The 10 Best Flooring Options For Your Home Gym

Home gym flooring and gym mats can turn your living room or family room into a home gymnasium that can be enjoyed by the entire family. The mats come in two primary styles: interlocking puzzle mats or mats that can be rolled up for storage. They are made from a variety of materials, but most are soft, supportive and easy to clean.

Some of the items are made from recycled material, and all of them strive to be products that are suitable for families with young children as well as being functional for adults.

Puzzle Exercise Mat

Home Gym Puzzle Exercise Mat

The puzzle exercise mat is an easy to assemble temporary floor mat. The pieces lock together like a jigsaw puzzle. The kit consists of six 24-inch by 24-inch mats, and twelve borders. The high-density EVA foam offers good cushioning and contains no toxic phthalates. It is easy to clean and suitable for use anywhere, from garage floors to the living room carpet. It is good for reducing noise when exercising, and it is easy to clean. It is even usable for children’s play areas. The non-skid surfaces protect floors and carpet from weights and other exercise equipment. Some users report that heavy impact can cause the puzzle pieces to move away from each other, but that a simple solution is to use gorilla tape on the backside of the mat to hold the pieces together. This especially effective if you plan to leave the mat in place.

Quality Gray Exercise Matt

Home Gym Flooring

Make a checkerboard of black and gray exercise mat pieces. Each piece is 23.6 inches by 23.5 inches. They fit together to create a 24 square foot space when combined with the edge pieces. The 0.4-inch thick mat is suitable for floor exercises, for protecting floors from exercise machines, and even for children’s play spaces. If you want a larger space, you can purchase more pieces and fit them together to make a larger space. The tiles are waterproof and easy to clean. Just wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap. The pieces can be cut to created custom sizes and shapes. They can be used on a second floor to help buffer the sound. You should keep in mind that .4 or four-tenths of an inch isn’t very thick. But it is thick enough to be serviceable for most purposes. Mats are non-toxic and safe for children’s play areas.

Large Cardio Mat

Large Cardio Mat

Ten foot by six-foot large cardio mat, suitable for workouts ranging from intense cardio workouts to dance routines. It covers a full ten square feet and is one continuous piece – no interlocking puzzle pieces. It is ¼ inch thick and can be placed under exercise equipment to good effect. It comes with its own storage bag and carrying straps for good portability. 100% non-toxic, it is suitable for the little ones to get in their workouts, as well as the adults. The mat is easy to clean, just wipe down with a damp cloth and mild soap. It can be used over concrete to soften impact or it can be used over hardwood or carpet to protect floors. If you only need a personal exercise mat, it comes in smaller sizes. Please note: it is not suitable for dance routines that require a smooth surface as it has a somewhat sticky mat finish.

Interlocking Woodgrain Exercise Floor

Interlocking Woodgrain Exercise Floor

This exercise floor will look great in your family or recreation room. The interlocking pieces have all the softness of a regular gym mat without the gym mat look. The faux wood finish can make a huge difference in appearance while still providing the support you need. Unfortunately, users have reported some problems with this floor. It just didn’t hold up to expectations. Although it went together easily and looked nice at first, it seems to have a history of coming apart easily and doesn’t have the amount of cushioning found in the garage mat types of floor covering. It could make a nice floor covering in a bedroom or other low-traffic area where you want to cover worn or damaged floor, or just want to get an extra layer of protection on the floor.

Floor Runner or Protective Mat

Floor Runner or Protective Mat

This is a super sturdy, weather resistant mat. It can be used to protect floors from industrial equipment or exercise machines. It can be used out of doors. The raised diamond pattern on its surface helps prevent slipping when wet. Most users seem to be pleased with this protective mat – you can even drive cars over it – but almost universally noted that it has a strong chemical odor when first delivered. An easy way to combat this is to simply leave it unrolled on porch or patio for a week or two while the odor has a chance to outgas. You will want a yoga mat or other secondary mat if you plan to do floor exercises as the diamond shapes and the cushioning are not conducive to comfort. This mat is more about protecting your floor than adding softness.

Environmentally Responsible Sports Mat

Environmentally Responsible Sports Mat

This interlocking sports mat is created using recycled materials, so you can feel good about being environmentally responsible while protecting floors, yourself, and your exercise equipment. It comes with six pieces per carton, with each carton providing 24 square feet. It is non-toxic and lead-free, and virtually odorless. It provides a comfortable, warm surface for exercise or play. It is kid friendly and family friendly. The non-skid surface muffles noise and No glue or nails is needed for installation, yet it provides a stable surface for exercise or play. It is a consistent color all the way through, being made out of recycled tire rubber and postindustrial colored flecks of rubber. If all of that were not enough, each carton of mats keeps one tire out of the landfill.

