Space-Saving Garage Bike Storage

As much as we all love a good bike ride, the space they hog when we're not riding them is significant. All of these clever space-saving bike storage ideas get your bike (or multiple bikes) off the floor, clearing much-needed space for other items in your garage. Even if you don't have a garage, some of these bike storage options will work well installed right by your front door. With hardware that makes bikes easy to remove and rehang, you'll gain back valuable real estate.


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Heavy duty Garage Bike Storage
Heavy duty Garage Bike Storage This heavy-duty bike storage hanger is made of a durable heavy metal material that can hold up to five bikes. Each hook can support up to  55 lbs. The removable hooks are specially designed for bikes with one short hook to hang cycling caps or bike gloves.
Product tips: If installing the bike rack into drywall, first attach a 2x4 or 2x6 to the frame studs beneath the drywall using 4" or 5" screws. Then attach the rack itself to the 2x4 or 2x6. If you want to use all five bike hooks, you'll need to hang one or two bikes by the rear tire as they won't all fit in the same direction.
Elegant Space Saving Bike Rack
Elegant Space Saving Bike Rack The contemporary design of this vertical bike rack features a non-slip rubber-coated bike hook that can be installed in minutes. Easy stud mounting is included with the necessary hardware for hanging. The unique hook design makes lifting and replacing the bike simple and quick.
Product tips: This bike hook system guarantees to securely hold any bike up to 40 lbs. For bikes tires over 2.5" thick, choose the Single Bike Wall Mount Rack for fat tires. Also available is a peel-and-stick tire rack track that lets you keep your wall scratch- and dirt-free. Mountain bike and road bike compatible.
Ceiling mounted Bike Storage
Ceiling mounted Bike Storage This ceiling mount bike hoist system lets you keep two bikes off the floor and out of the way. A hand-operated pulley systems help you lift and lower bikes weighing up to 50 lbs each. Comes with a safety locking mechanism.
Product tips: Suitable for ceilings up to 14' high, the set includes two mounts with 48' of rope each. Attach the rubber-coated hooks to the seat and handlebars of your bike without running the risk of accidental scratches. This ceiling mount bike hoist works perfectly for mountain and road bikes as well as Fat Tire bikes. The higher you reach on the rope, the more efficient your downward pulls will be.
Wall mounted Garage Bike Storage
Wall mounted Garage Bike Storage Designed as a horizontal wall mount for two bikes up to 65lbs each, this bike rack will keep your bike level and up off the ground. The padded arms protects your bikes' finishes and prevents scratching. A bike wall hanger includes hooks to accommodate small bike accessories, like helmets and gear.
Product tips: A integrated shelf provides useful storage for helmets, shoes and other bike accessories. The bike rack conveniently folds down flat when not in use. Easily installed in any wood mount, all mounting hardware is included. The rack is durable and finished in a powder coated steel. Bikes are intended to hung from the central cross bar, so this rack is not suitable for a traditional woman's bike.
Freestanding Bike Rack
Freestanding Bike Rack Made of high-quality powder-coated steel, this bike stand is perfect for holding up to three bicycles. While assembly is required, all screws are installed in advance. This ensures all parts of already in the correct position, making the job easy.
Product tips: The rack includes a top rack and wire mesh basket to hold sports gear and balls. Four removable hooks keep helmets and other bike accessories tidy, right by your bikes. An extra side rack holds baseball bats, rackets or ski equipment.  Each bike slot width is 4", suitable for most types of bicycles  Can even be left outdoor without damage to the rack.
Set of Two Garage Bike Storage Racks
Set of Two Garage Bike Storage Racks This set of two bike hangers features a movable hook that lets you adjust the length of the bike rack from 13.5" to 17.7". The angle can be adjusted from 0° to 360° to keep your bike horizontal and adapts to different bicycle frames.
Bike and Helmet Space Saving Gargage Racks
Bike and Helmet Space Saving Gargage Racks Store up to three bikes and three helmets with this durable, solid steel wall-mounted bike rack. Assembly takes only minutes and the hooks easily snap onto the rack for a customizable setup. The padded arms protect your bikes and prevent slipping.
Bicycle Storage Hanger Rack
Bicycle Storage Hanger Rack Staggered bike wheel hooks lets you hang up to five bikes without creating a tangle between each bike's handle bars. Made with a quality black metal frame, the total weight capacity is 165.3 lbs on this wall-mounted bicycle rack.
Adjustable Garage Bike Storage
Adjustable Garage Bike Storage This great little bike hanger has a padded hook to protect your bike's wheel. The hook safely folds flat to the wall when not in use. Mounting hardware is included and assembly is as easy as installing the two screws into a wall-mounted stud.
Wall mounted Bike Storage Rack with Shelf
Wall mounted Bike Storage Rack with Shelf Designed for installation in garages with 16" studs, this powder-coated steel rack can support up to four bikes. The 20" deep upper shelf creates extra storage. The rack can bear up to 500 lbs in total, including what the shelf holds.