Perfect Sleeping Solutions For Small Spaces

A small space undeniably calls for a clever bed solution. You're going to have to get creative with your limited space and choose multifunctional pieces of furniture that'll turn your cramped room into a neat and tidy zone.

That said, the bed takes up the most floor area among all the other bedroom furniture but it is also the most important part of any bedroom. So, you can't just get rid of your bed and call it a day.

If you're looking to transform your space from confined and cluttered to small but well-ordered, you may want to consider checking out these perfect sleeping solutions for small spaces!

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Sofa bed

Polyester Sofa Bed
Polyester Sofa Bed

Those living in small apartments and studios can never go wrong with a sofa and bed combo! Simply use it as a sitting area during the day and extend it into a comfortable bed at night. Plus, they make a great sleeping option for guests who can't sleep on air mattresses.

There are various types of sofa beds to choose from, including sleeper sofas, pull-out couches, daybeds, and much more. Moreover, you get to choose whether you're most comfortable with a twin, queen, or king-sized mattress. If storage space is also an issue, you can opt for a sofa bed with built-in storage. If you can't already tell, sofa beds have a lot to offer in terms of functionality, style, design, and comfort levels.

Murphy bed

Metal Manufactured Wood Murphy Bed
Metal Manufactured Wood Murphy Bed

Sofa beds are great, but murphy beds are even greater for those with a bit of room to spare. Murphy beds fold up and disappear inside a cabinet or closet whenever the bed is not needed, making them a favorable sleeping solution that saves a lot of floor space throughout the day. But there's more to murphy beds!

If you want to take your space-saving home design to the next level, consider getting a murphy bed with desk, shelves, storage cabinets, wardrobes, or even one with a built-in sofa. You'll have everything you could possibly need all in one unit! Although they're much more on the pricier side in comparison to sofa beds, they're definitely worth investing in if you want a multipurpose unit that'll last for years.

Captain's bed

Storage Platform Bed
Storage Platform Bed

Are you looking for a bed that provides ample storage space and doesn't require any set up before you can sleep on it? If so, you may want to add a captain's bed in your sleeping options.

Captain's beds, also known as storage beds, feature plenty of drawers underneath the mattress and sometimes include open shelves on the headboard. They have a compact design but are spacious enough to fit your bedding, clothes, accessories, and other miscellaneous items you want to keep within reach. Additionally, their storage space can serve as a dresser, meaning you can get rid of your dresser to maximize your area. Plus, these types of sleeping solutions have a clean and neat appearance that doesn't make the room look too cluttered.

Trundle bed

Platform Bed With Trundle
Platform Bed with Trundle

Trundle beds are extremely versatile and can be placed just about anywhere, from the bedroom and living room to the home office, lounge area, and more. Unlike sofa beds, you don't need to do any major conversion before getting into bed. All you have to do is pull out the trundle, and there you have it: a space-saving bed with two sleeping surfaces!

They're easy to use, are as comfortable as traditional beds, and come in handy when you have guests staying the night. Besides, if you don't want another person to sleep right next to you, you can always move the trundle somewhere else to create two separate beds.

Loft bed

Twin Loft Bed With Desk
Twin Loft Bed With Desk

Loft beds are a favorite of children of all ages and you can't blame them for liking a space-efficient sleeping solution. There is a wide selection of loft beds out there with some featuring a basic design while others come with dressers, desks, extra shelving, and much more. Loft beds allow you to make use of the room's height while maximizing floor space.

With this setup, your children will be able to keep all their school supplies, clothes, and arts and crafts in one place and have a comfortable and elevated bed to sleep on. What more could your kids ask for in their small bedroom?

Elevated bed for adults

Loft Bed For Adults
Loft Bed For Adults

Yes, adults can sleep in loft beds too and it's totally not childish because loft beds for adults look more sophisticated. You can access the elevated platform by a staircase or ladder and admire your uncluttered and spacious floor from above.

Elevated beds free up valuable floor space and let you use the area for something else, such as storage space, a workstation, or even a walk-in closet. These ingenious bed designs can solve most tiny house problems since they don't take up much room yet still manage to make space for everything you need right underneath your bed.

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