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6 Expert Tips To Choose A Decorative Trunk

Decorative trunks are truly legacy furniture. They have been around in American homes since the eighteenth century. If you are considering buying one, bookmark this article.  Here, we provide an overview of the prevailing styles and the type of interiors that they will match. This guide will help you decide on the trunk most suitable for your home.

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Looking for trunk with a retro charm that will suit diverse settings?

Go for Traditional decorative trunks

They bring back the bygone glory of old-world craftsmanship of decorative trunks. Wood, such as teak, cedar, or oak is the timeless material for these trunks. They have deep carvings, intricate ivory or metal inlay, brass paneling on the edges or the body, and metal hardware for secure locks, handles, and latches. They are usually medium to deep-stained and crafted in the tradition of royal chests that have a balanced functional and decorative value.

The contemporary adaptations of these trunks find favor with both the classical and modern décors. This is because of their universal legacy across cultures, and undying human love for wooden furniture. For best room aesthetics, place them in the company of wood-textured vinyl flooring, cushioned sofa, and a cane or wood-paneled plant-holder.

Pine Solid Wood Traditional Vintage Trunk Set
Brown Manufactured Wood Traditional Vintage Trunk
Manufactured Wood Traditional Accent Trunk
Metal Manufactured Wood Traditional Vintage Trunk Set
Mocha Brown Manufactured Wood Traditional Vintage Trunk
Teak Manufactured Wood Traditional Vintage Trunk

Do you have a new-age interior?

Go for Modern Trunks

This is the breakaway group from the traditional range of trunks. Therefore, there is a predominant element of bold experimentation with materials and designs. Their characteristics:

  • Wide range of materials -- steel, iron, aluminum, leather or canvas lining on wood, tough vinyl, and plastic
  • Bold designs -- from fluorescent colors to graphics and paintings
  • Often created as sets of two or three trunks
  • Leather or metal reinforcement strips on edges
  • Metal hardware

You will love these modernist decorative trunks if you are a young, upwardly mobile urban citizen with a positive bias for the hip lifestyle. Décor additions will be the likes of wall graffiti, abstract painting, a bean bag, a telescope, a floor mattress, and plastic chairs. In general, a "den" rather than a conventional dwelling. 

Fabric Solid Wood Modern Trunk Set
White Durable Wood Modern Trunk
Black Metal Wood Modern Trunk
Copper Manufactured Wood Modern Accent Trunk
Clear Acrylic Modern Trunk Set
Matte White Metal Modern Trunk Set

Are you outgoing and adventurous at heart?

Go for Camp trunks

Big and burly, these "large-hearted" trunk style is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. Depending on where they are used, they will take in a lot of indoor storage or act as your dependable storage unit for road trips and expeditions. Having an extra-tough body of metal or wood, they often have leather or vinyl reinforcement on the exterior. This also enhances their cowboy looks. Other styling features:

  • Locking system and latches for outdoor safety
  • Bolted reinforcement on the edges and corners
  • Projected or recessed wheels for easy mobility
  • Heavy-duty hand-grips

Camp trunk styling is meant for the Southwestern cowboy culture, and homes with an inherent outdoors aura around them. In an indoors' context, do you have a heavy leather sofa, dark walls with a still-life painting or two, and a dimly-lit bar with a generous collection of vodka and rum? Then let the camp trunk be your perfect partner.

White Faux Leather Metal Wood Camp Trunk
Silver Metal Wood Camp Trunk
White Manufactured Wood Camp Trunk
Gray Solid Manufactured Wood Wheeled Camp Trunk
Mint Solid Manufactured Wood Wheeled Camp Trunk
Cherry Pink Fabric Wood Wheeled Camp Trunk

Looking for a trunk to match the urbane and sophisticated decor?

Go for Coffee-table style trunks

This style has an Italian influence on its design. These trunks can be best defined as strikingly simple and silently elegant. Often referred to as cabinets, they are placed as centerpieces of sitting arrangements or at the foot of the bed. They have three primary functions:

  • Cabinet storage
  • Coffee-table top
  • Blanket and linen storage

As the name suggests, they have multiple chests or cabinets for storage. They may have a fixed or hinged top with deep storage space. Made from cedar, oak, or other tough wood, they are deep-stained in a glossy or matte finish and have raised designs.

Being of attractive and modest character, coffee-table trunks will be useful in compact homes that need storage-cum-display cabinets. Functional furniture in light shades, a carpet, and a comfortable sofa or bed -- that's the desired imagery of interiors for coffee-table trunks.

Rattan Wicker Trunk Coffee Table With Storage
Wood Lift Top Trunk Coffee Table With Storage
Weathered Silver Metal Wood Trunk Coffee Table
Polyester Wood Lift Top Trunk Coffee Table
Mahogany Wood Trunk Coffee Table With Storage
Natural Wood Trunk Coffee Table With Storage
Brown Manufactured Wood Trunk Coffee Table
White Wood Trunk Coffee Table With Storage

Is your space small and smart?

Choose Cushion-top trunks

Imagine a cozy 1-bedroom apartment, a hostel, or a highway motel with limited sitting space, and then fit a cushion-top trunk in those spaces. You would score 10/10 for:

  • Smart storage
  • Space-saving
  • Comfortable sitting arrangement

These trunks are usually made from wood, manufactured wood, or medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Their cushions are usually made of memory foam and upholstered with faux leather or Polyvinylchloride (PVC)

Décor-wise, only the minimalist elements would match these trunks. Just a carpet to rest your feet, an adjoining sofa or a recliner chair. And a photo frame to break the monotony of blank walls.

Dark Gray Manufactured Wood Cushion Top Trunk Set
Cream Manufactured Wood Cushion Seater Trunk
Brown Wood Storage Cushion Top Trunk Bench
Brown Faux Leather Cushion Top Trunk
Bronze Metal Faux Leather Cushion Top Trunk Bench
Linen Wood Storage Cushion Top Trunk Bench

Looking for a trunk to store essentials?

Get an Entry-way Trunk

How many times has it happened to us that we are in a mad rush and we've forgotten where we placed the key-bunch? This dedicated style of trunks is thoughtfully designed to prevent such "mishaps." They will store the essentials such as keys, umbrella, footwear, caps and hats, and wayfarer cases that you need the moment you step out.

These trunks are usually made of wood. You will need a wide alley to place them so that it does not obstruct the entry-exit passage. Wall décor such as photo-frames and wall-hangings, will blend well with this trunk style.

Pine Wood Storage Entryway Trunk Bench
Mango Solid Wood Storage Entryway Trunk
Pure White Wood Entryway Trunk Bench
Smoke Gray Manufactured Wood Entryway Trunk Bench
Black Wood Storage Entryway Trunk Bench
Oiled Oak Manufactured Wood Entryway Trunk

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