Space Saving Bedroom Furniture

Large furniture in your room can make it seem smaller, but space saving bedroom furniture will prevent this and look great, too. Innovations like built-in drawers and other great space saving solutions all help to turn your bedroom into a cozy yet functional place. Storage isn't just under beds - drawers and bedside tables can store more than you would think. Our design experts have rounded up a selection of the best space saving bedroom furniture for you below.


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Rustic Space Saving Set
Rustic Space Saving Set Designed with natural wood grain color variation, this set comes with either a Queen or King size bed. A set of drawers with a mirror, a nightstand, a chest, and a bed with drawers and shelves are all included.
Designer advice: Full of stripped-back rustic charm, this set's light oak color scheme will match most existing décor schemes. It is affordably priced for the pieces you receive. We think it would match a a farmhouse-style décor scheme. Invest in some off-white or cream bedding with a plaid throw over the top for the ultimate cozy country look.
Modern Bedroom Furniture to Save Space
Modern Bedroom Furniture to Save Space Chic and sophisticated, this set includes a dresser with a mirror, a nightstand, and a bed with drawers. All pieces have dovetail joinery and melamine detailing. The clean lines and neutral gray shade will be easy to match with bedding and wallpaper.
White Space Saving Furniture
White Space Saving Furniture Including a bed, nightstand, and dresser, this set is white with subtle rhinestone accents. Crafted from solid and manufactured wood, it has plenty of differently-sized drawers throughout so you can stay organized.
Designer advice: The bright and airy vibe of this set is a good base for a coastal chic vibe. The paneled headboard adds to the theme, too. To create a seaside look even if you live in a city, opt for blue or seafoam green accents. If you don't want to commit to anything big, vases or decorative objects will look great, too.
Traditional Space Saving Furniture for Bedroom
Traditional Space Saving Furniture for Bedroom One for a traditionally decorated home, this set comes with a platform bed, dresser, and nightstand. All pieces are crafted from solid wood with a gorgeous cherry varnish. Additionally, a matching chest and mirror can be added to complete the look.
French Country Space Saving Bedroom Furniture
French Country Space Saving Bedroom Furniture This set comes with a platform bed, a dresser with a mirror, and a two-drawer nightstand. A chest can be added if you need more storage. Crafted from solid and engineered wood, the crown molding and crisp finish is classic farmhouse.
Designer advice: Contrast the charming antique white finish of this set with bright bedding. Electric blue or deep burgundy would look stunning and really make your bedroom stand out. Or, keep things simple and classy with pastels like lilac or pink. Popular farmhouse coastal colors include cream, light green, and baby blue, all of which would look light and fresh.
Rich Brown Space Saving Bedroom Furniture
Rich Brown Space Saving Bedroom Furniture You'll have everything you need with this furniture set -- a bed, two nightstands, and a dresser with a mirror. The headboard has built-in drawers and shelving, too. Constructed from solid wood, all drawers feature refined beveled edges.
Space Saving Furniture for Bedroom with Underbed Storage
Space Saving Furniture for Bedroom with Underbed Storage Understated in design, the underbed storage in this set will keep things tucked neatly out of the way. Additionally including a nightstand and chest, all pieces are made of manufactured wood with a matte white lacquer finish.
Glam Space Saving Bedroom Set
Glam Space Saving Bedroom Set You can choose from a King or Queen size bed with this bedroom set, which will dazzle and shimmer all day and night. It features a nightstand, dresser, and a bed, all of which have a unique mirrored finish.
Designer advice: As the furniture in this set is super glam, we recommend keeping things simple. Go for plain white bedding so the mirrored design stands out even more. Too much glitter or shine can make a room look tacky rather than classy. Or, go for gray if you want to match the paneled headboard and create a cohesive look.
Low Space Saving Bedroom Furniture
Low Space Saving Bedroom Furniture The footboard of this bed makes this dark gray set a modern and versatile option. Smaller than other sets, the matching nightstand and low profile make it a good choice for studio apartments or small bedrooms.
Elevated Space Saving Bedroom Set
Elevated Space Saving Bedroom Set Including a platform bed, a nightstand, and a chest of drawers, additional furniture items can be added to this set. Made of solid and manufactured wood, you can choose from four sizes for the bed and six color choices overall.
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Tips To Choose A Bedroom Set

A bedroom set is exactly what you need if you want to go from "a room with some furniture in" to "the cohesive bedroom of your dreams"! Practical and delightfully consistent when it comes to both materials and designs, these furniture sets can solve all your storage and décor problems in one go.

However, given the central role that they play, it's important to choose a bedroom set that helps you achieve the feel and style that you're after, matches your needs, and won't need to be replaced in a couple of years.

This is not the time to rest (yet)! Keep our tips in mind so that you can understand what you need before you start browsing.

Before we tell you all about the different types of bedroom sets, you should first figure out if you're happy to go for one of these all-in-one solutions or if you're still considering buying individual pieces instead.

