Spanish Wall Decor Ideas

Spanish home decorating, as of late, is in vogue. Check out how you'll be able to pull off your home's design using Spanish wall decor. Spanish style homes have become extremely popular as they're comfortable, inviting, and beautiful at the same time. The textures, vibrant colors, materials, and architectural details of Spanish-inspired wall decor and accessories add that old-world sophistication, perfect for homes that need revamping.

Through the addition of Spanish wall décor and doing it properly, you'll give your home the authentic warm feeling that evokes fun fiestas and relaxing siestas. Selecting the perfect Spanish wall décor is an enjoyable process, especially if you follow the simple guidelines we have listed below.


Spanish-themed lighting can define a room and bring a subtle, yet stunning blend of elegance and style. Matching candle stands and candle accessories along with wall-mounted lighting fixtures are excellent ideas to enliven spaces. You can light up a dull corner of your home through the aforementioned lighting options, but you can also opt for attractive floral lights as they make a difference to a room's ambiance.


When it comes to Spanish interior design, accents are the cornerstones. To ensure that you bring Spanish style and design to life, make sure you have plenty of wrought iron sconces and wall décor hung on your walls. If you can't make use of hand-glazed tiles, you can simply opt for Spanish-inspired wall decals as they transport you to Spain in mere seconds.


Of course, you need to determine if you have available space in your home for a wall décor. A Spanish-inspired wall décor demands attention. Therefore, you need to select the location of a piece before you purchase it. Check if the wall décor you're eyeing can withstand direct sunlight exposure because there are pieces that will fade or weaken when they're constantly exposed to the heat of the sun.


The last thing you need to consider is the rough dimensions of your wall décor. The size is important when it comes to wall décor, so remember to get the right size and not one that's too large or too small for the wall that you're planning to fill. Spanish-themed wall décor can easily take up 50% of a wall, so keep that in mind. You are now ready to adorn your home with lovely Spanish wall accessories! Check out some of your best options below.


Jessica started out as an interior photographer, but her love of pretty settings took her to the field of interior design, where she can combine two of her greatest passions, creating and then capturing the beauty of homes.

Spanish Ornamental Wall Decor
Spanish Ornamental Wall Decor Incorporate a decorative element that's Spanish-inspired to your walls with this ornamental wall decor. This piece from Fleur De Lis Living features a carved floral pattern that's made of industrial-grade premium metal alloy. It can add drama to that blank expanse of a wall of yours.
Russell Farm 1-Light Armed Sconce
Russell Farm 1-Light Armed Sconce The Russell Farm 1-Light Armed Sconce by Three Posts creates an elegant contrast with pale or neutral walls. With its Spanish style, rugged feet, ambient light, it can effortlessly make a statement in your living room or entryway. Two of this sophisticated lighting fixture will create a splendid arrangement that provides a luxurious atmosphere.
Los Tres Caballos del Castillo Alomar Wall Decor
Los Tres Caballos del Castillo Alomar Wall Decor This designer resin wall decor crafted by artist, Myers Hartley, features three stylized Spanish stallions that are galloping with the wind blowing through their faces and magnificent mane. This sculpture channels a cool, contemporary Spanish vibe, and it showcases exemplary attention to detail as well as exceptional artisanal expertise.
Retile Spanish Wall Decal
Retile Spanish Wall Decal This Spanish-style wall decal can transform or give an accent to your existing stone, glass or ceramic tiles. They're incredibly easy to apply and they can be removed effortlessly by the time you want to give your bathroom or kitchen a makeover. It brings about the right amount of color to your space without burning a hole in your pocket.
Spanish Welcome Wall Decal
Spanish Welcome Wall Decal The Spanish Welcome Wall Decal from Design with Vinyl makes for an interesting exterior design element, but it can also be added indoors like your entryway or foyer. It's made out of high-quality vinyl and it is incredibly easy to apply. Although it's a computer die-cut, it exudes a professional hand-painted look!
Spanish Small Architectural Window Wall Decor
Spanish Small Architectural Window Wall Decor This handcrafted architectural window wall decor is a popular item that's great both indoors and outdoors. It is a handmade wall statement piece, which means it is one of a kind. It's made out metal and wood, and it measures 39 x 19 inches.
3 Piece Photographic Print on Wrapped Canvas Set
3 Piece Photographic Print on Wrapped Canvas Set For dimension, depth, and some allure, this 3-pc photographic print set is great regardless of where it's added. It does not just add character to your space, but it lends some mystique to it as well. Showcasing Spanish moss-covered trees and a narrow road, the panels will look great in your entryway or living room.
Dulce Suenos Plaque
Dulce Suenos Plaque This wall plaque that wishes you a good night's rest is a work of art that will act as your room's focal point. It features a distressed look, but the intentional slight imperfections give this wall addition character to a bedroom that lacks it.
Familia Spanish Family Wall Decal
Familia Spanish Family Wall Decal Remind your entire household the value of family with this Familia Spanish Family Wall Decal. It comes with a matte finish that gives it a hand-painted stencil appearance without going through the mess and the hassle of doing it yourself. It makes a trendy and chic statement to your outdoor or indoor living space.
Spanish Bull Sketch - 3 Piece Graphic Art on Wrapped Canvas Set
Spanish Bull Sketch - 3 Piece Graphic Art on Wrapped Canvas Set This fade-resistant artwork featuring a Spanish bull is perfect for a man's cave. All three panels make reenergizing a space simpler than ever. It's easy to hang with the ink lasting for years as it's premium and it's printed on quality cotton canvas. This set is certainly one of our personal favorites.