6 Awesome Ways To Store Your Liquor At Home

It's that time of the year again when your home is cluttered with multiple bottles here and there. If only you had a stylish and practical way to store your liquor at home. But wait, we're here to help!

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Whether you're an alcohol enthusiast or simply enjoy having drinks from time to time, you need a designated space to store your liquor. We're not talking about refrigerators! We're talking about a storage space that's tasteful and gets the job done: a liquor cabinet. Better yet, households with underage children can lock their liquor cabinets to keep the bottles out of reach! A locking liquor cabinet keeps your liquor safe from unwanted visitors at all times so you don't have to worry about any potential problems!

Without further ado, here are 6 awesome ways to store your liquor at home!

1. A storage space that lets you explore the world

Globe Mini Bar

This unique piece keeps your favorite liquor within your grasp. It makes a wonderful addition for those who want to make an eye-catching statement and wow their guests! This Italian-style antique globe features impeccable detailselegantly carved hardwood legs, and looks right at home in traditional-style spaces. Place it next to your sofa to serve your drinks in style and tuck it in a corner when not in use. This way, your spirits will be safe from direct sunlight while still adding visual interest to the setting. UV rays affect the taste and aroma of liquor so make sure yours is kept in a cool area to preserve it for much longer. Besides its appealing design, it comes with a lower shelf for extra storage, caster wheels for easy portability, and above all, a safe spot to store your most-loved liquor and glassware.

2. A spacious yet compact solution

Bar Cabinet

Who says liquor cabinets only come in traditional designs? This attractive gray bar cabinet made of MDF and glass proves otherwise. It has a contemporary look that brings grandeur to the room, making it an ideal match for modern, contemporary, and luxury home aesthetics. But of course, you can mix and match different furniture styles for a refreshingly unique interior. This unit features classy mirrored-glass side panels, shelvingand a wine rack for multiple booze, and a lock to keep the little ones away. Plus, it'll store your liquor at room temperature to prevent them from oxidizing more quickly. To make this locking liquor cabinet even more sophisticated, add a glamorous vase on top!

3. A charming home for your beverages

If you're a fan of elements that bring coziness to a space, this delightful liquor cabinet is for you! Its distressed finish in blue and white adds a nice pop of color and works perfectly with rustic, vintage, shabby chic, and farmhouse decor. Decor pieces such as an elegant flower and candles are always a nice decorative touch! Moreover, this bar cabinet features an anti-tip kit to safely secure the unit in place, a roomy storage space that holds a decent amount of bottles and glasses, and a lock, which is always a plus! The taller section can be used to store larger bottles. Storing your whiskey upright is actually beneficial since the cork won't be able to mix into the liquid which often leads to disintegration.

4. An attractive focal point

Grey Bar Cabinet

This spacious liquor cabinet is the perfect solution for those with large alcohol collections. It keeps all your bottles and glassware organized and orderly which your guests will definitely envy! It includes 4 shelves in total for housing different kinds of beverages, 5 wine cubbies, and a wine rack that can hold up to 10 glasses. Besides, it makes an attractive centerpiece in modern settings.

5. A bar set for get-togethers

Glass Top Double Barrel Bar Set

Bar sets are undoubtedly a must-have for those who enjoy hosting gatherings! Your guests would surely relish this Viking-inspired bar set! It comes with 36 internal racks for each and every one of your bottles, 6 stools for your drinking buddies, and a glass top where you can admire your collection from above! Its natural wood design suits traditional homes best and can also make an alluring patio accessory during sunny days.

6. An aesthetically pleasing addition for you and your home

Wine Bar Cabinet

This graceful liquor cabinet will not only beautifully store your beverages, but also create a refined space in your home that is sure to attract eyes. It includes a wine/liquor cubby that can hold up to 14 bottles and 2 shelves for glassware and home bar accessories. When you're done drinking, you can simply close the doors to keep your liquors hidden. Your guests may not even be able to recognize that it's a bar cabinet! Finishing touches like a vase or a tray with a decanter and fine glasses make it even chicer.

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