Interlocking Artificial Turf Pieces

Interlocking Artificial Turf Pieces

If you’ve dreamed of making your family room look like a piece of the great outdoors, or you want that nice-lawn-look for that paved over patio, here is your best chance to make the change. These interlocking artificial turf pieces combine the mowed lawn appearance of artificial turf with the cushioning that goes into exercise mats. It is also great for setting up a temporary VIP section or an anti-fatigue mat for a trade show. Detachable edge pieces make it easy to reconfigure the carpet as needed. It is not, however, and exercise mat and is not intended for that purpose. It does provide a opportunity to rest your feet from concrete surfaces, and to feast your eyes on what seems to be a well-kept patch of lawn, indoors or out, or in any kind of weather. Users should be aware that the “grass” tends to shed, so installing it can be messy.

Interlocking Protective Flooring

Interlocking Protective Flooring

This is an exceptionally economical set of interlocking floor tiles. The foam floor covering is suitable for floor exercises, although it tends to come apart under vigorous workout routines, such as burpees. It is, however, suitable for floor routines and for placing under gym equipment. While not as sturdy as some of the more expensive flooring tiles, it does present an economical solution to being able to exercise without destroying expensive hardwood or carpet. It can also function as an anti-fatigue mat, but it does not resist water. The squares are 24 inches by 24 inches. They are 0.375 inches in height, which is thinner than some of the other mats that people found to be rather thin. It is intended to be a loose lay installation over a wood floor. The interlocking protective flooring is made from 100% recycled material, which is good news for the planet.

EVA Foam Floor Mats

EVA Foam Floor Mats

Comparable in packaging, size and composition to the Interlocking Protective Flooring above. The biggest difference is that these are water resistant and can, therefore, function as fatigue relief in areas such as your kitchen. They are also excellent as a play area, for exercise mats, yoga, and similar activities. The non-slip surface makes it a very good choice for areas such as the kitchen and bathroom where water can create the potential for sliding. You can purchase multiple packets to cover a larger area. The mats are antimicrobial and odor resistant. They can easily be cleaned by wiping them down with mild detergent and water using a soft cloth. They are designed with both jigsaw and straight edge cuts for good fit and esthetics.

Classic Home Gym Mat

Home Gym Mat

Easy to move and super tough, this vinyl mat is the perfect underpinning for your workout or yoga routine. With no pieces to separate, it can easily be confidently used for energetic activities. It dampens vibrations and muffles sound making it work well under exercise machines. As such, it also protects floors and carpets from repetitive wear. It is antimicrobial, odor free, and non-toxic, making it a family-friendly mat that can hold up under weight lifting, yoga, aerobics, and even the baby’s tumbling. The non-slip surface allows you to exercise with confidence. The mat is easy to clean, just wipe with a damp cloth. Uncomplicated and basic, it allows the whole family to be active without damaging floors or carpeting. It comes in black, no choice of color, which means it goes with anything.

Buying Guide

Puzzle Piece Mats

Squares of resilient flooring that are shaped like jigsaw puzzles are easy to fit together to make larger mats that are easy to expand to create larger exercise areas or to make a place for children to play. Thanks to the nature of the materials from which the mats are made, the pieces do not always stay together well. One way of coping with this is the tape the mats from the back. Unfortunately, if you need to place the mats and take them back up quickly, the tape creates some difficulty.

One Piece Mats

One-piece mats come in various sizes, ranging from a yoga mat to a rug suitable for more than one person to share for exercise time. They tend to be a little sturdier than the interlocking mats and get rid of the problem of having your exercise floor come apart under you. They are especially suitable for relieving foot fatigue, protecting hard floors, or creating a little outdoor space.

Easy to Clean

Most of the mats are water resistant and are easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. The foam mats, however, are less resistant to water. Even these, however, are reasonably easy to just wipe with a damp cloth and perhaps a little mild detergent.

Specialty Mats

Specialty mats can quickly create a desired effect yet allow it to be removed quickly. For example, interlocking faux wood tiles can create a “living room” out of doors, or grass turf tiles can give the effect of a nicely mown lawn even though your patio or deck is really concrete or wood.

Things to Watch for When Buying

You can save yourself time and trouble by reading the descriptions of the floor mats carefully. Users frequently commented on more than one type of mat that it just wasn’t as thick as they expected, or that they were disappointed by the performance. Most of the mats are relatively thin, less than ½ inch. Some were only four-tenths of an inch, and one mat is three-tenths of an inch thick. Also, if you plan to interlock more than one set, check to make sure that they are the same type of mat. You won’t need to be quite as vigilant with one-piece mats as they tend to be more resilient.

Environmentally Friendly

Most of the mats listed above are non-toxic. They might have a new plastic odor that could require allowing them to need airing for a day or two to get rid of the scent. One mat, in particular, is made from recycled tires, while others comment that they, too, are made from recycled materials. This is good news for you and for the environment.

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