Modern Dog Crate

Long gone are the days when dogs had to call a wired and ugly-looking cube-shaped cage their place of refuge. Nowadays, you can find dog crates that are equally functional and stylish. Besides, any pet owner could benefit from a crate. Not only will a modern dog crate house train your furry family member and provide him/her with a safe sanctuary, but it'll also add a fun and unique twist to your home.

Just because there are plenty of dog crates with modern designs to choose from doesn't necessarily mean that any crate will do. A puppy who's still learning the ways of housetraining won't have the same crate as an older dog who needs to be confined when guests come over. Some crates include divider panels that allow you to adjust the crate as your little pup grows bigger. You may also stumble across models that don't feature doors at all, so your dog can walk in and out as they wish.

In addition to selecting the right features that suit you and your pooch's needs, you'll need to consider the crate's material. Wooden crates are usually more aesthetically pleasing and can double up as a piece of furniture that'll complement your home decor. However, they're a hassle to clean, can't be used outdoors, and are an easy target for scratching and chewing. Alternatively, metal crates are less appealing than other materials but are known to be the sturdiest of all. They're airy, portable, easy to clean, and come with a variety of features, such as covers and dividers. Some versions even collapse for storage! Despite that, metal may rust over the course of time and can damage your dog's teeth when chewed on.

Plastic crates are portable and lightweight, making them a top-notch choice for traveling pets. Moreover, they're fairly durable, convenient to clean, and have little visibility for timid dogs. One of the main downsides of plastic is its low airflow which could be a problem during the summer. Another less popular option is fabric, but it is much loved by smaller breeds. Soft crates made from fabric are lightweight and easy to store and transport. Nonetheless, these types of crates require more time and effort to clean.


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Wooden Dog Crate
Wooden Dog Crate Who says wooden crates can't look modern? This crate boasts a mid-century modern design that's versatile enough to be used as a side table. Not only is it attractive, but it also has all the main characteristics needed in a crate including, secure locks, a water-resistant interior, and mesh vents that provide proper ventilation and visibility.
Pet Crate with Wheels
Pet Crate with Wheels Perfect for larger furry buddies, this steel crate was built with durability in mind. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, isn't prone to corrosion, and offers ample space for your dog to comfortably lay down, stand, and turn around. What's more, this crate includes 4 casters for easy mobility and a pet-friendly surface finishing.
Double Wide Credenza Pet Crate
Double Wide Credenza Pet Crate Eye-catching, spacious, and functional, this dog crate has it all. It can keep your dog safe and secure while making a beautiful statement in your home. Made from Birchwood with metal bars for optimum visibility, this crate is designed to resist stains, odors, and rust. That said, this indoor kennel can only support up to 25 lbs.If you don't want your crate to resemble an actual crate, this 2-in-1 furniture will be your best bet. Its slatted walls provide excellent airflow and give off a contemporary flair that looks good in any room. But since it's constructed from pine and MDF, this wouldn't be an ideal choice for dogs who like to chew on wood.
Taupe Grey Pet Crate
Taupe Grey Pet Crate
Fiberglass Pet Crate
Fiberglass Pet Crate This fiberglass piece of furniture functions both as a dog crate and end table. Soft and comfortable, it consists of a microfiber cover on two sides and can fit a foam cushion for even more comfort. Its modernistic design also features a proper ventilation system and a removable door in case you want your doggy to roam around freely.
Portable Dog Crate
Portable Dog Crate You can now travel in style with your pet with this chic portable crate. Its innovative design can fold flat when not in use, has a lockable door that can be removed when not needed, and features rounded edges for your companion's safety and a built-in handle for extra convenience. Nevertheless, its weight limit is only 15 lbs.
Wicker Dog Crate
Wicker Dog Crate Treat your pup to a new fashionable haven with this wicker crate. Suitable for both dogs and cats weighing up to 20 lbs, it can give your pet the seclusion and comfort it needs for a good rest. This stylish cage is also travel-friendly, so you can conveniently carry your buddy to the vet or during outings.
Dark Espresso Pet Crate
Dark Espresso Pet Crate Those with limited space can also have a modern-looking crate in their home. Constructed from manufactured wood with laminate, this space-saving kennel can hold dogs weighing up to 75 lbs, doubles as a small table, and has a mesh on its front door for visibility, a non-skid base for stability, as well as increased ventilation for when you're not around.
Wooden Wire Dog Crate
Wooden Wire Dog Crate Simple but classy, this decorative dog crate gets the job done. Its sleek design covered in an Espresso finish looks like a piece of furniture and blends well with most home decors. It comes with double doors on the front and a single door on the side, comfy cushioning, and wired sides for more airflow.
Soft Sided Pet Crate
Soft Sided Pet Crate If you prefer a smoother crate for your pet, this soft-sided crate is a great pick. Its steel frames covered in denier nylon fabric ensure durability while its water-resistant mat and washable fleece pad facilitate the entire cleaning process. In addition, it includes zippered doors for easy access as well as pockets for your dog's toys and other accessories.