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Ginger paws #1 - Mack style
Mack's whiskers
Over the rainbow -[ HMM ]-
A Happy Day!
"He's there, isn't he"
Winter weather
Plugs & Jacks-HMM!
Generational media
Football buddy
Have you been drinking muddy water?
Jimmy's happy progress report
One cool cat
a bit of rhythm...
the perfect breakfast
A study with veil [Explored]
The jello #4
First A Reading, Then Tea!
The clutter cluster that is my life
Office zombie
me and my shadow
Scrambled widely across this black board
Emerald Hot Spring, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA  Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
Every once in a while I take pictures when Sarah is shopping for obscure hardware in a computer warehouse store, wearing a tank top that shows off her super-heroes tattoos, and talking to me about our recent trip to Comic-Con….
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