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5 Perfect Spots For Your Cordless Lamp At Home

We know the struggle: power outlets never seem to be located anywhere near the place you need them to be!

And sometimes, even when they are, having a lamp in that spot would result in an unaesthetic cable in the middle of the room.

Luckily, cordless lamps lit up the way to many more functional and decorative possibilities!

You can find lots of different cordless table lamps and battery operated table lamps on Foter and Visual Hunt, but make sure you consider your room's existing interior style before choosing one.

We also recommend opting for a color that stands out or contrasts against the closest wall, avoiding very similar shades.

But, before you can choose a lamp, you need to know where you're going to place it, right?

Here are five different spots for your cordless lamp that can brighten up the time you spend at home.

1. Place your cordless lamp on a shelf on the wall

Wall shelves and cordless lamps are a match made in heaven! After all, nothing better than using a shelf to add some light to that part of the wall and room, but who would want to see an ugly cord hanging down its back?

When placed onto wall shelves, cordless lamps offer an inspiring variety of styling possibilities:

  • For example, you can choose a smaller model that helps you shine a light onto a framed picture or some kind of decorative element;
  • You can also use cordless lamps as bookends to create a cozy shelf and highlight your love for literature at the same time;
  • Another idea is to choose a bigger lamp to turn it into the main focal point on that shelf or set of shelves. In that case, try and stick to smaller decorative items or plants to balance the final result.
Novelty Table Lamp

2. Use it on a small decorative table

Have you got a dimly-lit corner in your living room that, if you were to add a traditional lamp, would result in a long cable on the floor? Or a charming see-through table that would emphasize those tangles even more? Those are some of the best spots for your battery operated table lamp!

  • You can add it to that little decorative table or move it next to an armchair to turn it into an adorable reading nook;
  • This trick also works with any type of small table that you want to accent.

3. Bring some light to that desk in the middle of the room

Not all desks are attached to the wall and even those that are might not have a spare outlet nearby.

Once again, a cordless table lamp will save the (work) day:

  • A hanging pendant is still the best option for your main source of lighting above a large desk, but a cordless lamp can introduce an additional element of illumination;
  • Do you spend many hours staring at a screen? Then we recommend opting for a swing arm design that allows you to redirect the beam and maintain a working environment that's easy on your eyes.
Desk Lamp with USB

4. Have a safe lamp in your bathroom

You're lucky if you have more than one power outlet in your bathroom! Plus, even when you do, traditional lamps aren't a great idea. Dampness, water splashes, and electrical cables… not the best combo!

  • Cordless lamps, on the other hand, are a much safer option;
  • Ideal to create a relaxing atmosphere when you take a long bath or to have some extra lighting when applying your makeup;
  • In that case, opt for a cordless table lamp with a white lightbulb and a CRI of 90-100 (or more!), which ensures the best results for makeup application.

5. Create a magical ambiance by placing your cordless lamp on your patio table

Cordless lamps aren't just for your interiors. Uh-huh.

They can light up your garden and patio too, without ruining the whimsical atmosphere that a bright overhead light would spoil:

  • The best spot is obviously your patio table: whether you're reading a book by yourself or catching up with your guests over a drink, a cordless lamp can create a magical ambiance;
  • The lack of annoying power cords also means onefewer hazard to worry about, especially if you've got youngkids or pets running around;
  • Just like you would in your house, consider the style of your outdoor furniture to maintain a consistent look. In general, some popular designs for battery operated table lamps destined for patios are lantern-style models, those that mimic the effect of a real flame, and simple designs so that the focus stays on the light, especially when it gets dark.
Bottle Light Table Lamp

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