5 Expert Tips To Choose A Washer And Dryer Set

Purchase of white goods calls for a long-term capital expense. That is why you need to undertake thorough research before making a choice. If you are about to shop for a new washer and dryer, we recommend that you get them in a set. Let's find out why washer and dryer sets are a good investment.

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Why Should I Go for a Washer and Dryer Set?

First of all, let's see why you should get a washer and a dryer rather than just the washer.

If you've lived in a flat without a dryer for some time, you might be familiar with a picture of your laundry hanging on a drying rack for ages and not drying quickly enough due to the moisture and lack of sun in your room. To get rid of this picture from your memory, you should get a dryer as well as a washer. With a washer and dryer set, you will:

  • Save the space needed to dry the laundry. This is of vital importance in the urban context where homes are compact.
  • And from the hygiene standpoint, you will avoid the indoor moisture and stink generated by the clothes hung on the clothesline.

Now you know you want a dryer as well as a washer, you might be choosing between a washer and dryer set and a combo. Here is why we think you should choose a set over a combo:

  • You can run multiple laundry loads quickly by operating both the washer and dryer together.
  • In case of irreparable breakdown, you can replace the damaged unit and not the entire combo unit.
  • You will dry the laundry more quickly than in combo units.
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White Front Load Washer And Electric Dryer

Which Are the Features to Check Out in a Washer and Dryer Set?

We recommend you look for these features:

  • Quick-wash. This feature has multiple benefits:

    • Caters to laundry emergencies and gives you fresh, clean clothes to wear within no time
    • Quickly refreshes clothes that are not too soiled
    • Shorter laundry cycles that save time and energy
  • Extra rinse that will clear the access detergent

  • Extended spin. It does more than the conventional extra spin to rinse water out of heavy laundries such as towels and comforters. Advanced models offer spin-cycles of up to 1800 revolutions per minute (RPM) that drains most of the water from clothes. This makes them easier and faster to dry and saves electricity due to shorter drying time.

  • Temperature setting, which will automatically decide the hot and cold water mix. This will wash clothes more efficiently and also save energy because you optimize hot water usage.

  • Sensors to look for:

    • Water level sensor, which will let in water as per the machine load. It saves significant water.
    • Moisture sensor, which will gauge the moisture content in clothes and adjust the drying cycle accordingly.
    • Weight sensor that will decide the laundry time based upon the load factor.
  • Steam dryer, so that your clothes don't have wrinkles. This will save time and electricity spent on ironing clothes.

  • Interior dryer light ensures that you empty the entire load without leaving that tiny sock in the dryer.

  • Automatic tumble: You will not always be around when the laundry is done, so this feature continues to tumble the clothes periodically until you unload the machine. This prevents the stale-wash odor in clothes and does not let wrinkles form on them

If you are considering high-end models, look for these features:

  • Wi-Fi compatibility
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • App-based monitoring
  • Voice-control through Alexa
  • Reload feature that allows you to add laundry during a wash-cycle. This is usually done by inserting the clothes from an emergency window.
  • Intelligent washing. The machine's microchip remembers your settings and automatically sets wash-cycles accordingly.

While on the subject of features, remember, they can be overwhelming and nudge you to choose a "feature-rich" model whose benefits are not relevant to your needs. For example, you will not need a high-end voice-control model if you live in a compact urban apartment since physical accessibility is not a problem. The trick to avoiding overspending is, prepare a list of your requirements before you start browsing models. This will give you pre-purchase clarity.

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What Are the Sizes and Capacities of Washers and Dryers?

While the sizes refer to the washer and dryer's dimensions, the capacities refer to the washing load they can take at a time. This is measured in cubic feet (cu. ft.). For a general guideline, these are the cu. ft. weights of some clothes (1 cu. ft. = 62.427 lbs).

  • T-shirt: 0.5 lbs
  • Jeans: 1.6 lbs
  • Bath towel: 1.6 lbs
  • Bedsheet: 1.3 lbs

Let's look at three sets of specifications below:

Compact models

Washer dimensions: 33. 45"H X 23.6"W X 27.10"D

Washer capacity: 2.2 cu. ft.

