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With the Advent of Winter Here's a Little Reminder of Autumn!
Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion Historic Park ~ Canandaigua NY ~ Yellow Floral Cluster
Heleniums Can Still Bring Colour and Beauty to a Late Summer Garden!
Toronto Ontario ~ Canada ~ Edwards Gardens ~ Botanical Garden ~  Hibiscus Rosa
It's Always a Pleasure to See a Rose in the Pink of Condition!
Yellow Hibiscus  -  Hibiscus jaune
If You Are Looking for Beauty, Go Into the Garden!
Wings, Lake Naivasha, Kenya
Dry lily seed pod - Gousse de lis séchée
Yellow Glassy Tiger (Parantica aspasia) - Entopia Butterfly Farm - Teluk Bahang, Penang Island, Malaysia - Feb 2020
Great White Pelicans, Lake Naivasha
Roll on Summer!
Falcate orangetips - yesterday!   (Anthocharis midea)
Wild Hibiscus - Hibiscus sauvage
Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion Historic Park ~ Canandaigua NY ~ Yellow Tulip
Yellow pond-lily - Nénuphar à fleur panachée
Yellow-billed cardinal - Geelsnavelkardinaal (Paroaria capitata) ...
Comment or Fave top Photo First - Victorian mansion was built for Carl G. A. Voigt in 1895  - Grand Rapids - Michigan -
Family of Four
The Galápagos Prickly Pear Cactus (Opuntia echios), the Charles Darwin Research Station, Isla Santa Cruz, the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador.
Up, Up and Away
enchanted forest
American Goldfinch
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