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Dog Poodle Images - Free Dog Poodle Photos

2007-01-20 Dogs Backlit 2
Behind the Photographer
Charlie the dog
NEADS: Dogs for Deaf and Disabled Americans/Canines for Combat Veterans
Poppy Boy
Image from page 42 of "Our domestic animals, their habits, intelligence and usefulness;" (1907)
Sunset Shadow
070916 walk to Rissne A
070916 walk to Rissne C
Yellow Poodle
070916 walk to Rissne B
Barbet at dog show
Bailey and Cowboy
Yellow Orange Spot  Wk1 007
june 18, 2006: (part 9)
Just a girl and her #poodle lost in thought.
My Little Flower Child
Image from page 160 of "The new book of the dog : a comprehensive natural history of British dogs and their foreign relatives, with chapters on law, breeding, kennel management, and veterinary treatment" (1911)
Mom Is Home!   19~52 Weeks For Dogs.
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