6 Expert Tips To Choose Audio Racks And Stands

Searching for appropriate audio racks and stands can be a chore. There is an almost ridiculous number of options on the market, with just as many features to choose from. We've put together this list of pro tips to help you save time and make a quick, informed and appropriate choice of an audio rack for your home.

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1. How big should my audio rack be?

One of your first considerations when purchasing an audio rack or stand should be around how many components, you'll be housing. Audio systems can get complicated very quickly, especially when they're paired with DVD players, line power conditioners, center channel speakers and the other components that go into a solid set up.

Most likely, you're not necessarily considering having everything set up in one location. Center channel speakers can get bulky, so having them on the top of your audio rack can sometimes be impossible. This is especially true if you were considering placing a flat-screen TV there.

Before you commit to an audio rack, we recommend developing a written plan of what elements will be housed on your rack and where they will be. Having a written plan can help you foresee some of the issues that might pop up when you're physically putting things together.

When constructing your plan, be sure to consider:

  • The size of each component and how they'll fit on shelves
  • The location of speakers and other audio elements that require cable connections
  • The appearance of your rack or stand and how it interacts with the room

The typical audio rack is around 24 inches across, 17 inches deep and 30 inches high, which puts it just about waist height for convenient access. The space on each shelf can be anywhere between 7-9 inches tall, which can house most audio receivers comfortably.

We recommend strongly against stacking multiple components on a single shelf. Most A/V components need some level of ventilation to dissipate heat and function normally and the shelf space available in the standard-sized audio rack is designed to accommodate this.

2. What style should I choose for my audio rack or stand?

Not all audio racks are designed for connections to speakers and complicated systems. Some are designed with DJs and record enthusiasts in mind. If you're enthusiastic about either of these, then we'd recommend choosing an audio rack that comes equipped with a turntable shelf, wire cutouts for cable management and some additional shelving or drawers that can help you store your discs, headphones and other items.

Blackwood finishes lend a modern touch to any room; it frames small, colorful CD and record cases well, so go for black if you'd like to highlight the aesthetic of your disc or record collection.

Petite audio cabinets with a wide base are a prime example of modern versatility and affordable aesthetic display. Flat screen TVs can be hung from the wall above the cabinet or placed on a standing base on top of it. Most audio cabinets are fully capable of supporting the weight of the average TV.

Natural wood grains do a good job of blending in with the color scheme of most rooms, so you won't need to worry about color matching too much. Grey and black wood finishes do better in minimalist or modern households that have white or black base tones. Wide base audio racks also do a marvelous job of showcasing a number of decorations, books and even family photographs.

Petite Audio Stand Cabinet in Brown
Modern Wall Mounted Audio Rack in White
Multi-Level Audio Rack
Norwood Stand Audio Rack in Black
Audio Stand Cabinet in Black
Small Audio Rack in Cherry Wood
Manufactured Wood Audio Tower in Brown
Wooden Wall Mounted Audio Rack in White
Solid and Manufactured Wood Audio Rack
Manufactured Wood with Metal Audio Rack
Solid and Manufactured Wood Multi-Level Audio Rack
Solid Wood Audio Cabinet in Yellow
Metal and Glass 4-Tier Audio Rack
Metal and Glass Tower Audio Rack
Metal and Glass Audio Rack in Grey
Metal and Glass Audio Rack in Silver
Modern Metal and Glass Audio Rack
Metal and Glass Tower Audio Rack in Black
Audio Rack in Walnut with Cable Management
AV Audio Rack with Cable Management
Audio Rack with Cable Management and Adjustable Shelves in Grey
AV Audio Rack in Black
Wooden Audio Rack with Cable Management
Record Player Stand Audio Cabinet

6. Which audio stand to choose when you have children or pets at home?

When making a choice in audio racks or stands, it's incredibly important to take your children or pets into consideration. Young children both face and pose a particular risk to your audio equipment. The same goes for your pets, especially young ones who are still getting used to house rules.

In fact, growing children and rowdy pets have a few things in common:

  • They are both full of energy and need places to spend it
  • They tend to put things in their mouths and touch things they shouldn't
  • They commonly bump into things that do better without bumping

All these things considered, you'll probably want to consider purchasing a completely enclosed audio stand if you have curious kids, rowdy pets or both. Enclosed stands are far easier to secure and childproof than open ones.

Some even come equipped with built-in locks for an added layer of security, but there's no need to panic if your model doesn't. Childproofing kits work well on the door handles for audio racks, which will keep both pets and children out.

If you haven't given much thought to cable management, now is the time to do so. As well designed as modern wiring is, they can still be an electrical hazard to kids and pets that grab onto them or bite them. Having an enclosed audio rack or stand, with cable management ports will allow you to keep lengthy cables well-hidden and out of sight, preventing them from becoming a hazard to your family.

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