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'The Living Room', the Wadi Rum Dream Camp, Jordan.
hot stuff
The Soft Sands Of Namibia
Bel On A Walk
Bel Doing Yoga In Venice
Haunted Namibia
Devil Bel
Hiking In Queenstown
Bel In Namibia
Paddleboard Yoga
Rose N’ Bel
Rainy Yoga In St. Mark’s Square
Left Side Warta Warka and the Methodical Process, Bishop Ca
There's a pool party at sunset - everyone mark your chair with a towel
“A friend to all is a friend to none.” ―Aristotle 🐈
“People had to find things to do while waiting to die.” ―Charles Bukowski 🌅
2014 - Skagway - Alaska Cruise - S.S. Legacy
20160416 - yard saleing - IMG_0720 - Applejack visits The Smurfs
20160416 - yard saleing - IMG_0718 - Applejack visits The Smurfs
20160416 - yard saleing - IMG_0712 - orbs & boxes
reiki monkey
20160416 - yard saleing - IMG_0715 - Applejack visits The Smurfs
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