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 Portrait of young smiling woman with hand on chin
Autumn, Decoration, Face, Fall, Funny, Gourd, Halloween
Baby, Child, Cute, Doll, Expression, Face, Girl, Kid
 Young smiling woman wearing Santa Claus hat and holding Christmas bauble
 Portrait of happy family with baby son
207/365 Pearly White Smile
Imploring ... " Traces of faces '
A joyous chat
Who does not Long for Your Smile, My Sun?.....
#6 ABANO TERME xt20 10-7-2018
In a world that often takes itself too seriously.
thank you for smoking
"U up to much cup ?"
Two little friends
keep smiling
Soaking up the last sunrise[Day337]*
Last Stub At The Herb Container
#6 ABANO TERME xt20 10-7-2018
Happy Day
First lilly of the season ... not an HDR
Amsterdam, Spiegelgracht - 2018
29. cabbages
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