5 Expert Tips To Choose A Shower Curtain

Essential to enjoy some privacy… and to avoid soaking the rug when you inevitably burst into your favorite song with a shampoo bottle as a mic, shower curtains are also powerful decorative elements. Adding or replacing one will give your bathroom an instant makeover!

At the same time, given the wet and humid environment, you shouldn't forget about durability and washability. Here are some handy tips on how to choose shower curtains that help you give your bathroom a cohesive look without resulting in disastrous floods.

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What Is the Right Length for a Shower Curtain?

The standard size for shower curtains is 72x72 inches. This will work in most bathrooms unless your shower was custom-made.

If that's the case, measure its height (from the rail to the floor) and keep this in mind:

  • Your shower curtains should come around 12 inches down from the side of your bathtub in order to avoid a wet mess;
  • However, they shouldn't actually touch the floor! Aim for at least 2 inches between their hem and the bathroom floor: shorter curtains result in a more casual look, whereas longer ones are more elegant.

What Is the Best Material for a Shower Curtain?

Some materials will undeniably work better with certain décors, but make sure you consider washability, too:


  • Vinyl is one of the most popular and affordable options, available in lots of designs;
  • It's not the most elegant, but, being water repellant, it's incredibly low-maintenance, as mold and mildew are far less likely (best choice if you value practicality above anything else!);
  • You should still wash them at least once per season;
Green Bamboo Vinyl Single Shower Curtain
Blue Vinyl Single Shower Curtain
Butterflies Vinyl Single Shower Curtain
Black Vinyl Single Shower Curtain
Frosty Clear Vinyl Single Shower Curtain
Green Vinyl Single Shower Curtain


  • Polyester curtains are another budget-friendly option with lots of designs to choose from, and are better if you'd prefer a fabric feel;

  • They're easy to wash and, while they're always waterproof, they may or may not be water repellent, so it's always best to check the label and wash them accordingly;

Birds Polyester Single Shower Curtain
Black Polyester Single Shower Curtain
Blush Polyester Single Shower Curtain
Cream Polyester Single Shower Curtain
White Polyester Single Shower Curtain
Gray Polyester Single Shower Curtain


  • Cotton is a natural, beautiful alternative that will give your bathroom a fancier feel;
  • These curtains are more expensive but much more durable;
  • Because cotton absorbs moisture, you should wash them once a month, and it's better to buy a plastic or vinyl liner to protect them from the water;
Gray Cotton Geometric Single Shower Curtain
Navy Cotton Stripe Single Shower Curtain
Blue Cotton Floral Single Shower Curtain
Khaki Tan Cotton Single Shower Curtain
White Cotton Single Shower Curtain
Cotton Floral Single Shower Curtain

Other options

  • If you're after a natural fabric, you could also consider other organic options such as linen and hemp. These curtains will give your bathroom a stunning look and showcase your eco-conscious spirit, but they will need particular care, a liner and frequent washing.

  • We also recommend looking for curtains that come with an anti-bacterial and anti-mildew coating, which will protect them from the damaging effects of humid and damp environments.

White Linen Single Shower Curtain
Neutral Linen Single Shower Curtain
Linen Striped Single Shower Curtain
Linen Floral Single Shower Curtain
Blue Anti Mildew Single Shower Curtain
Anti Mildew Formula Single Shower Curtain

Which Style Should I Choose for My Shower Curtain?

Patterned designs will do a better job at sprucing up your bathroom if you mainly have white or monochrome units, or if you're going for a specific theme rather than a décor style (e.g. maritime);

Green Polyester Floral Shower Curtain Set
Nautical Polyester Single Shower Curtain
Abstract Polyester Single Shower Curtain
Champagne Polyester Single Shower Curtain
Pink Polyester Shower Curtain Set
Bouquet Polyester Single Shower Curtain

Monochrome curtains will avoid color-clashing disasters if your bathroom already has plenty of different tones and patterns, helping you keep its palette consistent.

Grey Polyester Single Shower Curtain
Cotton Duck Gray Single Shower Curtain
Chocolate Polyester Single Shower Curtain
Unique Polyester Single Shower Curtain
Contemporary Polyester Single Shower Curtain
Grey White Polyester Shower Curtain

Should I Choose a Hookless Shower Curtain or One With Hooks?

  • If you aren't still traumatized by the shower scene in Psycho, hooks can help you achieve a more vintage, old-style look;
  • Hookless curtains are undoubtedly more modern and versatile, making it easier to complement different décors.

How to Match a Shower Curtain to My Bathroom's Décor?

  • Opt for hookless shower curtains (either monochrome or with regular geometric patterns) that match your bathroom's accent color to achieve a modern feel;
  • Monochrome curtains are perfect for minimalist bathrooms;
  • Consider organic materials and stick to monochrome or a simple two-color pattern in a natural palette (e.g. white, gray, forest green, dark blue, yellow) for a Scandinavian look;
  • For a shabby chic or French country style, go the opposite way: choose long, decorative fabric curtains with intricate or flower patterns, white or light pastel colors, and elegant ruffled hems;
  • Hooks and bold geometric patterns are great at immediately conveying a mid-Century modern feel;
  • To complement a bare industrial bathroom, opt for hooks and monochrome vinyl curtains in white, black or wooden-like brown; or… why not show off your commitment to this raw style by choosing prints of its signature elements, such as hanging bulbs and corrugated metal?
  • Exotic or spiritual patterns (like mandalas) and eclectic textures are ideal for a colorful bohemian décor.
Geometric Modern Polyester Single Shower Curtain
Charcoal Polyester Monochrome Shower Curtain
Cream Farmhouse Polyester Shower Curtain
Floral Motif Polyester Single Shower Curtain
Lavender Polyester Single Shower Curtain
Rustic Polyester Single Shower Curtain

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