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 British coins on white background
 Gold euro cent on white background
 Piles of coins – studio shot
Euro, 1, Coin, Currency, Europe, Money, Wealth
Gold, Wealth, Finance, Deposit, Bullion, Business, Bank
 Coins on white background
Rain came to W 32nd St
Snow melter
a lot full of lemons
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Everything was there for those who chose a different destination
All was in place at the river's edge
Janesville Wisconsin ~ Kent Block ~ Historic Buildings
Janesville Wisconsin ~ Fredendall Block ~ McVicar Bros ~ Helms Block
red and orange.
Lenses many; colors bright: promised shelter through the night
W Foshay
naboo starfighter completed
Skies over Schuykill
Janesville Wisconsin ~ Kent Block ~ Historic Building
Launch - paint
Louisville KY ~ Old Spaghetti Factory ~ Levy Building ~ Historical Building
Times Square 2015
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