5 Expert Tips To Choose A Doorbell And Chime

Let's be honest: whether you're one of those people who immediately run to the door because they love receiving unexpected visits or one of those who pretty much hide because they can't stand being disturbed when they're busy, a doorbell is an undeniable necessity… and useful either way!

There are now lots of options when it comes to their design, noise and features. Does this extensive choice make you feel like choosing doorbells & chimes that actually work for you is quite hard? Well, allow us to chime in with our expert tips!

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What's the Difference Between a Doorbell and a Chime?

The words 'doorbell' and 'chime' are often used interchangeably, but not knowing the difference between the two could result in buying something that you already own… and leave out the missing piece that you actually need.

  • The doorbell refers to the entire mechanism, and consists of a push-button that can be pressed by visitors outside your house, a chime and, sometimes, the wiring that connects them;

  • The chime is the part of the doorbell that is located inside your house, making a sound whenever the push-button is pressed:

    • it can either be permanently wired and attached to your wall or be portable;

    • while most houses have one chime, it's possible to connect more than one to the same doorbell system.

Long Rectangular Push Button Doorbell
Antique Styled Black Push Button Doorbell
Classic Black Push Button Doorbell
Contemporary Door Chime in Stainless Steel
Bronze Industrial Door Chime
Door Chime in Antique Bronze

Should I Choose a Wired or Wireless Doorbell & Chime?

  • Wired doorbells are the most traditional option: they're harder to install, but the chances are that your house already has one of these systems (if it doesn't work, it might simply be a matter of replacing the button or chime);

    • these doorbells are usually available in more design options, making it a breeze to match the décor style of your house;
Wired Modern Look Doorbell
Wired Doorbell Kit with Two White Buttons
Wired Lighted Door Chime
Wired Push Button Doorbell
Wired Stainless Steel Push Button Doorbell
  • Wireless doorbells have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years: running on batteries, they're a more modern and versatile choice, as they can be easily moved around to suit your house's layout and your habits (for example, if you sometimes spend a few hours working in your back garden or cellar, you could simply carry it with you);

    • however, wireless doorbells are available in fewer designs, and work better in modern scenarios;

    • they're a safer option if you're currently renting and aren't allowed to make this type of changes to the house, or if you don't want to install something that you'll have to dismantle once you move out.

Wireless Push Button Doorbell in White and Blue
Wireless Remote Control Doorbell Kit
Wireless Battery Operated Doorbell Kit
Wireless Video Doorbell Push Button Kit
Wireless Video Doorbell in White and Black
Wireless Doorbell Kit with 2 Pushbuttons
Smart Wifi Video Push Button Doorbell
White Smart Doorbell Push Button
White and Black Wifi Smart Doorbell
Black Video Wifi Smart Doorbell
Smart Video Doorbell with Light
White Smart Wireless Doorbell Kit

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