6 Ways To Decorate Your Hallway Other Than Pictures

Hallways are usually uncared-for and are only seen as a dumping ground for dirty shoes and dripping umbrellas. Nevertheless, it's good to keep in mind that your hallway is the first area that everyone sees when they walk through your door. So, it never hurts to make an eye-catching first impression.

If you're tired of passing through your uninteresting hallway, you've come to the right place! It's time to make a change, an attractive one.

We've pulled together 6 ways to decorate your hallway other than pictures to give you all the inspiration you need to transform your hallway like never before. From original ideas such as adding a wall-mounted lantern hook to bold and practical revamps, we've got you covered!

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1. Paint, wallpapers, and all things jazzy

Before we begin with the exciting hall decor ideas, let's tackle the most significant decorating idea that instantly enhances a hallway's appearance: colorful walls. The best place to add a pop of color in your home is the hallway so don't be afraid to go all out! This step is optional but is strongly encouraged for a visually pleasing hallway full of personality. So, how do you pick the right color scheme for your hallway? If you're spicing up a dark hallway, opt for a neutral color scheme such as creamy colors, gray hues, or white, to boost natural light and make the area appear brighter and airier.

Sticking to neutrals may be enough for some, but if you're looking to add more character to your hallway, why not use two paint colors? Two-tone walls are a great option for when one color just won't do. Plus, they look extra chic. For the audacious homeowners out there, you may want to go for a darker shade, like dark green or burgundy, to create a riveting and rich hallway. If painting just isn't an option but you still want toadd color to your walls, create a captivating hallway with a backdrop of bold wallpapers. Stripes, vintage wall coverings, and botanical patterns are some examples of alluring designs that are perfect for dressing up boring walls.

2. Colorful accent features for neutral hallways

Neutral-toned walls and floors create the ultimate springboard to introduce as much color as you want through flowers, vases, and other decors and furniture you would find in a hallway. Get rid of the hallway's plainness and create a more dynamic atmosphere by injecting focal points in different shades. Not only does this fill the hallway with personality, but it also forms an inviting atmosphere that your guests won't forget about anytime soon.

3. Lanterns with wall mounted hooks

Are you a fan of gothic and Victorian decor? Or are you looking to give your hallway a makeover with an antique touch? If so, you definitely need a wall-mounted lantern hook! Lanterns with wall mounted hooks add a medieval vibe to the setting and are a great way to fill wall space, especially during Halloween. For a simple yet tasteful feature wall, place a console table or any other statement piece between two lanterns. These attention-grabbing accessories will give you and your guests an interesting talking point the minute they walk in your home!

4. Lighting as the centerpiece

Hallways often have the worst lighting but that doesn't mean they don't deserve statement lighting! Use this as an opportunity to add a charming lighting that'll serve as a unique focal point. From stunning modern pendants to glamorous chandeliers, there's plenty of lighting to choose from! Investing in a hallway lighting of quality will not only illuminate the area but also enhance its overall appeal!

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5. Mirrors to expand the space

You should by all means switch your gallery wall for a large mirror! Why, you ask? Well, mirrors are extremely handy accessories that bring more light into the small space and make it look bigger. They also double as a centerpiece on top of that! So, make room for a good-looking mirror, preferably a round one, and watch how it'll transform your hallway for the better.

6. Little touches that make a big difference

Since hallways don't offer much space for lots of furniture and decor, you'll have to be smart with your use of space. Certain items hardly take up any room yet can turn your hallway into a functional and stylish area for everyone to enjoy. Think storage benches, console tables, hooks, runner rugs, and lamps. Console tables are narrow yet provide enough room to store essentials and display decor items and accessories such as vases. Storage benches are useful for those in need of extra storage space. Plus, you can sit on it when putting on your shoes! Lastly, you can't forget about greenery for a welcoming and homey touch!

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