8 Inspirations For A Dream Coastal Bedroom

Whether you live by the sea or dream of an oceanfront vacation home, now is the perfect time to create your own coastal bedroom. An ideal coastal bedroom pairs laidback colors with natural fabrics and materials. Every time you walk through the door, you'll be transported to long, lazy days by the beach.

Here, you'll find eight different tips for dream coastal bedroom designs, including advice on bedding types, wall color, and the use of natural components.

1. Modern Nautical

Modern Bedroom Design

The modern design might not be the first interior style you think of when considering coastal aesthetics; however, this design favors a straightforward color palette and clean-cut edges, making it perfect for a contemporary nautical twist on a coastal bedroom theme.

Paint your bedroom walls with soft gray paint to give it a simple, stylish modern look while maintaining a light, beachy feel. Because the modern style is all about simplicity and elegance, you'll need to be careful not to clutter up the room with quirky, eclectic furniture or outlandish colored fabrics.

Use navy and white bedding in a vertical pin-striped pattern for a clean, classic nautical look. Add a selection of matching navy pillows and a throw rug across the end of the bed. Carry the navy and white color scheme through the bedroom with thick striped lampshades and contrasting, layered curtains. 

Reflective accent pieces can help lighten the stark contrast between the white and navy color scheme. Choose mirrored bedside tables, a studded bedhead, and a mirror above your bed to create a bright, inviting space.

2. Country Coastal

Coastal Bedroom Design

For a country-inspired coastal design, embrace the color blue in every shade. Opt for blue-gray walls with contrasting white trim to highlight the warmth in the paint.

Gray or distressed floorboards complement lighter shades of blue well. If you haven't got a hardwood floor, invest in barn-doors for your closet. Oak and cedar furniture-pieces with a weathered white will also fit the natural beach aesthetic.

A high-pile white area rug adds texture to the room, while coral-inspired wall art in colors that coordinate with your bedding can help pull the room together.

3. Beachy Kids Room

Coastal Bedroom Design

A beach themed kids room is a great way to incorporate bold shapes and colors with whimsical under-the-sea motifs. A coastal style room also offers a timeless look that will grow along with your child, so you are less likely to need to  reinvest in new furnishings in the future.

To create a cozy coastal bedscape that is perfect for curling up with a bedtime story, try mismatched throw pillows in shades of blue and cream to match your navy and white bedding.Opt for pillows in a range of different sizes and patterns to create a look that is dynamic and fun.

A distressed wood bedside table and wooden wall art with a nautical theme complete the aesthetic and provides a vibrant contrast to shiplap wall panels and purposefully weathered hardwood flooring. Get a unique shabby chic bed frame made from wrought iron or brushed aluminum to fit with the room's color palette.

4. Seaside Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Design

Farmhouse style revels in finding a balance between personality and practicality. It's a design that favors natural, warm fabrics and weathered touches, making it well-suited to evoke a calm, coastal feel.

If you have wooden beams in your ceiling or within your bedroom walls, consider leaving them exposed to make your room feel like an old timber-framed farmstead. It will also introduce a striking natural element to your bedroom that you can enhance with an eye-catching wood and rope chandelier. 

Choose a matching set of bedside tables and a dresser in a darker color than your walls, which feature crown molding, turned legs, and antique hardware to add a touch of traditional charm to the space. An iron bed frame with design elements that coordinate with the furniture adds a metallic texture and old-World visual appeal.

Dress your bed in plain, unpatterned bedding to keep the look clean and crisp. Choose shades of navy and white, and fabrics such as linen, to give the bed a charming rumpled appearance.

5. Classic Nautical

Coastal Bedroom Design

Pull together traditional nautical elements, such as a ship's wheel, with rustic design features that pay homage to the natural world. This creates the foundation for an elegant classical nautical theme that never goes out of style.

Keep the look from appearing cluttered using symmetrical styling principles---pair matching black contemporary bedside tables with driftwood tables lamps and hang authentic reclaimed ship parts above. You can also lay some shells along your chest of drawers or hang an unconventional piece of driftwood up on your wall as a focal piece.

Using your bedding to continue the coastal theme with throw pillows that feature nautical motifs and a chic blanket at the end of the bed that has a delicate embroidered pattern.

6. Cozy Scandi Coastal

Coastal Bedroom Design

This design-type is all about simplicity---pair natural lighting with clean, white color palettes and restored natural components.

Bring upcycled wooden elements to your bedroom by installing a driftwood headboard or hanging reclaimed oars alongside wall art. Shells, rocks, and marine plants can be used as natural accents.

Complement the all-white walls and ceiling with some light, naturally-colored fabrics. Consider a gray or light blue rug, along with a worn, hand-knitted bed throw.

7. Luxury Hamptons Shoreline

Coastal Bedroom Design

This style pays homage to the renowned beach destination, making it the perfect inspiration for your dream coastal bedroom. The Hamptons color palette balances darker shades of blue and green with more light, breezy hues.

If you're decorating your bedroom in this style, embrace beach motifs and accessories. Hang framed pictures of the coast, or wall art styled from restored boat parts.

Hamptons-style bedrooms use layers of color and texture to create a plush, inviting space. Use white shiplap wall paneling, and place an expansive jute rug under the bed. Diaphanous white curtains add another element of texture and allow you to enjoy the coastal view.

8. Coastal Transitional

Coastal Bedroom Design

Transitional style pairs old-world design elements with contemporary clean lines to create a chic modern space with timeless appeal.

Use a rich, antique chest of drawers for storing your clothes to contrast a contemporary bed frame and bedside tables. Embrace a bold color palette for your bedroom textiles. Navy and white horizontal stripes, combined with beige or grey accent pillows provide a neutral foundation to add decor.

The Takeaway

When it comes to creating your dream coastal bedroom, there are plenty of design inspirations from which to choose. You could opt for a more traditional look, with rounded, rich colors and antique furniture, or go the Scandinavian route, with natural lighting and an emphasis on clean-cut simplicity.

Whatever design style you choose, you'll love creating a perfect coastal bedroom that evokes memories of long, lazy days by the sea.

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