4 Expert Tips To Choose Picture Frames

Adding a few pictures from your childhood, with your loved ones or portraying your most precious memories is the most effective way to turn your house into a cozy home! Picture frames allow us to keep our most cherished memories only a gaze away, or they can be used as conscious decorative elements to hang up a striking piece of artwork.

Not sure how to choose the right picture frames for you? Here are some practical tips to help you find a model that matches your wall and that… frames your signature décor style.

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What Type of Picture Frame Is Right for Me?

The right picture frame for you will depend on how many photos or pieces of artwork you're planning on showcasing and where:

Single: whether you go for one or more, these picture frames are the most versatile and will give you complete freedom as to where to place them; they usually include both a hook and an easel back;

Black Metal Hanging Single Picture Frame
Blue Wood Glass Single Picture Frame
Silver Metal Tabletop Single Picture Frame
Gray Plastic Single Picture Frame
Black Manufactured Wood Single Picture Frame
Silver Metal Rectangle Single Picture Frame

Double: although you can find them as a wall option too, these frames are mostly used for placing pictures on a shelf or furniture top, and will almost look like an open book; they're a smart choice if you're planning on showcasing pictures of two family members or that fit the same theme;

Black Wood Tabletop Double Picture Frame
White Wood Tabletop Double Picture Frame
Black Matted Wood Double Picture Frame Set
Copper Metal Tabletop Double Picture Frame
Black Wood Hanging Double Picture Frame
Silver Metal Double Picture Frame

Collage: this is a great space- and cost-optimizing choice if you'd like to hang up lots of pictures, either memories or some that are centered around a specific theme! It's more restrictive than buying separate frames as you'll have to fill them up with a set number of photos that fit that specific size, but it's certainly tidy and cohesive;

Black Plastic Hanging Collage Picture Frame
Brown Wood Hanging Collage Picture Frame
Black Metal Tabletop Collage Picture Frame
Metal Wheel Collage Clip Picture Frame
Brown Manufactured Wood Ladder Collage Picture Frame
Multicolored Wood Collage Picture Frame

Digital: if you want to combine old memories and modern vibes or if you'd rather change your displayed pictures frequently rather than stick to the same one, you could try digital frames instead.

Brown Plastic Digital Picture Frame
Black Plastic Digital Picture Frame
Graphite Smart Digital Picture Frame
White Digital Auto Rotation Picture Frame
Elegant Mica Digital Picture Frame
Black WiFi Digital Photo Frame

What Is the Right Size for My Picture Frames?

The most important thing to do before choosing a picture frame is obviously to measure the picture that you're planning on displaying.

However, keep in mind the piece of furniture or wall on which you'll place it, too:

  • If you haven't got a lot of room to play with or if you already have many other objects next to it, stick to frames that fit your picture like a glove;
  • If you've got plenty of room, you could consider larger models that help you… well, frame the picture better! They can either include floating options or some space (usually white) between the picture and the edges of the frame.

Should All Your Picture Frames Match?

Good question! This really depends on your décor and personal preference, but here are our tips:

  • Matching frames are always the safest option, especially if you're going to place them very close to each other to create a collage;
  • While going for different styles could result in a tacky display, another smart solution is to choose a few frames in the same design but buy them in different colors;
  • On the other hand, if you're going for an eclectic or bohemian feel, frames in different colors, textures and designs will help you amplify those spontaneous vibes.
Wood Gallery Wall Picture Frame Set
Black Plastic Family Tree Picture Frame
Black Wood Hanging Picture Frame Set
Rustic Gray Glass Wood Gallery Picture Frame Set
Brown Manufactured Wood Shadow Box Picture Frame
Matte Brass Metal Picture Frame Set

How Do I Choose a Picture Frame for My Décor?

Even though your eyes will be immediately drawn to the photo inside them, you'd be surprised at how effective picture frames can be at reinforcing a specific décor style!

  • Don't forget to pick a color that creates a light and dark contrast against the wall and, if relevant, matches your existing room's palette, such as the bright accent color;

  • If you'll place it onto a piece of furniture, be consistent with its style (don't put an ornate old-style frame onto a mirrored chest of drawers!), but avoid going for the same shade, or it won't pop.

French Country Wood Collage Picture Frame
Bronze Plastic Hanging Picture Frame Set
Gold Metal Tabletop Picture Frame
Gray Wood Picture Frame Set
Brown Wood Tabletop Picture Frame
Plastic LED Lighted Picture Frame

As for décor styles:

  • Vinyl frames with thin, plain borders (either black or in your room's accent color) are perfect for a smart modern look; in modern rooms, it's a popular choice to hang up more than one picture---in different sizes and orientations---next to each other;

  • Opt for dark wood and black frames in interesting geometric shapes for a mid-Century modern feel;

  • If you want to immediately convey a cozy and traditional atmosphere, stick to natural wood;

  • For a tidy and minimalist display, look for thin monochrome frames, or perhaps even frames without edges;

  • Choose thin borders (either black or made of the lightest wood) for some Scandinavian inspiration; frames with some white space between the edges and the actual pictures are also very popular with this décor style;

  • Do you love the grandeur of French-country décor? Whether oval, square or rectangular, look for the thickest and most heavily decorated wooden or resin frames;

  • Particularly ornate frames are great for delicate shabby chic styles, too: stick to white or pale pastel colors, and look for aged or discolored frames;

  • Choose thin, simple frames to emphasize the rawness of industrial décors: metal, wooden, white or black are the most effective colors, with the latter being ideal against exposed brick walls;

  • Experiment with thicker frames in different colors and texture for a spontaneous bohemian look

Jessica started out as an interior photographer, but her love of pretty settings took her to the field of interior design, where she can combine two of her greatest passions, creating and then capturing the beauty of homes.