Extra Wide Recliner

Recliners provide an extra touch of comfort in your living room, master bedroom, or anywhere in the home with enough space to accommodate them. They take up less space than a couch and fit nearly into corners, so they're versatile and allow easy repositioning if needed to accommodate other new furniture.

An extra wide recliner provides optimal comfort if you like taking afternoon naps or wrapping yourself in blankets while watching movies. Giving your family an additional seating option can make your family get-togethers even more relaxing.

Recliners are considered extra wide if their seats are large enough to allow someone to curl up in them. These recliners are often wide enough for two people to squeeze in, especially if the chair arms are low. The width of the seat itself also varies, but they typically exceed 30".

The overall width of these recliners varies from just under 50" wide to 58" or more, depending on the width of the arms. They are usually large enough to allow even tall adults to stretch out fully when the seat is fully reclined.

Leather and synthetic leather are popular choices for upholstering recliners since they are both comfortable and easy to clean. However, microfiber and polyester blends are also comfortable and offer a greater range of colors and patterns. The overall cushioning is just as important as the comfort of the fabric, so read the product details and make sure it has the desired padding thickness.

Look for at least 4" of seat and backrest padding for optimal comfort. You can also look for chairs with cooling memory foam instead of standard polyester padding to make it more comfortable for afternoon naps.

Recliners come with various armrest styles, affecting how well the piece blends with your current furniture. Rolled arms are ideal for traditional or country-style living rooms, while block or Paris club arms are perfect for modern homes with a clean-lined aesthetic. You can also find armrests with side pockets, cup holders, or internal storage for added functionality.

Recliners are either powered with an electric motor or rely on a manual lever to lean back. Manual recliners have springs and levers inside to make their operation as easy and safe as possible, but they still require more effort to operate than powered ones. Powered recliners are great for older adults but must be placed near a wall outlet.

The simple design of this manual recliner allows it to fit in well with any modern decor. The arm and backrests are well-padded with 100% polyester for maximum comfort even if you curl up while the chair is not reclined. Pair it with a patterned pillow or blanket for a pop of color and texture to match other upholstered furniture in the room.


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Rustic Gray Manual Recliner
Rustic Gray Manual Recliner This extra wide recliner is sleek and smooth at first glance while still offering maximum comfort thanks to the polyester upholstery and thick, high-resiliency foam cushions. It's available in both manual and powered versions to suit your budget and preferences. With a massive 34" seat, it's large enough for two people to fit comfortably.
Polyester Blend Recliner
Polyester Blend Recliner This is one of the softest extra wide recliners on the market, and its cozy brown and gray polyester fabric options make it especially inviting. The overstuffed headrest creates a pillow-like surface that is easy to fall asleep on. It only requires 3" of space behind it to recline, so it's perfect for small rooms or fitting into a corner.
Zero Gravity Recliner
Zero Gravity Recliner Unlike most manual recliners, this one has a push-button reclining feature that's easier to use than the traditional levers or push-back styles. The distressed faux leather is a durable polyester that gives the chair a timeless look without sacrificing comfort. The contrast stitching helps it fit well with retro-influenced modern living rooms or casual dens and game rooms.
Stallion Gray Recliner
Stallion Gray Recliner The gorgeous warm shades of brown in this chair make it the perfect finishing touch for sunny living rooms and transitional master bedrooms. It has a hardwood frame for optimal durability and easy-to-clean polyester blend upholstery. It's a fantastic choice for families since it's wide enough for kids and pets to join you while you relax.
Chocolate Brown Recliner
Chocolate Brown Recliner The gentle gray of this recliner makes it a great addition everywhere, from living rooms to nurseries. It has C3 pocketed coils, split back cushions, and a fully padded footrest for better support, even when you're sleeping or trying to soothe a tired baby. It is available in a 3-position manual variation or a power-operation model that offers infinite reclining positions.
Steel Polyester Recliner
Steel Polyester Recliner Quilted backs are popular on extra wide recliners and sofas because they provide visual interest and a pillow-like surface to rest on. This recliner has ample padding inside each quilted section for maximum comfort without crowding out the seating room. The frame features hardwood on all load-bearing areas and sinuous spring coils in the base for ample support.
Luxurious Recliner
Luxurious Recliner This extra wide recliner's high armrests and unique silhouette make it a little more difficult for two people to fit in, but it's still more than adequate for a single person. It looks much more refined than a traditional recliner, so it's perfect for elegant living rooms. The cool gel memory foam allows it to remain comfortable year-round.
White Power Wall Hugger Recliner
White Power Wall Hugger Recliner This extra wide recliner's two-tone upholstery makes it a stellar choice for retro-inspired living rooms and cozy dens. The arms are ultra-padded to make it a cozy spot for parents, pets, and kids alike. The manual version had three positions, but the power reclining version has infinite positions for improved comfort and flexibility.
Retro Mocha Recliner
Retro Mocha Recliner
Vintage Recliner
Vintage Recliner The tweed-like appearance of this soft chenille recliner gives it vintage charm without looking dated. The nailhead accents on the rolled arms provide gentle contrast and add to its subtle regal air. With individually-wrapped coils in the seat and a generously cushioned headrest on top, you'll find yourself falling asleep without even having to recline the seat.