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Visual Hunt
Portrait of wild bird
 Landscape with blue mountains and clouds
 Black and white image of horses running in dust
 Wolves on rock with full moon in background
 View of waterfalls
 Deer in meadow with forest around
 Portrait of tiger, view from above
 Stars in night sky admired by tourist on rock
 Portrait of white owl
 Portrait of tiger relaxing on sand
Black and white image of woman holding flowers
 Butterfly on purple flowers
 Portrait of little bird on white background
 Portrait of brown bear in forest
 Portrait of aggressive tiger on black background
 Portrait of squirrel in forest
 Lion and lioness in savannah
 Giraffe against sky and clouds
 Low angle view of seagulls in sky with clouds
 Leopard standing on dirt road and looking at camera
 Skull of deer on museum wall
Studio shot of orchid
Beach, Dry, Crust, Wild, Waves, Water, Spray
 Cat with lion’s shadow, BW
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