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Young couple sitting on bench with dog and looking at bridge
Silhouette of friends jumping into sea
Friends sitting in cafe and drinking coffee
Female friends relaxing on bench in park
 Aerial view of friends relaxing on terrace
Female friends wearing earphones and listening to mobile phone
Young couple sitting on bench in park
 Three friends looking at mountains
 Friends sitting at wooden table in restaurant
Two teenage girls walking in meadow and picking flowers
 Senior friends playing cards in park, BW
 Human hand holding wineglass with red wine in restaurant
 Aerial view of students relaxing on terrace
restaurant person people hand
Girls holding hands and walking on bridge
Friends in pinky swear gesture
Woman in boots walking on railroad track
 Friends with hands clasped in room
Black and white image of DJ operating sound mixer
 Friends holding hands in garden, BW
Portrait of two female friends holding hands and walking on railroad track in evening
 Girlfriends sitting in meadow relaxing and using mobile phone
 Pair of lionesses in field
Girls, Young, Friends, Smiling, Happy, Face, People
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