7 Expert Tips To Choose Bathroom Accessories

If you're looking to accessorize your bathroom, this is a very wide category of products that can get overwhelming fairly quickly. So below, we'll outline some of the top types of bathroom accessories that can make your life easier. We'll also cover how to select a type of accessory that's right for you based on use and aesthetics.

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How to choose the best bathroom tray?

One of the most common bathroom accessories is a tray. These can either be smaller soap bar dishes or wider trays for multiple items. 

If you use a soap bar, a soap dish is a must in a bathroom. Ideally, the soap dish should have somewhat high edges to keep the soap bar in place. It should also have raised bars or some other type of draining method for allowing the moisture to drip off of the soap bar.

A multi-functional tray can be a great addition to a bathroom if you tend to wear jewelry that you need to take off while you're washing up. The tray will be the place you always put that ring, for instance, so you never lose it. Plus, the edges will keep your items in place.

However, multi-use trays can also make stylish places to organize toiletry items, like small bottles of soap or folded rags.

Brown Bamboo Freestanding Soap Dish
White Metal Wall Mount Soap Dish
Dark Gray Marble Freestanding Tray
Black Metal Steel Freestanding Tray
Gold Metal Freestanding Contemporary Tray
White Resin Stainless Steel Freestanding Tray

How to choose the best bathroom holders?

Most holders either come with one function or there are openings of various widths to accommodate multiple types of items

If you use multiple toothbrushes or multiple people have to keep track of their toothbrushes, choose a specific product for holding those toothbrushes. 

If you have many different toiletry items you like to have out for easy access, get a multi-use holder. These bathroom accessories can often hold toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss and other regularly used items.

Natural Wood Toothbrush And Tumbler Holder
White Plastic Freestanding Toothbrush Holder
White Plastic Toothbrush And Toothpaste Holder
Silver Metal Freestanding Tools Holder
White Plastic Toothbrush And Tumbler Holder
Bamboo Wood Freestanding Toothbrush Holder

What are the best soap dispenser types?

If you tend to burn through liquid hand soap, look into a pump soap dispenser. The best products are made to fit with common bathroom décor. For instance, they might have metal accents to go with the faucet and a white base that can fit with most brightly colored bathroom themes.

At any rate, a soap dispenser can look nicer than lone plastic bottles of soap with gaudy logos and imagery depicting the scent.

Metal Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser
Bamboo Wood Silver Lotion Dispenser
Black Glass Freestanding Soap Dispenser
Matte Resin Princess Soap Dispenser
White Resin Soap And Lotion Dispenser
White Marble Resin Tray Soap Dispenser

How to choose tissue box covers?

Modern tissue boxes have come a long way in having different stylish designs right on the cardboard. But a cardboard box is still a cheap-looking cardboard box, so a tissue box cover can give a more classy texture. 

The best tissue boxes will be in more durable materials, like metal, polished marble or dense acrylic. They are often in neutral colors to fit in with timeless and bright bathroom designs. The polished marble is a great choice if you are matching marble countertops.

Marble Freestanding Tissue Box Cover
Champagne Marble Tissue Box Cover
Polished Steel Metal Tissue Box Cover
Red Plastic Tissue Box Cover
Antique Black Wicker Tissue Box Cover
Wood Robot Freestanding Tissue Box Cover

How to choose bathroom storage containers?

You have a wide array of styles for storage containers when looking at bathroom accessories. The best ones have multiple compartments of different sizes for a wide variety of items, like cotton swabs or sponges. 

However, if you are thinking about storing one item, for example you would like to keep your cotton balls in a box instead of fishing them out of a bag, then a smaller container with one compartment will be a good option. Like the other accessories, these also tend to be neutral colors to match timeless bathroom styles.

Blue Porcelain Freestanding Storage Container
Brown Bamboo Freestanding Storage Container
Clear Plastic Freestanding Storage Container
Orange Genuine Leather Storage Container
Clear Plastic Cloud Storage Container
Plastic Clear Storage Container Set

When to choose bathroom accessories in sets?

It's also common to see accessory sets for sale. There are a few reasons you might want to look into accessory sets:

  • You are trying to create a uniform aesthetic in your bathroom. Accessory sets have matching items in them.
  • You have many different items to store. Perhaps you don't have a lot of cabinet space. That's where a set with a toothbrush holder, soap tray, soap dispenser and storage container can come in handy.
  • You want the added convenience and style of all the items that come in the set. For instance, there are sets that also have wastebaskets and tumblers included.

Different sets have a diverse selection of pieces included. So it pays to shop around for the set that has the perfect type of accessories you'll actually use. It doesn't pay to buy a set if you're not going to use two of the items.

Clear Glass Bathroom Accessory Set
Silver Resin Bathroom Accessory Set
Pure White Ceramic Bathroom Accessory Set
Dark Metal Bathroom Accessory Set
White Metal Bathroom Accessory Set
Gray Ceramic Bathroom Accessory Set

How to make sure bathroom accessories match a bathroom style?

As mentioned above, bathroom accessories are typically designed to be a classy addition to almost any bathroom space due to their neutral coloring and materials that match other elements in the bathroom, like marble countertops. However, outside of solid neutral designs, there are also some key styles that tend to fit into certain bathroom themes: 

  • Geometric color: These items have geometric texture like tiling or ribbed texture. Bold colors most often come in a shade of blue, as blue is a classic color to feature in a bathroom due to how soothing it is. 
  • Chrome: For a more upscale or modern look, a highly reflective chrome gives texture and sheen.
  • Ornamented accents: You can also find complicated borders or added textured flowers, which often give an old-world or romantic feel.
  • Marble: Any bathroom that makes use of natural textures, especially stone, will do well with marble accessories. 
  • Glass: Glass can give an open and sleek feel, making it good for modern bathroom spaces. Highly ornamented glass pieces look better in classic designs, however. 
  • Rustic textures: This category covers anything with a classic texture to it, like a wicker tissue box cover or a toothbrush holder with a hammered metal look. These styles look great in rustic, classic or country bathroom styles.
Ceramic Geometric Bathroom Accessory Set
Polished Chrome Metal Bathroom Accessory Set
Onyx Brown Marble Bathroom Accessory Set
Silver Glass Bathroom Accessory Set
Beige Resin Bathroom Accessory Set
Brown Ceramic Rustic Bathroom Accessory Set

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