4 Experts Tips To Choose A Hammock

A comfy hammock is a great addition to any garden or patio: it's perfect to take your well-deserved relaxing time to the next level, whether you can't wait to chill under the stars with your special someone or you simply want to be hanging by yourself… literally.

However, these swinging beds are available in so many different styles and sizes that it's easy to end up with a model that doesn't really work for you. Let's make sure it doesn't happen! Follow our simple tips to choose a hammock that you can't wait to lie down on, and that… well, ties the garden together, too.

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1. What Type of Hammock is Right for Me?

There are several types of models and designs when it comes to hammocks, but to make your life easier, you can narrow down your choice by picking one of the most popular categories:

  • Rope hammocks: are we right in thinking that this is the first model that pops into your head whenever you picture a hammock in the Caribbean or by a white sand beach?

    • rope hammocks usually have two wooden spreaders and are a great budget-friendly but durable option;

    • given their design that focuses on ventilation, they're better suited for warm climates;

    • however, because of their pattern, they can leave impressions on your skin: if you're planning on lying onto your hammock for hours, look for designs with smaller spaces in between the ropes;

    • they can be made of cotton, which is a natural and more breathable option, or polyester, that should be considered if your hammock will be exposed to frequent rain, as it's less susceptible to mold and mildew;

Rope Double Camping Hammock in Green
Double Classic Rope Hammock in Red
White Portable Chair Rope Hammock
Spreader Bar Hammock with Stand
Classic Rope Hammock with Stand
Cotton Chair Rope Hammock
  • Quilted hammocks: they also involve wooden spreaders, but their main body consists of two layers of fabric (usually polyester) with a comfy filling in between;

    • these models are some of the most comfortable hammocks, and a fantastic choice if you're planning on using yours for hours or to enjoy a nap;

    • because their quilted design doesn't make them very breathable, they're better suited for cooler climates, and they're rather weather-resistant and fast-drying, too;

    • quilted hammocks are the most versatile when it comes to design options: they make it easy to complement the style or color scheme of your garden, and are often reversible, offering you another level of customization;

Portable Quilted Double Spreader Bar Hammock
Polyester Double Quilted Hammock with Stand
 Quilted Double Tree Hammock in Grey
Green Quilted Double Spreader Bar Hammock
Quilted Double Hammock with Stand
  • Brazilian hammocks: not involving any spreaders, this is the kind of hammock that you should go for if you're planning on napping in a cocoon-style pod!

    • traditionally made of 100% cotton, Brazilian hammocks are robust and durable; however, they could lead to mildew problems if you live in a particularly rainy area: if that's your case, look for a polyester option, but keep in mind that their shape will still result in a buildup of water;

    • they're some of the comfiest hammocks for sleeping, but, given their pod-like design, they wouldn't work really well if you're planning on using them to work on your laptop outside;

  • Mayan hammocks: these colorful models are some of the most decorative hammocks, perfect for the most bohemian gardens!

    • tightly hand-woven and usually made of cotton, they're lightweight, comfortable, and impeccable at providing ventilation without incurring in the body print problem caused by rope hammocks;

    • however, given their delicate strings, they aren't the most durable, as they can easily get damaged by sharp objects (not the best choice if you've got kids!);

Portable Brazilian Cotton Outdoor Hammock
Double Classic Brazilian Hammock in Purple
Orange and Red Brazilian Cotton Indoor And Outdoor Hammock
Nylon With Accessories Mayan Hammock Swing Chair
Colorful Mayan Outdoor Hammock
Black Large Mayan Outdoor Hammock
  • Camping hammocks: if you'd like to relax on your hammock no matter where you are in the world, look for one of these handy models;

    • ideal for frequent travelers, camping hammocks focus on durability, portability and weather-resistance: they usually haven't got any spreaders and are made of waterproof synthetic materials like nylon;
  • Hammocks with stands: if you can't wait to chill on a hammock but realized that you haven't got two trees or poles to tie it to, this is your dream come true;

    • easy to move around your garden (which makes it a blessing when you want to avoid having the sun right in your eyes), they can be any of the previous types of hammocks, but they come with a strong, sturdy stand;
  • Hammock chairs: while they can be similar to other types of hammocks, the main difference is that they're hanging from the top rather than both sides, allowing you to sit down;

    • they're the best choice if you're mainly planning on reading or spending time with your guests while sitting down comfortably rather than enjoying a nap;

    • you could even consider placing one in your living room.

Hammock Chair in Dark Grey with Cushion
Double Spreader Bar Hammock with Stand
Black Swing Chair with Stand
Hanging Chaise Lounger with Stand
Camping Hammock with Stand in Red
Double Camping Hammock with Cover in Green

2. Should I Buy a Single or Double Hammock?

  • Single hammocks are usually 4-5 feet in width and have a weight capacity between 300 and 400 lbs; they're a popular option among those who're planning on using it on their own, mainly to sleep, read or chill out peacefully;

  • Double hammocks aren't just a great option for two (duh!): with a typical width of 5-6 feet and a capacity that ranges between 400 and 500 lbs, they're a more comfortable choice for those who're planning on using it to work on their laptop, keep a few books next to them and have a bit more room in general; they're also a better choice if you have a few kids who can't wait to sit down on it together.

Red Single Hammock with Stand
Single Brazilian Cotton Tree Hammock
Single Hammock Chair in Beige
Double Classic Hammock with Stand in Brown and White
Green and Pink Double Classic Hammock with Stand
Navy Blue Double Camping Hammock

4. What Other Features Should I Look for in a Hammock?

Nearly there! As well as what we've already covered, you might want to consider these features depending on your needs:

  • Ultra-light hammocks are particularly handy for travelers who're looking to carry them on their adventures;

  • Quick-dry models are another camping dream, but you might also want to look for them if you live in rainy climates;

  • How annoying is it to read or try and nap when you're being massacred by mosquitos? Consider a hammock with a mosquito net if your garden is full of these annoying bugs during the warmest months or if you're going camping in places that are.

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