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5 Expert Tips To Choose Kitchen Canisters & Jars

A fully-stocked and organized pantry featuring lots of matching kitchen canisters & jars is one of the most aesthetically-pleasing sights at home!

While it might seem like a trivial purchase, these containers will allow you to safely store your food for years and (why not?) turn them into bold, decorative elements: don't buy them randomly! Here are some things to consider when choosing kitchen canisters & jars.

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1. What type of kitchen canisters & jars do I need?

  • See-through canisters are best for items that you need to keep track of regularly (such as pasta), or if you're planning on keeping them behind closed cupboards;

  • Opaque canisters can add an element of color and help you protect the most delicate goods (such as coffee beans) from oxidation; a wiser choice if you have open cupboards or are planning on leaving them on your countertop;

  • Space-optimizing square or rectangular options that you can easily stack on top of each other are perfect if you haven't got a lot of room in your cupboard;

  • Smaller jars (especially with measurements on the side) are a practical choice if you're looking for containers to refill at your local zero-waste store;

  • Look for items with airtight seals for the most delicate goods.

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4. What's the best material for kitchen canisters & jars?


  • Glass is one of the most popular options for both: thanks to its see-through property, it makes it easy to keep track of your stock;

  • It's usually dishwasher-safe and, while perfect to convey a classic feel, it can easily work well in modern kitchens too (just choose sleek shapes and less ornate lids);

  • However, it won't protect your food from oxidation, so you shouldn't store delicate items in it;


  • Still potentially see-through but lighter and less fragile, plastic is a cheaper and usually dishwasher-safe alternative;

  • Although it's rather durable, it could absorb your food's odors over time, and you must always make sure that it's BPA-free;

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  • Ceramic canisters do a fantastic job at preserving your food for longer and conveying a traditional or retro feel;

  • They're usually available in white or light colors and a variety of designs, including more ornate options;

  • Double-check whether or not a specific model is dishwasher-safe, and keep in mind that even the most durable ceramic canisters can get chipped if not handled gently;


  • If you're mainly after a robust and durable option (perhaps you have some clumsy kids around?), go for metal!

  • Available in lots of colors, it's a breeze to match the style of your kitchen, or you can opt for plain stainless steel if you're going for an industrial décor;

  • They may or may not be dishwasher-safe;

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  • Wood is a rarer and more expensive alternative that must be hand-cleaned, but it could be the right match if you're after natural or Scandinavian-inspired containers;

  • Alternatively, look for canisters in other materials but with a wooden lid.

5. How do I style kitchen canisters & jars?

Open shelves and kitchen counters are ideal to turn your containers into conscious decorative elements:

  • Consider going for the accent color in the room's palette when you choose kitchen canisters & jars: this will allow you to maintain a cohesive feel while still letting them stand out;

  • Combining containers of different heights (the tallest one at the back, the middle one slightly on the side, and the smallest on the front) results in a pleasant decorative statement.

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