4 Expert Tips To Choose Desktop Organization

Desktop organization is necessary for an uncluttered and productive workspace. Getting the right fit for your office and desk can be challenging, especially with so many options on the market. We've put together this brief guide to help you make the best choice for you.

What type of desktop organization is best for me?

The most important part of choosing a desktop organizer is knowing exactly what you'll be organizing. To get started with this, you should conduct an initial survey of your working space and sort items into three piles according to the frequency of use:

  • Daily use
  • Weekly use
  • Monthly use

Things that are used on a weekly and monthly basis, should be stored externally in a filing cabinet or other appropriate form of storage.

Once you have your list of daily items, start searching for desk organizers that suit your needs. Below are the main types of desk organization systems:

  • File Organizers: go for this type, if you have a lot of papers that need organization. This category includes organizers with multiple shelves or vertical file sorters. Depending on your preference, choose the type that suits you best. An interesting solution is vertical compartment organizers. They come in attractive designs and are great for storing stationery, documents, forms, etc.
Black Steel Mesh File Organizer
3 Tier File Organizer in Black
Brown Fabric File Desk Organizer
Wood And Metal File Organizer
Wood File Organizer with Drawer
Hanging File Organizer in Silver
  • Desk Organizers: this type of organizer is best for you if you have a lot of miscellaneous items that show up on your desk. These organizers have compartments for stationery, loose papers, business cards and often come with drawers suitable for storing phone chargers and headphones.
Brown Desk Organizer with Drawers
Small Plastic Desk Organizer
Light Wood Desk Organizer
Storage Supplies Desk Organizer in Aqua Blue
Black Plastic Desk Organizers for Notes
Modern Desk Organizer in White Wood
  • A cup or holder for pens and other stationery is a must-have in every workstation; regardless of how digital we become in the operation of our businesses, having adequate storage for pens is a must. Sticky notes, calendars, and business journals alike all require a pen- and rightly so. Sometimes making notes by hand simply works better than digital reminders!
Pink Desktop Storage Organizer Holder for Pens
Pencil Cup and Note Holder
Metal Pencil Cup with Cell Stand
Wood and Leather Pencil Cup in Black
Horizontal Display Stand Pen Holder
Square Cup for Pen in White
  • Monitor Stand: an often-overlooked source of extra desk real estate is the space our monitors take up. Most modern office spaces come equipped with 20-25" monitors, which can actually deny the use of a significant portion of your desk. In most cases, the surface area underneath a monitor goes completely unused since there's no practical way to do so.

By having a desktop organizer that doubles as a monitor stand, you can put this space to use and create even more space on your desk than you had before.

  • Charging Stations: If you're a dedicated cell phone, tablet, or laptop user, then having a built-in charging station is a useful feature in your desktop organization. Charging stations preserve working space and save you the inconvenience of needing to bring a charger for each device with you to work. 

  • Magazine Holders: if you work in fashion or design or have space in your office dedicated to entertaining clients while they wait for meetings, magazine holders are an essential pick up for you. Magazine holders are a stylish way to keep your catalogs, brochures, letters or loose papers organized.

Adjustable Dual Monitor Stand in White
Clear Acrylic Monitor Stand
Brown Bamboo Charging Station
Wooden Multiple Charging Station
White Metal Magazine File Organizer
White Plastic Magazine Holder
Metal Document File Desk Organizer
Copper Metal Desk Organizer Set
Mesh Pencil Cup Organizer in Black
4 Tier Mesh Paper Tray Desk Organizer
Big Bamboo Desk Organizer in Brown
Clear Glass Desk Organizer Set
White Wood Adjustable Desk Organizer
Black Wood Adjustable Desk Organizer
Black Sheep Magnetic Paper Clip Holder
Magnetic A-Frame File Holder in Black
Mesh Desk Organizer Set with Waste Bin
Adjustable Desk Organizer in Natural Wood

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