4 Expert Tips To Choose Ottomans And Poufs

Ottomans and poufs are excellent pieces of accent furniture that serve multiple purposes of seating, storage, and display beautifying your home in unique ways. If you are ready for the purchase, we are prepared to help you make a good choice. Follow these tips to get started.

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What Is the Difference Between an Ottoman and a Pouf?

Both are revolutionary pieces of accent furniture, meaning, beyond being functional, they offer aesthetic excitement and hence uplift the appeal of the entire interior.

Ottoman has its roots in the chaise lounge or a kind of couch with box-spring. Today, it has evolved as a cushioned, tufted, or upholstered seating arrangement with storage space.

Pouf, on the other hand, is a French term connoting a small cushioned single seat that may or may not offer storage. It is a puffy and chubby round seat often resembling a mini beanbag, but could also come in a square shape.

Brown Faux Leather Rectangle Storage Ottoman
Sunflower Cotton Polyester Round Pouf
Green Cotton Blend Round Geometric Pouf
Beige Brown Polyester Square Pouf
Light Grey Polyester Wood Round Ottoman
Yellow Polyester Tufted Rectangle Standard Ottoman

Should I Choose an Ottoman or a Pouf?

You should choose an ottoman if:

  • You want a couch-type seating arrangement meant for more than one person
  • Supplement your primary seating arrangement with additional capacity
  • Want a discreet storage space at the bottom
  • You need additional seating at the table occasionally, for example, if you have a 6-seater dining table and you have nine guests, your ottoman can come to your rescue.
Peat Faux Fur Cocktail Ottoman With Wheels
Gold Metal Blush Faux Fur Ottoman
Midnight Blue Genuine Leather Cocktail Ottoman
Steamboat Chestnut Genuine Leather Cocktail Ottoman
Beige Polyester Oval Tufted Ottoman
Light Blue Linen Blend Wedge Storage Ottoman

On the other hand, you will opt for poufs if you want an exclusive seat for yourself or even your toddler. They can also act as handy stools to climb on and reach for something. And of course, you get concealed storage space with many designs. 

However, the biggest benefit of poufs is their reasonable price and cozy, attractive appearance. They offer affordable variety and diversity that can transform the look-and-feel of your interiors at a minimal cost.For $300, you can shop for five poufs, so here are some exciting tips to play around with them:

  • Visually exciting configurations - for instance, arrange orange, green, and black poufs opposite your modern beige-colored sofa with multi-colored throw pillows. The transformation will surprise you!

  • Flexibility in the arrangement - you purchased five poufs, so put two in your living area, keep two beside the kitchen bar stools, and carry one to your bedroom! You can keep interchanging them, which will enable you to repurpose them in wonderful ways!

  • Increase seating capacities as and where needed - add poufs to your patio BBQ party one evening, or sit your dinner guests on them in the living room the other evening.

Gray Cotton Synthetic Fiber Square Pouf
Dark Brown Leather Square Pouf
Sandstone Polyester Blend Standard Ottoman
Hot Pink Velvet Round Ottoman
Cream Linen Tufted Storage Ottoman
Khaki Navy Wool Square Pouf

What Shape and Size Ottoman or Pouf Should I Get?

Rectangular is the primary shape, supplemented by round, square, and other fancy shapes. Here are some tips on what shape will be right for you:

  • Rectangular -- A universal shape that will blend with any décor. Choose it if you will be placing it aside from your sofa or other rectangular sitting arrangements.
  • Square -- Its sharp edges will complement the other edged furniture. It will also offer a spacious storage cabinet beneath the seat.
  • Round -- Its smooth curves will not obstruct movement in a compact room. You also have good placement choices -- in the middle of a sitting arrangement or on its sides.

Whichever shape you select, remember that ottomans are accent pieces, so choose a shape that will be in harmony with the other shapes of furniture.

For poufs - round, cylinder, and cube are the predominant shapes. Round poufs will be best placed in the company of other round décor elements. It can be your choice if you have a round mirror, a round coffee table, or a circular sofa. Cube poufs will look great in modern interiors as their edges are distinctive of this style.

Yellow Gray Cotton Round Pouf
Mustard Polyester Specialty Shape Pouf
Velvet French Blue Tufted Round Cocktail Ottoman
Beige Polyester Wood Rectangle Tufted Storage Ottoman
Gray Polyester Blend Square Tufted Cocktail Ottoman
Cowhide Print Polyester Square Cube Ottoman


  • Ottomans

Standard rectangular

13"-20"H X 20.5"D. Width will depend upon the number of seats, with about 26" for each seat.

Select the height that matches the other coordinated seating arrangements. The best height is 15 ½", the same as that of a coffee table. However, be careful that the height of your sofa and ottoman is nearly the same, so that all those who are seated are on the same visual plane.

Caribbean Velvet Polyester Rectangle Tufted Ottoman
Blue White Cotton Rectangle Storage Ottoman
Pink Velvet Rectangle Storage Ottoman
Red Polyester Cotton Blend Rectangle Standard Ottoman
Gray Linen Blend Rectangle Storage Ottoman
Dark Brown Faux Leather Wood Rectangle Storage Ottoman
  • Poufs


Standard size is 13"H with 17 ¾" diameter.

You can get bigger and smaller poufs than the standard size but we advise that you select the size that will not be disproportionate with your living area.

Blue Cotton Blend Doughnut Round Pouf
Beige Genuine Leather Round Pouf
Brown Polyester Blend Round Pouf
Teal Polyester Upholstered Rope Round Pouf
Red Polyester Round Pouf Set
Cream Cotton Polyester Round Pouf


Standard size: 14 ¾"H X 14 ¼"W X 14 ¼"D.

It is a very handy size that you can move around easily, which gives you great configuration and placement options.

Light Gray Cotton Square Pouf
Cotton Thread Blend Square Pouf
Grey Polyester Blend Geometric Square Pouf
Blue Cotton Polyester Square Pouf
Orange Polyester Blend Square Pouf
Brown Jute Cotton Polka Dots Pouf

Which Ottoman Styles Will Suit Which Type of Interiors?

Cabin/lodge style

It is made for an authentic and native style of décor and will also match boho interiors. These ottomans and poufs ooze cozy warmth wherever they are used. Wood-dominated décor will complement the cabin style of poufs.


This style is a blend of Gothic, Rococo, and Chinese furniture influence. Its defining characteristics are an upholstered seat and elaborately carved, ornate wooden legs exhibiting great decorative value.


Suitable for homes with a modern to post-modern décor, they fit the visualizations of simplistic, lighthearted, and often colorful interiors with ample light and air.French windows could do them a world of good.

Art Deco

Royal, bold, and plush, they are reminiscent of the Moroccan décor style with a heavy emphasis on the metallic finish of upholstering or tufting materials. They will make a great accent piece for light-colored contemporary interiors harping on comfort and homeliness.


Essentially angular and simplistic, that's how this Scandinavian accent pieces can be defined. A flat or curved upholstered seat with angled wooden legs underlines their functionality. This type will look great with other Scandinavian furniture.

Saddle Polyester Blend Cabin Lodge Ottoman
Beige Linen Solid Wood Tufted Cocktail Ottoman
Purple Velvet Cocktail Storage Ottoman
Velvet Navy Blue Art Deco Ottoman
Grey Linen Blend Manufactured Wood Ottoman
Wheat Cream Polyester Scandinavian Cocktail Ottoman

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