Space Saving Toddler Toys

Whether you're living in a small apartment or you want to keep the playroom tidy, then space-saving toddler toys are your best bet. Portable, multi-functional, or collapsible, these toys do not scrimp on fun and excitement. And the best part is that you can store them in a small cabinet, under the bed, or by the wall when not your young ones are done playing. With our designers' picks for space-saving toys for your toddlers, you can bid goodbye to clutter.


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Pop Up Teepee
Pop Up Teepee Made of fabric with a bamboo frame, this teepee is an ideal space-saving toy for toddlers. It's foldable and takes up minimal floor space when opened. Gray chevron pattern as an accent to the bright fabric colors.
Designer's Advice
Turn this teepee into a relaxing nook by placing an area rug inside or putting it on top of one. Add a few pillows and a knitted blanket so you can cozy up while sleeping or reading a book. However, it's not for outdoor use, as the material is not weather-resistant and the color will fade easily under direct sunlight.
Adjustable Easels
Adjustable Easels Nurture your little artist with this easel that includes large painting surfaces and comes with multiple storage compartments. Its height-adjustable feature assures you that you can use it for years to come. A great toddler space-saving toy.
Portable Scooter
Portable Scooter Zoom away with these space-saving toddler toys. This foldable scooter allows for the handlebars to be adjusted and is also equipped with a rear brake system for safety. Made of engineered plastic and fiberglass making it durable and comfortable to use.
Playful Area Rug
Playful Area Rug Play multiple games with this space-saving toy for toddlers. This area rug features hopscotch patterns as well as a street design, which your kids can use as a make-believe track for their toy cars and trucks.
Designer's Advice
A functional piece and a toy in one, this rug is perfect for the nursery or your kids' bedroom. Its low pile height is perfect for busy areas, but you can also place it atop a floor pad if you want something cushier. When not used for playing, place bean bags on top that match the rug's color palette.
Toy Hammock
Toy Hammock Store your kids' things with this fabric bag that can also be used as a hammock. A toddler space-saving toy, it is made of stretchable mesh. Hang it around and place loose toys while they're playing and declutter your floor.
Sensory Table
Sensory Table Engage your child's senses with this multi-activity table set that comes with two chairs. With seven activities to choose from, they can stay in one corner all day long. This space-saving toddlers' toy can also be used as a desk.
Designer's Advice
A great piece for the kids' playroom or in the corner of your home. One thing to note is that the table color is an indicator of the types of bricks that come with the set. So make sure that you check it out prior to purchasing. It's also compatible with Duplo LEGOs, but not with the regular ones.
Scooter with Foldable Seat
Scooter with Foldable Seat Sit or stand, this scooter can accommodate both. While it doesn't entirely fold, its adjustable bar makes it a great space-saving for toddlers, one they can use until they're older. Made of aluminum with wheels that light up.
Castle on the Go
Castle on the Go Indulge your kids' dreams of royalty with this foldable castle. The entire piece is hinged in the center and opens to a wider structure. Removable balconies, walkways, a functional drawbridge, turrets, and buttresses round up the experience.
Tunnel Surprise
Tunnel Surprise These space-saving toddler toys offer three play areas that can be stored in a small bag. It features a tent, a tunnel, and a ball pit with a hoop. Enjoy countless hours and then easily fold when they're done.
Designer's Advice
Perfect for setting up as an entire set in the living room where there's enough floor area. However, if you're living in a compact space, it's better to assemble the tunnel and pit together and place the tent in a different area. While the nylon material is durable, it's not recommended to have your pets play with this set.
Bring a Barn
Bring a Barn Build a barn with this toddler space-saving toy. Easy to carry around, it features a hinged barn house. It also comes with realistic farm animals, wooden corrals, and ladders that you can simply place inside the house after playing.