Dryer dimensions: 33.45"H X 23.6W X 25.6"D

Dryer capacity: 4 cu. ft.

Combined weight: 257 lbs.

These are ideal for two types of users:

  • Singles and live-in couples
  • Nuclear families

Mid-sized (standard-sized)

Washer dimensions: 38.75"H X 27"W X 31.35"D

Washer capacity: 4.5 cu. ft.

Dryer dimensions: 38.75"H X 27"W X 31.5"D

Dryer capacity: 7.5 cu. ft.

Combined weight: 200.5 lbs.

These models are for 2-generation families with 4 members. If you can handle multiple laundry cycles per week, it can also serve 3-generation families of 6 members.

Please note: Most of the stackable washers and dryers fall under this category.


Washer dimensions: 46.10"H X 27"W X 34"D

Washer capacity: 6 cu. ft.

Dryer dimensions: 46.10"H X 27"W X 32.5"D

Dryer capacity: 7.5 cu. ft.

Combined weight: 308 lbs.

These sets of washers and dryers are for large families with extra-large laundry requirements. They can easily clean king-sized comforters, multiple jackets, and more in one laundry cycle. 

Illustrative use-case: You may be an upwardly mobile couple needing presentable office-wear, and have two hyperactive children who need daily laundry for school uniform, active-wear, and activity-wear. Add to this senior parents' needs, and you can't do without a large-sized washer and dryer.

This model also suits small communities such as hostel rooms with 2-3 occupants, students' rentals, small motels and boarding houses, and the like.

Regardless of the model and capacity you choose, please ensure that you operate laundry cycles on full load. Half-empty loads not only waste time, water, and energy, but they also increase the wear-and-tear of the machines.

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White Laundry Center Washer And Dryer Combo

Which Washer and Dryer Orientations Should I go for?

You can purchase either a stackable set or one that is arranged side-by-side.

Stackable arrangement

The apparent advantage is space-saving. These sets are ideal for students' rooms, small homes, dorms, condos, and other such places where every inch of floor-space is valuable. Another advantage of this model is that they can fit into various locations such as a closet, in an odd washing area, or even a garage corner.

On the flip side, stackable washers and dryers are not as feature-rich as the ones arranged side-by-side, because of technical limitations. Also, physically challenged persons will find it difficult to operate these sets.

Side-by-side orientation

The benefits include:

  • Easy accessibility to both units. You will not have to stretch to reach the dryer as in the case of stackable units.
  • An advantage of higher load capacity. These sets usually have larger capacities than the stackable sets, so you can finish quantum laundry in one cycle.
  • Wider choice. This will enable you to select the most suitable model for your needs.
  • More features. They come with a variety of digital and smart features, plus some special features with these models.

You will want the side-by-side orientation for your home if you have an unutilized recessed space where the set can fit in. This could be below the kitchen sink or underneath the closet cabinet. You would also want this set simply because it is visually more in sync with the rest of your interiors, or you like things side-by-side in general.

Whether you choose a stackable washer and dryer set or a side-by-side unit, be careful to have a few inches of "breathing space" on all the sides. Why?

  • Because these machines generate electrical heat, and the hot water requirement also creates indirect heat. This space will create a natural air passage to let the heat out.
  • It will help in noise reduction by absorbing the sound. 

What Are the Safety and Performance Standards to Look For?

Washers and dryers are high-value, high-stakes products utilizing electrical, electronic, and mechanical technologies. Above all, they mix the two most hazardous and dangerous elements -- electricity and water. You must check out their safety and performance standards. Some are mentioned below:

  • International Electrotechnical Commission IEC 60335-2-7: 2019 for the safety of household washing machines.
  • Energy Star, a popular energy-efficiency rating instituted by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Department of Energy (DOE).
  • The 1920 series of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) under the United States Department of Health, which governs occupational safety and health standards of laundry machines.
  • National Sanitization Foundation International's NSF Protocol P172 and P154 for effective sanitization of clothes in washers and dryers, respectively.

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