Leather Bean Bag Chair

A bean bag chair is an impressive addition to any rec room, living room, or kids' playroom. Not only are they great for kids to sit on while reading or playing video games, but even adults can appreciate these luxurious lounge chairs as an extra seat you can pull out when company comes over. Leather bean bag chairs are comfortable, versatile, and relatively easy to maintain as long as you treat them well. There is a simple way you can clean them without damaging the leather or faux leather to prevent visible wear.

Cleaning and Care Tips For Your Leather Bean Bag Chair

Cleaning and caring for your leather bean bag chair is essential to ensure long-lasting style and performance. This means following protocols for cleaning leather and faux leather, avoiding spills, cleaning up crumbs after eating, and other minor maintenance to keep the chair in mint condition.

When cleaning your chair, start by removing any debris in the crevices of the leather. This is especially important if your leather bean bag chair is in a recreation room or den in your home where you regularly eat. Always remove debris before wiping the chair to prevent scratches or marks on the leather from dragging the crumbs across it. Use the fine head attachment on your vacuum cleaner to suck up any food debris from the chair's seams and folds.

Next, dip a non-abrasive, clean cloth in warm water and wring it out so that it's not dripping before you move to the chair. Wipe down the chair's surface gently and then immediately wipe it dry with a clean, lint-free towel. Making this part of your weekly or bi-weekly cleaning ritual can prevent general wear and tear on the leather and remove any scuff marks that might've occurred.

Once a month apply a leather conditioning cream to keep the material soft and moisturized. Leather conditioner prevents the material from becoming brittle and cracking.

To maintain the appearance of your leather bean bag chair, also consider its placement. Avoid direct sunlight as UV rays can fade dyed leather in as little as six months. Sunshine also dries out the leather, making it prone to damage.

Leather bean bag chairs' upkeep is simple. Browse our list of top 10 favorite bean bag chairs for inspiration.


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Black Vinyl Bean Bag Chair
Black Vinyl Bean Bag Chair This classy black vinyl bean bag chair pairs well with leather armchairs and recliners in your family room. It has a child-proof closure so your little ones can't access the bead filling, but it can easily be refilled when necessary, so it doesn't lose its plushness. The large size is perfect for lounging in front of the television.
Nautical Blue Bean Bag Chair
Nautical Blue Bean Bag Chair Perfect for your child's playroom, this vibrant faux leather bean bag chair comes in six bold colors with subtle stitched details to brighten the space. The product is safe for kids to use thanks to the double-zippered child-proof closure so your little tikes can spend time in their rooms hanging out on these fun chairs.
Dew Drop Bean Bag Chair
Dew Drop Bean Bag Chair Available in over 16 colors and color combinations, this faux leather bean bag chair is a unique addition to any bedroom or living space. The upholstery is tear-resistant for a long-lasting seat that can stand up to kids, pets, and regular cleanings. This chair's dewdrop shape makes it taller than most, providing back support, so you sit comfortably for longer. This chair is Greenguard certified for child safety.
Loft Bean Bag Chair
Loft Bean Bag Chair The vinyl faux leather cover on this simple, black bean bag chair is easy to keep clean and blends easily with contemporary home decor. Perfect for an urban loft or even a modern office, this chair is filled with recycled polystyrene beads that are made in the USA. It also comes with a convenient handle at the top for easy portability so that you can take it from room to room.
Water Resistant Bean Bag Chair
Water Resistant Bean Bag Chair This faux leather bean bag chair is water-resistant for exceptional durability, making it safe to eat and drink on while you watch a movie or read a book. You can place it in a kids' room as well and feel at ease knowing the virgin polystyrene bead filling is secured by a child safety lock on the zipper. The item comes pre-filled, so it is ready to use straight out of the box.
Graphite Bean Bag Chair
Graphite Bean Bag Chair This chair's gorgeous aesthetic and supportive back make it ideal for an additional accent seat in your living room. Protected with a child-proof zipper, this bean bag chair is tear-resistant for longevity. It requires careful spot cleaning to maintain its high-quality appearance. The upholstery is available in two chic neutral colors: cognac and graphite.
Basketball Bean Bag Chair
Basketball Bean Bag Chair Children will love this bean bag chair's fun sports design making it a superb choice for your kids' playhouse or bedroom. Double-stitched with an overlapped seam and a double zipper with a child-proof safety lock, you can let your kids play confidently, knowing the contents of the chair are secure.
LipStick Red Bean Bag Chair
LipStick Red Bean Bag Chair This glossy bean bag chair has a retro appeal that adds character to any living space. The polystyrene beads are evenly dispersed inside this chair to provide a comfortable, supportive seat perfect for a games room or bedroom. This lounger should be spot cleaned with a warm, wet cloth and mild soap for best results.
Bean Bag Chair with Footstool
Bean Bag Chair with Footstool For a lounging spot in your office or in front of the television at home, consider this original lounge-style bean bag chair with a footstool. Comfortable yet sophisticated, you can unwind and lounge while maintaining a mature aesthetic in your space. It's also easy to maintain with a water-resistant removable cover.
Lime Bean Bag Chair
Lime Bean Bag Chair Add a splash of color to any space with this bold faux leather bean bag chair. Choose from lime green or sky blue and enjoy the comfort of a traditional bean bag chair with a higher back and more defined chair shape. The ultra-modern chair is stain- and water-resistant for easy maintenance. The cover is not removable, so the chair requires spot cleaning.