about modern art collection, bold graphic designs and attractive patterns to add that funny note to your decor. The styling secret of Maximalism is the new appearance of the space that can be accomplished just by moving furniture around, therefore being open and ready for a new, eclectic design.

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Designer Tip: Step by Step

Miscellaneous articles scattered aimlessly in the designated room are not our ideally achieved aim. My best advice is to sit back for a while and give some thought to the optically balanced decor. The concept of visual weight compromises symmetry by adding accessories in layers. So to fulfil a maximalist theory means to work on the interior design in small stages- little by little, yet consequently, staging the space through size, fabrics, patterns, texture, and colour. Remember though to allow free flow of foot traffic on the main paths. On the top of that, take pride in art collection on the walls, sculptures, artisan lamps, luxurious rugs and small in size furniture, not to overdo the final result.

Creating a visual impact

The world famous interior designer, Tara Fingold of Tara Fingold Interiors from Toronto, coined the term 'visually impactful interior decor'. She claims, by mutual experiences with her clients, that Maximalism is all about a purposefully selected collection of essential items, applied lovingly in the room. If such a fascinating idea has sent shivers down your spine instantly but you are not confident enough, try the gold rule of thumb 'More is more'. You must not tread fearfully while embracing the Maximalism style. Like wearing a red lipstick during the office hours, confidence is obligatory in this case. Start being self-assured and dare to live your life to the full. That means wall decorations that expand and adorn rooms in your house with all-over astounding patterns. It can also mean having the guts to choose compelling yet fascinating contrast of materials and other surfaces between glossy mirrors in ornamented frames and busy floral wallpapers.

Designer Tip: Tone it down with a camouflage effect

The final result of your home interiors must convey the message of cohesiveness with several layers of colours, textures, and patterns. There is a new trend on the market of a camouflage effect where small scale furniture and accessories blend with the wall. The brand new style can be achieved by applying a union between decor that becomes one with the surrounding. Bold and extravagant patterns and textures dress the space from floor to ceiling whereas tone-on-tone hues and tints of colours blend accessories and furniture into the background.

Extravagant patterns

Let off-shore countries inspire you

The style of chosen decor should reflect the homeowner's personality and preferences. 'Maximalist trend in house decorating incorporates a dramatic to the eye fusion of different, vibrant colours with overwhelming patterns' says Rebecca Mitchell, an interior designer from Montreal. We ought to highlight rich, opulent fabrics with Indian or Moroccan roots. Placing luxurious, patterned rugs, hand sawn in Eastern Europe is a very thoughtful decision, having a massive impact on the overall effect.  Meticulously chosen decorative cushions and pillowcases, handcrafted by Middle Eastern women will complement the room and put an emphasis on the exotic influences that inspire you.

Designer Tip: Appreciate the final look

Staying sensible is a crucial advice, even while applying a maximalist style. Every top interior designer has the  'Edit' word as part of his merchandising skills. Mitchell says that breath-taking minimalist structure must consist of deeply and profoundly chosen elements, where everything has its desired place. Each item should be complementary but not crashing or devastating to other decor items. 'Always pay attention to cautious adding multiple layers, patterns, and textures, editing each stage to accomplish the final, overwhelming outlook' says Mitchell.

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Embracing Maximalism

Rule no.1: Stop accumulating clutter -- start to treasure items

Maximalism is a contrast to minimalism, giving endless possibilities to express individuality and personality. One of many ways is collecting treasured and valuable accessories without hoarding unnecessary clutter. Interior designers claim that embracing minimalism is like implying an artistic and organized chaos. We should make a statement of our memorabilia, holiday postcards, framed pictures, and interesting art collection. Bronze sculptures, wrought iron lamps, lanterns or glass statues convey straightforward who you are to your newcomers. Find the way to express and show off your individual style.

Rule no.2: Reunite different patterns, colours, and textures

Do not be shy when decorating your walls, deciding on the upholstery and furnishings. Use the central theme of minimalism style, endorsing bold, vivacious colours and broad patterns. Mix freely polka dots with horizontal and vertical stripes. Busy, floral wallpaper? You name it. You got it. Let your inner wisdom shine and make a go of bringing energy and positive vibes to your home interiors. Cheer things up by making a genuine statement of your outgoing personality. Be aware, though, if you do not want to release your wild streak, repeat the colours and patterns throughout the whole space, and stage your decor in little steps. That will help to keep the balance in charge.

Rule no.3: Embellishment without hoarding

"More is more" works great when creating a maximalist design in house decorating. The base line is that you want your room oozing with style and eclectic, stylish feeling, without overdoing and creating cluttered, often tacky interiors. Maximalist style begs for elegance and meticulously chosen decor items. Do not keep things for the sake of sentimentality or once precious memories. Create a borderline by ensuring each item first that it is a piece your love and admire. Make a thoughtful decision by choosing furnishings and ornaments only you wish to include in your dream space. The key I have given you will help to avoid pure anarchy in your rooms and show class and sensible thinking. Start thinking big. Even those who believe are maximalists at heart, make shrewd purchases, to prevent a wild array of patchwork patterns in the surroundings.

Rule no.4: Utilize the spaced by creating storage units

Embracing Maximalism means a full spectrum of items scattered thoughtfully in the room. That does not stop you from using space and maximizing storage. Consider your home a blank canvas, ready for a union of patterns, colours, and shapes. These days you can make signature items out of attractive boxes to create comfortable decor. By embellishing exotic hues from the Middle East or Asia, you are injecting more positive vibrations to space. And, as mentioned earlier, vivid colours with rich textures and patterns are going to evoke lots of vivacities.

Rule no.5: Start living your life

The maximalist style is not only about cumulating lots of different mementos and making a statement wall out of them. You ought to start thinking big and maximize real feelings from the bottom of your heart. 'Slow life' and 'Simple lifestyle' is not beneficial for all. Some of us want to live our lives to the full, taking in everything that comes with it. If you are a keen traveller, collect souvenirs from faraway places, reminding you of beautiful islands and warm hugs of autochthons. Flea markets are full of pieces that have a story to tell, so rejuvenate your living space by mixing old with new. Do not be shy when contrasting heirlooms with contemporary items to evoke deep feelings and sentiments. By making such a profound statements of your drive, enthusiasm and passion for a living you are conveying a message of loving your life to bits.

Stone wall

Are you a maximalist?

Maximalism is the direct contrast to the minimalist style. Even though it is spatially and optically busier, clutter, mess and hoarding are the last words on the list, describing it. Maximalism is about incorporating vivid colours, rich textures, and bold patterns. We must intensively evoke our passion for creation to fill our living quarters with a full array of unusual shapes and ornamentations. A variety of items on the display plays an immense role in the final perspective. Your designated areas should sing a passionate song of enjoying life, showing off valuable pieces, with sentiments and history. A person with maximalist tendencies put an emphasis on the gradual evolution of layering different decor items and furniture. Maximalists are often collectors of valuable art objects that are not only beautiful but also represent meaning.

Jessica started out as an interior photographer, but her love of pretty settings took her to the field of interior design, where she can combine two of her greatest passions, creating and then capturing the beauty of homes.