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 Macaroni cakes and coffee disposable cup
 Tea box on table
 Two male goats fighting
 Boxers fighting on boxing ring
 Interior of ruined building
 Box with velvet inside
 Young woman in Santa Claus Hat holding Christmas gift
Kermit, Frog, Look Forward, Gummibärchen, Rubber Frogs
 Portrait of young woman wearing Santa Claus hat and holding gift
Box, Christmas, Claus, Cute, Female, Gift, Girl, Happy
Cookies, Box, Packing, Cup
 Speaker in concert hall
 Antiquities on flea market
 Hooded chair on sand
 Hooded chairs on beach
Hippo, Box, Toy, Shadow, Sunny, Black, White
Ruin, Box, Person, Human, Old
Coffer, Box, Packaging, Bracelet, Jewelry, Chaplet
Box, Throw Cans, Tin Can
 Close-up of gift wrapped in golden paper with ribbon
Coffer, Box, Packaging
Flea Market, Books, Box, Browse, Read, Title
Mack, Box, Fruit, Stamens, Red, Summer, Leaves, Green
Mailbox, Post, Mail, Letter, Box, Postal, Communication
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