Let us make things easier for you:

  • Bedroom sets are the best option to achieve a cohesive look, as each piece follows the same design and finish;

  • Choosing a bedroom set is much more practical and easier than going for individual pieces: instead of having to compare dozens of different beds and then do the same for bedstands, chests of drawers and dressers, you'll find everything in one place; once you've spotted a handful of bedroom sets that you can see yourself falling in love with, it'll be a breeze to compare their features;

  • Because you're buying them as a 'bundle', bedroom sets are usually much cheaper than purchasing each piece of furniture individually (always a plus!);

  • Not only you can find bedroom sets with different items to cater to any scenario, but you can often customize them even further: for example, by adding a second nightstand or two identical chests of drawers for extra storage.

Bedroom sets are available in lots of different combinations, which is particularly handy if you already happen to own a specific item or, on the contrary, don't really need one.

These are the most popular pieces of furniture that are usually included in a set:

  • Bed: the core of your bedroom, it'll be the first thing to grab your attention whenever you walk in, so make sure you find a stylish bed frame that you won't get tired of.

    They're mainly available in standard designs, more noticeable sleigh shapes, storage models, or majestic canopies;

    Design aside, you also need to choose between standard and platform bed frames: standard models with fewer slats are cheaper but require you to buy a box spring (or use the one you already own) as they aren't sturdy enough to directly support a mattress; platform beds can either consist of a solid base or a higher number of slats (with less than 2.5" between them), meaning that, although they're a bit more expensive, you won't need to purchase a separate box spring.

    Don't forget that most bedroom sets do not include a mattress: if you already own one, you should check the measurements to make sure they're compatible with the set that you like the look of;

  • Bedstands: most bedroom sets include one bedstand, but you can usually decide to add more.

    We recommend measuring the exact space where you're planning on placing your bed and bedstands and subtracting the length of the bed included in a specific set to know how much room you've got to play with.

    Stay on the small side, though, in order to allow some room in between them and avoid a cluttered feel.

  • Chest of drawers: this will be your main storage space or it could even be the only large drawer-based piece of furniture if you don't need a dresser (perhaps you already have a large mirror in the room or feel like a separate piece wouldn't leave you much space?).

    We recommend running a quick inventory of what you own so that you can figure out how many drawers you're going to need;

  • Dresser: this piece of furniture can give you some extra storage space or even steal the function of chests of drawers if you'd rather opt for a wider and shorter design that includes a mirror.

As well as what you personally like the look of, consider durability and practicality when choosing the material for your new bedroom set:

  • Thanks to its durability and versatility, wood is the best material for bedroom sets and it helps keep the entire room consistent; depending on its design, it can easily work with different styles, from the most traditional to the most modern rooms.

    Keep in mind that lighter wooden finishes are a handy choice for smaller rooms as they make them look bigger, whereas darker ones can help you make larger bedrooms feel cozier and add a conscious dramatic feel.

  • A metal bed frame is another sturdy and durable option which usually involves thinner and more streamlined shapes that might suit your taste better; they can also be a bit cheaper than most wooden models;

  • Upholstered elements are mainly included in bed frames, and are a more comfortable choice if you like to sit up to read or watch the TV before going to sleep; however, you can sometimesfind bedroom sets that include upholstered furniture, too.

    Upholstered sets might not be the best option if you've got mischievous pets, both because they collect hair and… aren't they just the perfect texture to gnaw at or scratch their claws?

  • Rarer but certainly attention-grabbing, wicker or rattan bedroom sets are a durable and eco-friendly option that allows you to create a relaxed and casual atmosphere while still showcasing your good taste in décor; however, do keep in mind that these sets require extra care.

While you can amplify it with details and decorative elements, your bedroom set will hold the most responsibility when it comes to defining a décor style!

Take the time to decide what type of décor you'd like to go for before choosing a bedroom set, so that you know exactly what to look for:

  • If you're after a modern feel, opt for sets that focus on functionality rather than grandiose elements and bed frames: look for simple, sleek shapes, light wood or upholstered features;

  • Darker wood, thin but long drawers, and furniture with outward-pointing legs are clear indicators of your love for the nostalgic atmosphere created by mid-Century modern décor;

  • For a clutter-free minimalist room, choose beds with less noticeable headboards, furniture with thinner shapes (especially when it comes to their legs), and simple designs without excessively decorative features;

  • Minimalist bedroom sets are perfect to achieve a Scandinavian feel, too, but try and stick to natural wood in lighter finishes and combine it to a natural color such as white, yellow, gray, dark blue or forest green;

  • If you're fascinated by quaint shabby chic elements, stick to white or light pastel colors, either as painted wood or upholstered elements; choose the most ornate bed frames and furniture with lots of decorative features, such as harmonious legs and precious drawer handles;

  • To give justice to the grandiosity of French country styles, look for tall and ornate bed frames (white or in clear colors), dressers that include oval mirrors with very decorative frames, or elegant upholstery; why not go the extra mile with a sumptuous canopy frame and drapey curtains?

  • Bare designs featuring wooden and metal elements and focusing on functionality rather than lots of decorative details are perfect for industrial décor; the most recognizable element would probably be a floor bed with a wooden platform but no legs;

  • Want to showcase your bohemian approach to life? Choose a bedroom set made of wood or wicker, but look for peculiar shapes, the most colorful details, quirky designs, or - why not? - a beautiful canopy.