How To Style Your Bedroom In Patriotic Colors

Are you feeling celebratory and want to express your love for America in your own home? If yes, you've come to the right place!

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Although red, white, and blue are tricky colors to work with in a bedroom, the end result is, more often than not, whimsical and tasteful. There's no better way to celebrate your national pride than to style your bedroom in patriotic colors! This color combination never goes out of style and can turn any bedroom into a bold retreat full of character. It's no wonder more and more people are exploring this color palette!

If you want to get creative with these patriotic colors but don't want your bedroom to look over the top, check out these bedrooms with red, white, and blue bedding for patriotic inspiration.

Farmhouse design meets patriotic colors

Farmhouse Bedroom Design

This bedroom design is one proof that you don't have to turn your entire bedroom into red, white, and blue to pull off a patriotic look. Simply adding a soft splash of these colors in your bedding will suffice. Placing the bed in the center will turn it into the main focal point of the room, allowing you to get creative by mixing and matching patterns and colors without making the room seem excessive. The blues and whites on the bed as well as the neutral-toned furniture and walls balance the patterned red duvet and pillows, cooling off the room for a more mature and subtle ambiance. Besides incorporating patriotic colors in your bedsheets, you can switch up your headboard and choose a slipcover in a darker shade, such as Klein Midnight, for a more impactful result. Accent pieces such as the picture frames and vases in blue and white are finishing touches that were added to tie the room together.

Gray but equally effective

Rustic Bedroom Design

People often equate patriotic colors to be bold and energetic but that's not always the case. Just because you have a rustic bedroom doesn't mean you can't experiment with patriotic colors. Take this room for example. Rustic color palettes have a cooler and neutral hue to them, such as gray, and are often accompanied by deep and warm colors like red. This makes the perfect opportunity to flaunt your patriotism in a less peppy way. The rich red plaid duvet and pillows contrast magnificently with the gray wooden wall panels and throw pillows in various patterns. Although blue isn't present in the room, the varying shades of gray work as a great alternative that's more sophisticated. Since the room only showcases muted tones, the different motifs and textures on the bed don't look overwhelming at all. If you choose to go for a color scheme of gray and red, don't forget to alternate the gray tones to make up for the missing blues.

'Tis the season to be festive

Rustic Bedroom Design

Patriotic colors scream summer celebrations and holiday festivities! They can be used all year round for multiple occasions. This bedroom proves why patriotic colors are ideal for the holiday seasons when sprinkled with hints of green here and there. The plaid red and blue bedding coordinates well with the red and gray touches scattered throughout the room. The combination of muted and vivid colors is what creates visual interest in this room. Plus, the different wooden elements such as the bed frame and accent chair evoke a cozy and welcoming feeling that's perfect for the holidays. Take a note from this bedroom and incorporate a variety of textures and patterns for a warm and charming flair.

A refreshing atmosphere

Traditional Bedroom Design

If you want more color in your bedroom, you can draw inspiration from this unconventional and original bedroom. Red, white, and blue are classic choices for patriotic bedrooms, but the addition purple, gray, and yellow accents make the room appear even more cheery and playful. Soft purple walls set the scene for this eye-catching room. The red white and blue bedding isn't super vibrant yet adds a rich character to the setting without lookingtoo gaudy. Colorful accents in desaturated blue and yellow give the bedroom a lively feel and keep things interesting. Paired with geometric curtains and Pixley throw pillows, the patterns in the room don't feel too overbearing since they're all in similar shades. The floral tufted rug then ties the colors in the room together.

Patriotism at its finest

Coastal Bedroom Design

This bedroom gets straight to the point. They love America! To keep the bedroom cohesive in style with the bed linens and blues throughout the room, the wall is painted in the same shade of blue. The beds are placed on both sides with the drawer in the middle to create a refined and well-organized bedroom. As finishing touches, throw pillows with red details are added to complement the patriotic lamp and framed American flags above the beds.

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