Space Saving Nightstand

A space-saving nightstand is a sensible addition to an overcrowded or compact bedroom. These smart storage pieces can hold all your bedside essentials without taking up too much space or obstructing movement. For maximum functionality, they feature drawers, shelves, cubbies, and even built-in lamps. From industrial-chic to urban-trendy, here are 10 styles of nightstands for every type of bedroom.


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An Industrial Chic Hanging Nightstand
An Industrial Chic Hanging Nightstand This wall-mounted nightstand is perfect for bedrooms with limited space. It has a convenient open design on top, a V-shaped shelf on the bottom, and a tabletop that flips up and down. Its frame is constructed of metal and wood.
Product Tips
We love this space-saving nightstand because of how much space it provides. The fold-down shelf is perfect for storage demands at night. Once you wake up, you can easily close the shelf for a cleaner look. For more permanent storage, it can accommodate books in the bottom half and lamps or other smaller objects on top. It has a beautiful design that resembles an ice cream cone when closed.
A Contemporary Wall Mounted Nightstand
A Contemporary Wall Mounted Nightstand This charcoal-ash nightstand is perfect for rooms with more wall space than floor space. It sits tall and holds books, lamps, alarm clocks, keys, remotes, phones, and other knick-knacks. It provides three storage shelving spaces in total.
Product Tips
Another one of our favorites is this neat trick of a nightstand that sits flush against the wall. Its open shelves are quite narrow compared to regular nightstands but do the job well. It requires some assembly, but it is relatively easy to figure out.
An Urban Trendy Hanging Nightstand
An Urban Trendy Hanging Nightstand We love the clean design and lighting feature on this nightstand. It has a high gloss front with a matte body available in three neutral colors. The stand features one shelf and will be the perfect addition to bedrooms that need a bit of spicing up!
Product Tips
This nightstand with lighting is the perfect solution in small and dark rooms. With its low-shelf lighting, it will be much easier to find what you're looking for under the stand. We also love the stylish glossy finish at the front, which adds personality to a monotonous room. This nightstand will work wonderfully with any bedroom decor.
A Multi Purpose Space Saving Nightstand
A Multi Purpose Space Saving Nightstand This round nightstand provides a lot of storage without taking up much space. It comes in two colors and features a shelf and a foldable fabric basket that can also be detached. The frame and body are constructed of iron and wood.
A Tall Nightstand with Floor Lamp
A Tall Nightstand with Floor Lamp Combine your lighting and storage solutions in one product with this nightstand! It features three wooden shelves and a lamp with an off-white shade at the top. The design is best for small bedrooms in a classic or traditional style.
An Eclectic Wall Mounted Nightstand
An Eclectic Wall Mounted Nightstand This fun, wall-mounted, space-saving nightstand goes perfectly in a modern-trendy bedroom with little space for extra furniture. It comes in five colors and features a drawer and a shelf. It is a practical nightstand with wood and metal construction that requires full assembly.
A Traditional Oak Wood Nightstand
A Traditional Oak Wood Nightstand This floating nightstand has a clean design that works well with rustic, classic, or Scandinavian decor. Its one drawer and one shelf will leave you lots of floor space and vertical space. It is a practical piece that can easily hold all your bedside essentials.
A Minimalistic Compact Nightstand
A Minimalistic Compact Nightstand This open-concept nightstand has a contemporary design that features two shelves. It is constructed out of manufactured wood and is a solid and durable product. The item is available in four color combinations and works well in rooms with modern decor styles.
A Mirrored Space Saving Nightstand
A Mirrored Space Saving Nightstand This is perfect for those looking to save floor space and reduce visual clutter in their bedroom. It is constructed of wood and mirror paneling, and it features a cabinet and a total of three shelves. It delivers a glamorous appeal to any room you put it in.
A Tall Compact Nightstand
A Tall Compact Nightstand This nightstand provides tons of storage options while occupying very little floor space. The minimalist stand sits flush against the wall and features four shelves, one cubbyhole, and two drawers. It is made out of wood and comes in two finishes.