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 Portrait of happy girl wearing bunny costume
Donald Duck, Disney Character, Sweet-Pea, Flowers
The Ice Crystal Rainbow (Not), Lee Vining Ca
Image from page 52 of "The poetic and dramatic works of Alfred lord Tennyson" (1899)
Into my soul's far Lake of Dreams.
Violet Girl
Chicken Wings
Face The Music
Image from page 12 of "The Lotus" (1904)
Come and Find Me
Day 22 - Silver Eyes
My mother, Violet Bryant. Third from the left. Circa 1930. "A long, long time ago, I can still remember how the music used to make me smile. "
"Once upon a midnight..."
Beautiful dreamer
Carifiesta 2011
Image from page 12 of "Little Tom" (1922)
Makeup project [ 5 / 7 ]
Ramboda - Violet Wildflower (Cosmos)
Carifiesta 2011
violet eyes
Image from page 113 of "Homespun verses" (1882)
Smile Levels
mac white pigment eyes portrait
Image from page 227 of "The Orange blossom" (1906)
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