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When people say fashion, they often think of a leggy model sashaying down a ramp wearing some impossible sort of clothing design. That idea can apply to household furnishings, too. Pictures of fashion models, impossible stilettos, right alongside movie posters can really set the tone for a room. It can mean glitzing up ordinary items such as pet kennels or carriers, or even phone cases. But when it comes to a room, it refers to selecting furniture, drapes, accents and more that can reflect “fashion” in your home. Fashion also speaks of your taste in things.

Sunday Dress and Hat
POEME Blue Orange v6
The best project you'll ever work on is YOU...
POEME Blue Orange v2
Sotetsu 12000 Series_12101
Sundowner, the white Russian.
High Fashion Rose
Call Me Yosi
Flowering Musk Rose
Rye Old Fashioned [57/366]
Vanilla Bae Blue Orange v18
Brooklyn Bridge.
JR East E231-500 Series_A531
JR East E233 Series
40+291 Shopping
Fashionism @ Vanity Event
JR East E233-0 Series_T39
Retired. Old bulbs
2012-09-02 International Redhead Day 2012 - Internationale Roodharigen Dag 2012, Breda, Debora
Headdress for Chicklet Trashion Fashion Ensemble
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