5 Stylish Designs With Benchwright-Inspired Dining Tables

Do you have a Benchwright dining table or have your eye on one? If yes, you probably already know how practical and aesthetically pleasing these pieces of furniture are. They're simply the perfect addition for those who like to make a statement in their dining room!

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Benchwright dining tables come in all sorts of shapes, colors, and designs, making them ideal for a wide variety of home styles. So, whether you have a farmhouse, contemporary, or traditional dining room, you can always add a laid-back twist to the setting with these elegant tables.

If you're looking to transform your dining area into a sophisticated and pleasant space, you've come to the right place. Here, you'll find 5 stylish dining room designs with Benchwright extending dining tables.

Keeping things neutral and classy

Farmhouse Dining Room Design

This dining room displays a stunningcombination of wooden and metal elements in neutral hues while still sticking to its farmhouse theme. A gray Benchwright-inspired dining table sets the tone for this dining area while trendy pendant lights make an eye-catching statement above it. This versatile dining table pairs well with various chair designs, including industrial-style chairs. When designing a farmhouse dining room, don't be afraid to mix and match wooden and metallic accents for a chic and cozy space. Finishing touches, such as plants, an oriental rug, and simple decors throughout the room add more character to the dining room, turning the area into a welcomingspace for delicious meals.

Muted colors for extra coziness

Farmhouse Dining Room Design

Farmhouse dining rooms are all about being warm and snug. This dining room perfectly evokes those feelings! When weathered wood, vintage furnishings, and antique decors are combined, the result is always bound to be a comfy space. Vintage jar pendants light up a weathered round dining table with traditional slat back side chairs on top of a striped rug, creating a comfortable and enclosed atmosphere for an intimate dining experience. A rustic accent mirror and an étagère bookcase filled with modern farmhouse accessoriesbring dimension to the walls, act as a visual focus for visitors, and fills up an otherwise empty wall, making the room even more inviting. Take note from this étagère and stack your decors and books haphazardly to loosen up the room. Although this dining area features various design elements, the color palette mainly includes soft muted colors for a cohesive and extremely cozy look.

A different take on traditional design

Traditional Dining Room Design

Neutral colors and splashes of blue come into play gracefully in this dining room. A Benchwright extending dining table serves as the main focal point, which explains why the entire room features a lot of white tones. White walls make a great backdrop for the table's natural tones, letting it beautifully stick out from the rest of the room. A versatile light pendant is hung above the dining table and looks less formal than traditional chandeliers. A large rug and throw in the same color palette tie the room together while a variety of plants and blue decors bring warmth to the scene. The neutral color scheme, accompanied by natural textures, such as the white rattan armchairs and wicker storage baskets peeking through the sideboard, turns out to be visually appealing, but still at its traditional core. Consider balancing rattan accents and wooden components in your traditional dining room to keep the space natural and full of uniqueness.

A refreshing mix of classic and contemporary pieces

Traditional Dining Room Design

This elegant dining room features a clean-lined dining table and chairs covered in a beige linen fabric. These pieces of furniture are neither too traditional nor too modern and impeccably display a transition from old-fashioned designs to an updated aesthetic. A cupboard with decors in a cohesive color scheme, a picture frame set, and an area rug with intricate motifs all provide the dining area with more visual interest and take on a homey atmosphere. Sprinkles of green scattered throughout the room contrast against the light color palette and add welcome freshness to the setting. The Benchwright-inspired dining table is illuminated with a unique chandelier for a dash of distinction. A remarkable chandelier can make a neutral-toned dining room that much more captivating.

Industrial but warm

Industrial Dining Room Design

Industrial dining rooms don't always look cold and dark. Here, in a dining area grounded in industrial style, a rustic Benchwright-inspired dining table and soft sheepskin area rug keep the space warm and chic. It's common to mix and match different chairs, stools, and benches in industrial dining rooms. Metal dining chairs with clean lines give off an industrial vibe, while a wooden bench matches the dining table for an inviting and rustic feel. A classic dome pendant elevates the scene with rich texture and little yet charming details on the table and wall create a relaxed ambiance that puts guests at ease.

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