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 Golden sculpture of angel
 Wooden advent angels, selective focus
 Front view of sleeping angel, studio shot
 Studio shot of sleeping angel
 Portrait of baby girl in angel’s costume
Fountain, Angel, Water, Statue, Garden, Old, Greek
Christmas, Angel, Christmas Greeting, Golden
 Angel contemplating in park
Angel, Fig, Face, Christmas, Angel Figure, Decorative
Angel, Girl, The Act Of, Character, Portrait, Beauty
 Handmade decorations hanging on illuminated Christmas tree
Retail Store, Christmas, Angel, Fig
Cemetery, Tombstone, Mourning, Transience, Fog, Angel
Angel, Fig, Faith, Sculpture, Sleeping, Dreaming, Rest
Angel, Fig, Sculpture, Sleeping, Rest, Harmony
 Figurine of angel holding star against illuminated Christmas tree
 Portrait of beautiful young woman sitting on rock
Black Engel, Wing, Feather, Angel, Black
Angel, Commemorate, Needles, Cemetery, Memory, Mourning
Angel, Sculpture, Hope, Wing, Grave, Silent, Park
Lantern, Angel, Lighting, Candles, Candle, Light
 Handmade decorations on Christmas tree
 Beautiful young woman standing on rock with arm raised
Statue, Angel, Cemetery, Trees, Nature, Religion
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