Space Saving Couch

A space saving couch can give you extra sleeping space, storage space, or simply a smaller piece of furniture that takes up less room. Sleeper sofas and sofa beds are best in living rooms without coffee tables. Round couches or circular barrel chairs are terrific in the center of a room or in corners. From storage couches to simply small couches, our experts have put together a list of sofas that save space in your room.


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Space Saving Sleeper Sofa With Chaise
Space Saving Sleeper Sofa With Chaise This modern space-saving sofa had an L-shape with a chaise that can be moved to either side. It features stylish tufted cushions and straps for easy access to a storage area and a bed.
Designer Advice
This space-saving sofa gives you a place to store blankets and a place for guests to sleep. Because the chaise can be reversed it makes it easier to maintain the flow in living rooms. Also, since the backrest stays in the upright position you don't have to worry about your pillows falling to the floor.
Leather Space Saver Sleeper
Leather Space Saver Sleeper Resistant to fire with a square body style is this handsome sleeper couch. Take your pick between a warm caramel or a bright white tone that pairs well in contemporary homes.
Designer Advice
Space-saving couches made of leather are a great choice for people with small children because they are easy to clean. What's also great about this sofa is the cushions are attached which means you won't have to deal with them sliding around. However, leather is a crisper material which makes it stand out more than some people like.
Space Saving Barrel Chair
Space Saving Barrel Chair Swivel 360 degrees in this modern sofa chair. It is small yet mighty with its underneath storage space that can hold pillows, blankets, remotes, board games and so much more.
Backless Couch With Rolled Arms
Backless Couch With Rolled Arms Fitting for entryways, formals, or hallways is this couch with storage space. Its fabric is resistant to wrinkles and wear, and it comes in yellow, emerald, gray, and ivory.
Simplistic Space Efficient Couch
Simplistic Space Efficient Couch Although this sofa doesn't come with storage or spare beds, its size and shape make it a great space-saving sofa. It has cushions that can be removed and they are resistant to UV rays, water, and fading.
Convertible Couch With Trundle
Convertible Couch With Trundle This daybed has the appearance of a sofa and offers a sleeping spot just below where you sit. The trundle bed is removable which lets you DIY the spot below your couch for whatever you like, such as extra storage.
Space efficient Sofa Bed Loveseat
Space efficient Sofa Bed Loveseat Resistant to stains, this space-saving sofa can be pulled out to create a twin-sized bed for two. It features a tight back, rolled arms, and adds a minimalistic feel to your living room.
Colorful Space Saving Couch
Colorful Space Saving Couch Bright and vivid is this space-saving sofa with red, orange, and blue patches. Both its back and round arms can be placed flat to create a plush and comfortable bed.
Armless Cozy Sleeper Couch
Armless Cozy Sleeper Couch This comfortable design offers a place to sit and read a book or fall asleep watching a movie. The back is reinforced with a steel frame and the space-saving couch itself can be moved into five positions.
Designer Advice
This space-saving couch sits much lower to the ground than most couches giving you the illusion of taller ceilings and more space. Although it sits directly on the floor with lots of overhead space, it may come across as too laid back or lived in. However, some styles looking for a relaxed vibe will love this type of couch.
Space Saving Daybed With Drawers
Space Saving Daybed With Drawers This convertible couch gives you a place to store hard items like remotes or soft items like blankets. Its polyester and linen blend is soft which makes it a comfortable place to take afternoon naps.