5 Expert Tips To Choose Security Lights And Flood Lights

"Security lights" is a broad term used for surveillance lighting, under which various types of lighting systems are available. Flood lights are one of these types. It is preferred by many homeowners because it covers a wide area with strong and uniform lighting.

However, other types of security lights are also available on the market. If you are thinking of installing security lights at home, it is important to know the available range.

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1. What Are the Types Of Security Lights?

Flood lights

They have a very strong, blinding light source that can span over 180^0^ area and spread up to 60 feet. The lighting is even, bright, and widely distributed; hence, they are the preferred type for home security.

Spot lights

On the other hand, these are focused light sources that brilliantly illuminate a limited area where the light band falls. They are ideal for selective lighting of objects such as the entry door or a wicket gate.

Wall packs

They are wall-mounted lights installed on the exterior walls, which light up the ground below the wall and its immediate surrounding area. They are useful to detect suspicious movements around exterior walls, doors, and windows.

Area lights (pole lights)

They are pole-mounted high-density lights installed at 1' to 2' height of pathways, vital to detect and show who entered or exited your home, and when.

With this tip, it would be clear to you that flood lights are the most versatile security lights because they cover a sweeping area with strong and even lighting. Convinced? Then let's check out the types of flood lights.

Outdoor Security Area Light with Motion Sensor
Long Area Light with Motion Sensor
Outdoor Security Flood Light
Outdoor Security Flood Light in Bronze
LED Solar Power Dusk-To-Dawn Wall Pack
White Wall Pack Light with Motion Sensor

2. What Are the Types of Flood Lights To Choose From?


They are usually twin-lights facing away from each other to offer maximum coverage. Mounted on a backplate and fitted with a pivot that enables a full range of movement. Having a bell-shaped body, these casings are made of electro-plated aluminum or steel to make them water and moisture-resistant. They are covered with reflector glass with a silver-coated inner surface for maximum amplification of light.

Wall-mounted designs are available in two types:

  • Standard type, which is a frills-free model that offers twin adjustable lamps fitted on a backplate.

  • Advanced designs with three light casings, one at the center and two on the sides. This design offers brighter coverage.

Wall mounted Security Flood Light with Motion Sensor
Wall Mounted Spot Light with Motion Sensor
Wall mounted Outdoor Security Spot Light in White
Wall mounted Security Flood Light in Black
Wall Mounted Big Outdoor Security Flood Light
Matte Black Wall Mounted Outdoor Security Flood Light


These are useful if you want additional security lighting coverage that supplements the wall-mounted lights. Examples:

  • Fit this single-lamp flood light on a tree-trunk to light up your patio that is not adequately covered by the wall-mounted lights

  • Illuminate the shadow areas separately with these lights

Single Area Light in Black
Outdoor Security Single Flood Light with Motion Sensor
Single LED Outdoor Security Flood Light in White
Single LED Outdoor Security Flood Light in Black
Single Outdoor Security Flood Light in Black

Lampshade type

These are single-source flood lights with a decorative glass or aluminum covering rather than the regular bell-shaped casing. They have greater aesthetic value. However, glass is more susceptible to damage and breakage in an outdoor environment.

Dusk-to-dawn lights

The wonders of modern technology enable these security lights to turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn automatically. You get these twin-benefits with these lights:

  • Energy conserving - they are used only for about eight hours

  • Saves you the effort to remember to turn on and turn off the lights manually

Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Security Flood Light
White Dusk to Dawn Spot Light with Motion Sensor
Dusk to Dawn Area Light
Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Security Area Light
Dusk to Dawn Battery Operated Security Spot Light
Dusk to Dawn Battery Powered Security Spot Light

3. What Are the Features To Check Out When Choosing Security Lights?

  • Water-proof body. Whichever design you are considering, ensure that its different parts - the casing, the backplate, and the glass are assembled and sealed to make the entire body water-proof. Water seepage can lead to electrical short circuits and fires.

  • Lamps. Although conventional fluorescent lamps are still in circulation, most manufacturers have switched to LED lamps. Prefer a design with LED lights for these benefits:

    • Long-lasting. This is a key benefit of LED lights. As compared with around 30,000 hours' life of a fluorescent lamp, an LED lamp lasts for over 50,000 hours.
    • More light per wattage. A 6-watt LED lamp produces light equivalent to a 40-watt incandescent lamp.
    • Energy-efficient. LED lights can turn about 70% of energy into light, while conventional lights waste a lot of energy by way of heat generation.
    • High-intensity light output (lumen). A 40-watt incandescent bulb produces 450 lumens of light, as against the brilliant 4,000-lumen output of a LED light of the same wattage.

  • Bottomline: Check if the flood light you have shortlisted, has the optimum 30W-34W LED lights.

  • Motion sensors - They will help detect movement in a specified area around the security lights, with auto turn-on and turn-off technology.

  • Light intensity - The optimum intensity of LED security flood lights is 700-1300 lumens.

  • Light distribution - 180° coverage is ideal.

  • Range of illumination - Choose the range of illumination depending upon your backyard or front-yard dimension. The standard range is between 10' and 60'.

  • After-sale service and warranty - Reputed manufacturers offer up to 50,000 hours' service, with add-ons such as lifetime customer service. A 5-year warranty is the industry standard.

LED Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Security Flood Light
Wet Location Buller Outdoor Security Spot Light
Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Flood Light with Motion Sensor and Camera
LED Outdoor Security Flood Light with Motion Sensor
Security Wall Pack with Motion Sensor and Camera
Standard Outdoor Security Flood Light

4. Which Are the Materials and Finishes, and Which One Is Right For Me?

Aluminum and steel casings and aluminum, steel, or ABS plastic for backplates are the usual materials. Glass covers are also used in decorative models.

Electro-plating and powder-coating are the standard finishes, available in many colors. These finishes ensure rust and corrosion-resistance in outdoor environments, and also offer scratch-resistance.

Think of these color-combinations for your home:

  • White or ivory for exterior walls in the white and yellow families of colors. They will require frequent cleaning, though.

  • Black and dark-colored lights for both light and dark-colored walls. Avoid this finish if you live in a warm environment because they absorb heat.

  • Neutral colors for dark walls for a good contrast.

5. Which Are the Standards and Certifications to Check?

Energy Star. This famous label ensures that your security lights are energy-efficient.

UL Certificate. It is a reputed safety and performance certification issued by Underwriter Laboratories, a centurion third-party certification agency that has been around in the US since 1894.

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