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 Man carrying books in belt
Young man sitting and working at desk
 Woman writing notes
 Laundry with washing machines and housewife’s legs
 Man looking at school building
 Black and white image of laundry’s interior
Woman sitting at table and using laptop with tea cup in background
Studio shot of young and beautiful woman smiling and working on laptop
 Portrait of cute young woman with hand on chin
 Young woman sitting at table with open book
 Black and white image of man examining muscles
 Portrait of teenage girl on white background
 Portrait of young woman with mobile phone
 Smiling woman working on computer
 Single word on black blackboard
 Portrait of woman reading book
 Man wearing gas mask on street
People, Child, School, Genius, Blackboard, Student
Read, Book, Boy, Child, Kid, Student, Think, Teen, Test
 Books, notebook and pen on table
Students, Hcmus, Girl, Student, Learning, Study
 Man sitting behind pile of books
 Woman working on laptop on wooden bench against brick wall
 Woman with laptop on sofa
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