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The timeless image of an apple never goes out of fashion. We'd say it's the most photogenic fruits. Maybe that's why it's the logo of the famous computer brand? Be it as it may, here you can download your fill of great, high-quality apple images. They are entirely free, so all that's left for you to do is to enjoy the amazing apple photos, taken from every possible perspective!

apple desk designer display
 Mobile phone on white table
Digital tablet on wooden table
Woman working on computer contemplating in office
Double Rainbow in Door County - Mark II
Craving for Spring
Roses are red....
Image from page 12 of "Little Tom" (1922)
What's in my bag
Colour mix
Jellyfish Medusa
Macarons de chez Carette (Trocadero)
Image from page 304 of "Keramic studio" (1899)
Image from page 98 of "Keramic studio" (1899)
Image from page 169 of "Keramic studio" (1899)
Image from page 262 of "Keramic studio" (1899)
crayons, sex, rock & roll
Image from page 41 of "Popular gardening and fruit growing; An illustrated periodical devoted to horticulture in all its branches" (1885)
“The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks.” ―Tennessee Williams 🌸
The small place we popped into for lunch
“Life is such a glorious trauma, is it not?” ―J.R. Ward 🌸
Caricature of Arthur Rimbaud drawn by Verlaine in 1872
―a different kind of golden hour 🌅
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