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Patio Door Stopper

If you enjoy popping out as frequently as you wish during the warmest months, having to open and close your patio door every single time can get a bit annoying. Maybe you just want to let some sunshine into your house, too. However, those unpredictable gusts of wind can be the nemesis of the delicate glass panels on your door.

That's why a patio door stopper can be a real life-changer!

Before grabbing the first model that tickles your fancy, don't forget to identify which type would actually work with the design and location of your door.

For example, when it comes to inward-swinging doors, weighted stoppers are one of the most popular options and they can even help you reinforce the theme or interior style of that room.

However, for outward-swinging models, you must consider the gap between the bottom part of the door and your patio floor. If it's minimal, most weighted patio door stoppers will still work. If there's a little step, though, you should only look for taller models.

Other options are magnetic door stoppers (for the lightest inward-swinging doors) and small latch-style models that you can manually secure to a piece mounted on the wall, either indoors or outdoors.

If you're particularly worried about some delicate pieces of furniture behind your inward-swinging door, a overhead door stop will save you a headache.

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Rooster Iron Weighted Floor Stop
No matter how tall the gap between your door and the floor is outside, we doubt it’s anything that this 24.75” high door stopper can’t take. It’s shaped like a beautiful rooster which allows it to complement rustic and farmhouse styles. Made of cast iron and featuring a practical handle, it’s reliable but incredibly easy to move around.
Old-Timey Iron Weighted Floor Stop
Weighing over a kilogram, this sturdy patio door stopper means that you really won’t have to worry about unforeseen weather circumstances and strong wind. Not only that, but it’s a delightful piece to complement several types of interiors (or exteriors, if your gap is less than 6.1”), from farmhouse to industrial and vintage.
Iron Wedge Floor Stop
A must for cat lovers, this adorable door stopper works for most inward-swinging models, making it look like the cat is scratching the door to ask you to take them outside (as they always do!). It’s reliable and made of iron but, because it ‘only’ weighs 1.2 lb, we don’t recommend it for the heaviest doors.
Cervantez Axel Wood Weighted Floor Stop
This rustic patio door stopper is truly unique: because it’s created using salvaged wood axles, each piece is literally one-of-a-kind. Its iron handle makes it easy to move around despite its average 17 lb weight. Honestly, there’s no chance of your door slamming itself shut, no matter how windy it is!
Lulu Decor, Cast Iron Fleur De Lis Door Stop, 2 Lbs, Door Stopper (Antique Brown)
Made of strong cast iron and shaped like an elegant, timeless fleur-de-lis, this 2 lbs patio door stop is a real treat for anyone who loves history or enjoys adding vintage pieces to their house. It’s available in black, brown or white, which means you can easily choose the right contrasting color to make it stand out against your door.
Magnetic Steel Baseboard Stop
For some magnetic magic, you could choose one of the 5 finishes of this clever patio door stopper. It consists of two separate pieces that conceal all screws to achieve a polished result. When you open the door all the way, the magnet will do its job. To be on the safe side, we only recommend it for lighter models.
Stainless Steel Overhead Stop
This patio door stopper is a game-changing solution for settings that include a delicate piece of furniture behind the door. Keeping it open and, at the same time, stopping it from hitting it, it’s a practical alternative that isn’t really that noticeable. It also works like two separate components at the same time. Smart!
Prime-Line Products J 4602 Door Floor Stop Holder, 2-1/8-Inch, Brushed Chrome
This patio door stopper is proof that, sometimes, the oldest and simplest mechanisms are the best. Consisting of two pieces that can be placed either indoors or outside, it has a latch that fits into the wall-mounted piece. No matter how windy it gets, your door will stay open and safe.
Stag Zinc Wedge Floor Stop
Looking like a majestic heirloom rather than a simple door stopper, this stag-shaped model is an elegant addition to showcase your taste in décor and attention to detail. It works particularly well in cottage-like, farmhouse and Scandinavian-inspired settings. Because it’s fairly small and lightweight compared to other options, we only recommend it for lighter, inward-swinging doors.
Squirrel Cast Iron Weighted Floor Stop
We seriously doubt you could find a cuter patio door stopper than this one. Shaped like a little squirrel actively trying to keep the door open (how kind!), this 7” tall cast iron model can work both indoors and outdoors. It weighs 2.6 lb, so it’s definitely a strong and reliable squirrel.
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