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When people say fashion, they often think of a leggy model sashaying down a ramp wearing some impossible sort of clothing design. That idea can apply to household furnishings, too. Pictures of fashion models, impossible stilettos, right alongside movie posters can really set the tone for a room. It can mean glitzing up ordinary items such as pet kennels or carriers, or even phone cases. But when it comes to a room, it refers to selecting furniture, drapes, accents and more that can reflect “fashion” in your home. Fashion also speaks of your taste in things.

Young woman looking at view in snow
Model, Photography, Louise, Wilma, International, Young
 Blurred motion of woman by river
Businessmen in colorful socks
Silhouettes on the waterfront
tie watch cufflinks fashion
Girl, Hair, Long Hair, Beauty, Hairstyle, Dress, Style
Diamond on black background
 Human legs in vintage jeans
Black and white image of fashion model
 Portrait of red haired young woman outdoors
Businessman wearing bow tie and suspenders
 Businessman wearing waistcoat using mobile phone and holding cigar
Feet in boots jumping on rock
Portrait of young woman standing in snow
Girl, Young, Blue Eyes, Eyes, Look, Looking, Style
 Businessman using mobile phone and holding cigar
nature fashion person red
black jacket
Lipstick, Lips, Mirror, Girl, Make-Up, Female
Kleinburg Ontario - Canada - Hawthorne House - HIstorical House
week 37 - fashion
Daydream in Blue
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